2020: In Pictures


31 October 2020: Jaffa
It was lovely to visit Sue and Jaffa today. My little ginger cousin was just as cute as always.

30 October 2020: Carved Apple
I didn't have a pumpkin and I don't like the smell of carved pumpkin, so my Halloween effort consisted of this apple.

29 October 2020: Pizza Mask
Since masks are the latest required accessory, I treated myself to a new one based on my favourite thing.

28 October 2020: Salmon Stick
Every time I give Sally one of these treat sticks I have an overwhelming temptation to have a taste. So far I haven't buckled under the pressure, but I'm sure it's coming one day.

27 October 2020: Supervisor Sally
Sally found a new high place to sit in Noirin's home office so she could supervise, while looking cute.

26 October 2020: Fence
Boring day, so here's a fence.

25 October 2020: New Bed
We received our new (second hand) bed frame today so the brand new mattress could finally be unfurled! I can't wait to climb into it later.

24 October 2020: Hay Bales
My walk took me through the farm again today.

23 October 2020: Back to Work
A simple but tasty dinner tonight: cheese stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon, potato and carrot mash and curly kale.

22 October 2020: Mam, Dad & Sally
A rare snap of Sally sitting between her parents.

21 October 2020: Feral Cat
We woke up this morning to find Sally has gone a bit feral and clawed her way into some of the spare cat food.

20 October 2020: Back in the Lift
I made it back to work! I didn't feel like tackling the stairs for the first journey up but I did take the less lazy option later on.

19 October 2020: Back to Work
I'm back at work for my post-furlough visit day tomorrow. The nerves are well and truly kicking in but at least my work clothes are ready.

18 October 2020: Halloween Decorations
I admit I got a fright when I saw this shed decoration. The same household then got me again with a spooky moving figure a few hours later!

17 October 2020: Oxford Centre
I needed a routine blood pressure check but my doctor had no appointments so they sent me to the Oxford Centre in Longbenton.

16 October 2020: Sunset
I went for a 6 mile walk today and got some lovely views of the sun as it was setting.

15 October 2020: Noirin's Cards
She did have most of her presents before her birthday but it finally arrived so Noirin opened her cards today.

14 October 2020: Always Right
An early birthday present that Noirin received from Sarah. I'm not certain it's entirely correct but I'm sure she'll correct me.

13 October 2020: Red Leaf
The autumn leaves looked beautiful today.

12 October 2020: Cat Dad
I've become Sally's dad since Noirin had already cemented her place as mam. This t-shirt was irrestistable.

11 October 2020: Road Trip
I didn't plan to leave the house today but an opportunity came up to collect a cheap computer chair for Noirin so we jumped in the car to go and scoop it up.

10 October 2020: The Sea
I like this part of the field near Burradon pond where you can see the sea on a nice clear day.

9 October 2020: Shed Exploration
Sally had another trip into the shed and this time she did more exploring. She met Dave the goat and sat on my bike for longer than I ever have.

8 October 2020: Long Grass
I wasn't anticipating walking through long grass when I put shorts on this morning but I didn't scratch my legs up too badly.

7 October 2020: Afternoon Cooking
I was bored so we had our main meal in the middle of the afternoon - tuna pasta.

6 October 2020: Portrait
On today's walk I tried out the portrait mode on my new phone, and promptly made a mental note that all future selfies must use this feature.

5 October 2020: Autumn Stroll
Another walk - this time along a beautiful autumnal path.

4 October 2020: 5 Mile Walk
It was a nice day and I needed to get out for a good walk so.... I did.

3 October 2020: Giraffe T-Shirt
This new t-shirt is perfect for me. Giraffes and ice cream, what a combination.

2 October 2020: Dollhouse
Sarah's been wanting to build a dollhouse for a while now so we got her a kit for her birthday. I'm not gonna lie, I really want one too now. The furniture is so cute!

1 October 2020: iPhone XR
My new phone arrived! I've got the iPhone XR in a lovely coral colour.