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16 August 2017: Lidl Killy
The new Lidl nearby opens tomorrow! Exciting times.

15 August 2017: Matalan Car Park
I've been getting a different bus home from work sometimes lately, which means I'm becoming accustomed to crossing through the car park on the way home.

14 August 2017: Toilet Flowers
The toilets at work now have weird flowers in them.

13 August 2017: Michael & Miffy v Moth
There was a gigantic moth flying round the bedroom so Michael chased it out the window with a stuffed Miffy.

12 August 2017: My Face
This is basically my face when someone asks me to do fancy dress.

11 August 2017: Pretty Boy
Jordan looked excellent in Ali's scarf.

10 August 2017: Six @ Baltic
I met Dave for a meal at Six, at the top of the Baltic. The monkfish tail main course was absolutely delicious.

9 August 2017: Criminal
I'm a big fan of Karin Slaughter so when Ali suggested I read this I jumped at the chance. I must've enjoyed it as it only took a few days to get through.

8 August 2017: Migraine
I've spent the last few days struggling a migraine so today involved resting in the dark.

7 August 2017: Josh Pyke
My ticket for Josh Pyke in London is here already and I'm mega excited to see him for the first time.

6 August 2017: Holes
In this case, they haven't been dug by moles, but carefully constructed.

5 August 2017: Do Not Flush
I'd kind of hope this would be common sense.

4 August 2017: T-Shirts
I spent today making origami t-shirts out of banknotes. I love the one in the middle and actually want to have it made into a proper t-shirt.

3 August 2017: Libertines
I went to Times Square to see Maximo Park and the Libertines, which was a fun gig with a good group of friends.

2 August 2017: Jerk Centre
A group went out from work as Vicki is leaving for a new job. We went to Turtle Bay, where I had a lovely goat curry. I feel like I know a lot of people who belong in the Jerk Centre.

1 August 2017: Pret Breakfast
I love the egg and sundried tomato breakfast sandwiches from Pret so since I was early into town this morning I got myself one.