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13 July 2017: Cone
I don't really have a description.

12 July 2017: Quayside Drinks
I met Paul, Leon and Anthony in the Quayside Bar for drinks on a nice sunny evening.

11 July 2017: Free Dogs Tickets
We received a huge stack of these at work but unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make it.

10 July 2017: Jacket
The inside of my jacket.

9 July 2017: Blink 182
As a teenager I loved Blink 182 so when Matty asked if I wanted to go and see them (supported by Frank Turner) I jumped at the chance. I've been listening to their new album a lot recently so I really enjoyed the show.

8 July 2017: Sprite Face
My face, through the medium of Sprite Zero.

7 July 2017: Fortune Cookie
After reading this, there was no option other than setting off for work.

6 July 2017: Fentimans's Husky
I'd never noticed until today that this container seems to have a husky on the front. I now want it.

5 July 2017: Subway
I haven't had a Subway for ages so I had to satisfy my craving tonight.

4 July 2017: Rain Jacket
It has rained constantly all day so I had to rely on both my umbrella and my rain jacket to get me home and dry.

3 July 2017: Hydrograd
I've been listening to the new Stone Sour album today and I'm really enjoying it.

2 July 2017: Joker
Many jokes flew around about how this could be somebody's business card.

1 July 2017: Matthew & Danielle's Wedding
We went to Elsdon then on to Otterburn to celebrate Matthew and Danielle's wedding. I'm not normally a fan of church but this was a beautifiul building and it was a lovely service by Rachel.