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10 October 2017: Jerry's New Hat
Caroline provided Jerry with a new winter hat.

9 October 2017: Mary Higgins Clark
I got this finished off today. I wouldn't really say it got under my skin, but it passed time on the commute.

8 October 2017: Hometime
I'd forgotten to take a photo today, so you get a toilet selfie, which was my last moment of effort before heading home for food and to chill out before work tomorrow. I didn't mean for it to come out square!

7 October 2017: Tom's Birthday
I went with Tom, Andy, Mick, Alan and Wendy to the Three Mile to celebrate Tom's birthday.

6 October 2017: Sky Colour
It's not a great photo but I loved the colour of the sky this morning.

5 October 2017: Leaves
It's definitely autumn.

4 October 2017: Half a Building
This building looks all forlorn since it's half demolished.

3 October 2017: Carl & Ali
Drinks after a meal at Amicis with me and Michael, our cousin Claire and her boyfriend Keith.

2 October 2017: Lidl Blur
I went to our new Lidl for the first time for this week's shopping.

1 October 2017: Lockwood Cup
It's that time of year again! The Blue team was victorious, beating the Reds 16-8 while I watched and refereed from the balcony.