2020: In Pictures

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January 2020

16 February 2020: Howay Man
I like this Geordie mural on the side of Eldon Square.

15 February 2020: Early Night
I didn't feel like socialising or in fact like doing anything, so it was an early night.

14 February 2020: Triggering
With my Valentine in Ireland, these Love Hearts triggered me!

13 February 2020: Goodbye
I was sad this morning because Noirin was flying to Ireland to see her sons. There was time for a quick goodbye cuddle before it was time to leave.

12 February 2020: Doughnut
When Thomas asked if I fancied a doughnut, I answered "yes" before even thinking about it. It was the perfect cure for everything on my mind.

11 February 2020: Snow?
Snow was forecast, but this was more a sort of depressing sleet/snow thing.

10 February 2020: Steak
Noirin cooked a lovely steak in peppercorn sauce. I always forget how much I love steak, but it's excellent when cooked properly (medium rare).

9 February 2020: Snazzy Shirt
I keep getting adverts on Facebook for expensive Pretty Green shirts but this 5 one from Primark is basically the same without the fancy brand name.

8 February 2020: Cullercoats
I had a beautiful day having cake with friends in the morning then a walk at Cullercoats with Noirin. Days like this make me so grateful to be alive and in recovery.

7 February 2020: Litter
Poor Eamonn Holmes probably has no idea he's being used to mark a bin.

6 February 2020: Sally's Tower
She's not much of a climber but put treats at the top and she'll find a way.

5 February 2020: Stained Glass
Wednesday night means it's an evening at St Nicholas Cathedral.

4 February 2020: Cath Kidston Watch
When I remembered I had some credit on Living Social that could be used, I ended up getting this watch for about 4.

3 February 2020: Light Evening
I love light evenings! Especially when I'm about to go into a meeting at George Street.

2 February 2020: Leazes Park
It might not have been bright but it was a lovely peaceful start to the day walking around Leazes Park.

1 February 2020: Where's Sally?
It wasn't difficult to see where Sally was loitering this morning.