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14 November 2017: House Cleaning
The house was a total tip so I decluttered, dusted, vacuumed, washed the floors and cleaned. Not the most interesting way to spend a day off, but satisfying to have it done. The kitchen is the cleanest it's been in a long time.

13 November 2017: Ride
Ride were playing at the Boiler Shop, which is an excellent venue. I went with Michael, Paul and Anth and thought the band put on a really good performance.

12 November 2017: The Devil's Star
I spent a lazy Sunday making progress on my new book.

11 November 2017: Hollie is Sam
Hollie did her best impression of Sam by putting his coat on.

10 November 2017: Manual
I went shopping with Mam, which started with us going through her car manual to identify an unusual warning light.

9 November 2017: "Badger" Curry
If I asked for a "badshah" I know it would come out "badger". This is why ordering online through Just Eat is my preference.

8 November 2017: Rise Against
Shannon joined me to go and see Rise Against. They're one of my favourite bands and didn't disappoint tonight. Weirdly, I also went to see them at the same venue on this day in 2011. I definitely had a better view this time.

7 November 2017: Shopping Trolley
This unattended trolley was not what I expected to see this morning.

6 November 2017: Super 6
While playing Super 6 I noticed they had mistakenly used Partick Thistle's logo instead of Portsmouth's.

5 November 2017: Jerry's Rafa
Jerry is a big Rafa Benitez fan.

4 November 2017: Newcastle 0-1 Bournemouth
We should've had this wrapped up so I was disappointed to concede a late winner. The view was great but hearing the celebrations from the away fans above was not pleasant.

3 November 2017: Selfie Minus Self
I attempted to take a selfie but then realised it was easier to leave me out and just get the crew in! Michael, Gary, Vicky, Ali, Sam and Carl take over Fitzy's.

2 November 2017: Landmark
I went to Landmark with Nicola, Sara, Carol and Fay for a bit of a catch up and a ridiculous amount of Chinese food. After many hours of talking and laughing we eventually got the bill.

1 November 2017: Jollie Hill
I didn't enter the quiz but I teamed up with Hollie to attempt the music round. I don't think we did too badly!