2020: In Pictures


31 May 2020: College Valley
Another walk with Kat and Aidan - this time in College Valley, out past Wooler. It was another gorgeous day so I smothered myself in factor 50 and led the way for 5.5 miles of the beautiful Cheviots. I particularly liked this moment where the moon was visible over the hill.

30 May 2020: Live Meditation
I've been using Insight Timer for meditation for quite a while now and I love Sarah Blondin's stuff so I was excited to try their new feature, a livestreamed meditation. I got absolutely loads from what was said and picked up some tips which will help me.

29 May 2020: Chilled Friday
After a boiling hot Friday I couldn't have faced doing anything other than sprawling on the bed and taking part in a meeting.

28 May 2020: The Ditch
Ali and I took Holly for a walk around the field near Mam's that we played on as children. This area, which I knew as "the ditch" (it's more of a small dip in the earth) was somewhere that holds fond memories of hanging out in between building dens in the bushes.

27 May 2020: Crazy Sally
I was happy just chilling but Sally managed to look a bit demented.

26 May 2020: Butter WOULD Melt
To celebrate Gemma's 1 year sober birthday we made a cheesecake and took it round as a surprise. I was in charge of the base.

25 May 2020: Butterfly Steve
For some reason Noirin's new vape arrived with this strange inflatable butterly wristband, which soon became something to make Steve Austin look pretty.

24 May 2020: Sheep
We met Kat and Aidan for a walk in the Durham countryside, which was an absolutely precious way to spend the afternoon. These sheep didn't want to hang around and watch us too closely.

23 May 2020: Nass & Sophie's Big Farewell
Nasser and Sophie are off to Cyprus soon for their exciting new life. It was surreal saying a quick goodbye to them in the garden as part of their whirlwind tour of north east family members but we wish them all the health and happiness as they take this opportunity.

22 May 2020: Little Wins
It's easy for me to forget that the little things I do each day add up to something much bigger. Today I didn't feel like I'd done much during a long and boring day but in fact I achieved many small things.

21 May 2020: Deftones
One of my favourite bands as a teenager! Sheffield Steve gave me some t-shirts and this was the pick of them.

20 May 2020: Tanning
I lasted a full 10 minutes of sunbathing before I was bored, hot and in danger of burning. Instead I put a blanket over the washing line to sit in the shade.

19 May 2020: Boris
We traded a cake that Noirin made for cuddles with Stevie's puppy, Boris.

18 May 2020: Ankle Weights
They don't weigh much so I'm not actually convinced they're doing anything other than making me look like I've got a tag.

17 May 2020: Euro 96
The child in me is super excited that Euro 96 is being shown on TV at the moment. I don't remember the tournament too well but it represents a lovely, carefree period in my life.

16 May 2020: Packing (Round 2)
The sale of my house has completed so to prepare for actually moving we now have the pleasant job of packing up Noirin and Sarah's stuff.

15 May 2020: Solution
My Big Book study group is starting a very important chapter. There is a solution!

14 May 2020: Socially Distant Birthday
I haven't seen Mam in what feels like forever so we called round for a socially distant visit on her birthday. It was difficult not being able to hug but nice to see the family and know that everyone is keeping safe.

13 May 2020: Karen's Book
I don't know Karen that well but she's friends with many people I'm close to. I read through her book practically in one sitting, it was so compelling.

12 May 2020: Sock Mask
After watching a tutorial on how to make a face mask out of a sock, obviously I had to give it a try.

11 May 2020: Removal
My furniture was taken off to storage so I left my house for the last time in anticipation of the sale completing in the next few days. I didn't feel as weird or emotional as I expected. Maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet.

10 May 2020: Boris
The nation waited patiently for Boris Johnson's comments on whether our covid-19 lockdown will be eased.

9 May 2020: Packing
With massive help from Noirin, Ali and Carl I finished packing up my house today. At this stage the excitement is eventually edging past the fear.

8 May 2020: VE Day
I had to dress Kevin up in a patriotic fashion in recognition of VE Day.

7 May 2020: Thesaurus
I promise this was a) a gift I received and b) ordered before I swore off new clothes for the month.

6 May 2020: Quayside
This time Noirin joined me for a beautiful walk along the quayside. Or rather, I joined her because a walk was her idea.

5 May 2020: The Outdoors
It was just Newburn Riverside path but it was so good to get out for a walk in the sun.

4 May 2020: Giant Jaffa Cake
It's Ali's birthday and just because we're in lockdown doesn't mean we can't do something nice! Noirin made her a giant jaffa cake, which tasted incredibly like the real thing.

3 May 2020: Snazzy Shirt
I promise this is the only item of clothing I'm buying this month.

2 May 2020: Pasta Bake
I'm all about the home comforts lately and one of my favourites is pasta bake.

1 May 2020: Out of Control
These are such fitting words for my frame of mind right now.