2020: In Pictures


31 March 2020: Wii Fit
With only one form of exercise allowed to take place outside each day, we dug out the Wii Fit so we can move a little bit more indoors. I'm still awesome at bowling!

30 March 2020: Snacks
When shopping for essentials, occasional treats fall into my basket.

29 March 2020: Socially Distant Shopping
In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, supermarkets have brought in new guidelines. Customers are to move in single file around the store and keep at least 2 metres from others at all times. I can't lie, I love it.

28 March 2020: Sleepy Sally
She's so cute all snuggled up.

27 March 2020: Gardening
It was a sunny day so we spent a short amount of time in the garden. Noirin trimmed a tree and I sat on the shed roof in glorious solitude.

26 March 2020: Missing Fridge
We decided to move over to Noirin's to be with Sarah and Sally, but my fridge and freezer were full of food... so they came with us.

25 March 2020: Dye Day
Isolation boredom struck, resulting in different colour hair.

24 March 2020: Phone Stand
It gets annoying trying to hold my phone still for meetings on Zoom so I fashioned a stand for my phone.

23 March 2020: Self Portrait
Maybe I am Penny Crayon after all.

22 March 2020: Mother's Day Zoom
Difficult times call for technology! Instead of all meeting up for Mother's Day the whole family logged into a Zoom meeting to catch up. It's not nice being away from family but it was great to see all their faces.

21 March 2020: Isolation
As COVID-19 takes hold across the world it's important for us to practice social distancing/isolation. A Saturday night with Netflix and a takeaway wasn't too much of a change to what we enjoy doing anyway.

20 March 2020: Brutal
Duolingo taught me some pretty brutal Swedish this morning! I hope I never have a use for this phrase.

19 March 2020: Storm
It was incredible how fitting this reading at the Beyond Belief meeting was for the global crisis that's going on at the minute.

18 March 2020: Zoom
With many AA meetings closed, the Fellowship has gone online to have meetings on Zoom.

17 March 2020: Milton
I found this in my kitchen cupboard so it'll come in handy in the absence of any nearby soap and water to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

16 March 2020: Electrocution
My Monday got off to a bad start this morning as I managed to electrocute myself on a broken plug. No lasting damage other than a couple of small burns on my finger.

15 March 2020: Desserts Delivered
After a nice Sunday dinner, we realised that we didn't have any pudding. Desserts Delivered to the rescue for chocolate fudge cake.

14 March 2020: Bulldog Puppies
We went to meet Stevie's new bulldog puppies who are about 5 weeks old. Super cute!

13 March 2020: Wipes
In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, alcohol-based hand sanitisers and hand wipes are difficult to come by. These will have to do.

12 March 2020: Garlic Mushrooms
A nice simple tea: mushrooms fried in a garlic olive oil with spreadable cheese on toast.

11 March 2020: Fish Key
I thought I was being clever when I said this looked like a fish until I was informed that it's called a fish key.

10 March 2020: Mortgage Conditions
I received my mortgage offer today from Bank of Ireland, which was exciting until I started reading through the conditions and realised I had my work brain engaged so I was automatically looking for the clauses that protect the lender instead of me.

9 March 2020: Shrine
I like to think the smaller bottles are worshipping the big one.

8 March 2020: Seam
Sally's ear looks like it has a seam stitched into it. I'm starting to think she's not a real cat.

7 March 2020: Mother's Day Card
It's not Mother's Day yet but I was happy and surprised to receive a card off Sarah. My first Mother's Day card!

6 March 2020: Sally & Fred
I decided to move Fred to Lemington so I always have something to cuddle when I'm there. Sally wasn't sure what to make of him.

5 March 2020: Heron
I haven't shopped at Heron for a while but I love this carrier bag.

4 March 2020: Holly & Mimi
Holly was sad that she couldn't go inside and have ice cream. I feel for her, because the two scoops I had were amazing.

3 March 2020: Boob Socks
I'm a big fan of Sama's boob socks.

2 March 2020: Union Jill
Pretty Green adverts keep taunting me on Facebook so I gave in again, getting this shirt for 15.

1 March 2020: Cinema
A cold, windy Sunday is made for the cinema. We went to see Emma, which was pretty sweet.