2020: In Pictures


29 February 2020: React
I have to remind myself that I'm entitled to feelings such as anger, but I can change the way I react in situations.

28 February 2020: Haveli
I went to Haveli with Noirin, Rachel and Brenda. It's not cheap, but the food was tasty.

27 February 2020: Space Hopper
I'm a firm believer that all AA meetings should have one of these for people to bounce around on. It's good for the soul.

26 February 2020: Posters
I had to go to the doctors to collect a prescription and wait for it to be signed. These posters were the only thing to stare at.

25 February 2020: Shopping
I went to Tesco on the way home for meal and household supplies.

24 February 2020: Snow
I thought Noirin was joking when she said it was snowing this morning. She was not. Day one without a car, a Monday morning and THIS! Not impressed.

23 February 2020: Returning the Car
Stuffing our faces with chocolate for breakfast to get over the trauma of returning Brenda's car after borrowing it for the last 3 months.

22 February 2020: Beethoven
Lionel kindly offered Noirin 2 tickets to see Beethoven's 5th and 6th symphonies performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at the Sage. I wasn't sure what I'd make of it but it was a beautiful night.

21 February 2020: Packed Cat
We've made very little progress packing, but Sally kindly put herself in a box.

20 February 2020: Compliance Laminating
Jen gave me something to laminate. It pleased me.

19 February 2020: Grim Day
I woke up today feeling pretty mentally unwell and it took some time to remove myself from bed. By taking advice and suggestions on board from friends and putting one foot firmly in front of the other I ended the day on a pretty positive note.

18 February 2020: Catching Up
I spent a day off work catching up with Chris, Mam, Jane and Christine.

17 February 2020: Sadness Shopping
I was glum the other day so I ordered some clothes. I have to admit, these are awesome purchases.

16 February 2020: Howay Man
I like this Geordie mural on the side of Eldon Square.

15 February 2020: Early Night
I didn't feel like socialising or in fact like doing anything, so it was an early night.

14 February 2020: Triggering
With my Valentine in Ireland, these Love Hearts triggered me!

13 February 2020: Goodbye
I was sad this morning because Noirin was flying to Ireland to see her sons. There was time for a quick goodbye cuddle before it was time to leave.

12 February 2020: Doughnut
When Thomas asked if I fancied a doughnut, I answered "yes" before even thinking about it. It was the perfect cure for everything on my mind.

11 February 2020: Snow?
Snow was forecast, but this was more a sort of depressing sleet/snow thing.

10 February 2020: Steak
Noirin cooked a lovely steak in peppercorn sauce. I always forget how much I love steak, but it's excellent when cooked properly (medium rare).

9 February 2020: Snazzy Shirt
I keep getting adverts on Facebook for expensive Pretty Green shirts but this 5 one from Primark is basically the same without the fancy brand name.

8 February 2020: Cullercoats
I had a beautiful day having cake with friends in the morning then a walk at Cullercoats with Noirin. Days like this make me so grateful to be alive and in recovery.

7 February 2020: Litter
Poor Eamonn Holmes probably has no idea he's being used to mark a bin.

6 February 2020: Sally's Tower
She's not much of a climber but put treats at the top and she'll find a way.

5 February 2020: Stained Glass
Wednesday night means it's an evening at St Nicholas Cathedral.

4 February 2020: Cath Kidston Watch
When I remembered I had some credit on Living Social that could be used, I ended up getting this watch for about 4.

3 February 2020: Light Evening
I love light evenings! Especially when I'm about to go into a meeting at George Street.

2 February 2020: Leazes Park
It might not have been bright but it was a lovely peaceful start to the day walking around Leazes Park.

1 February 2020: Where's Sally?
It wasn't difficult to see where Sally was loitering this morning.