2020: In Pictures


30 April 2020: Blue Bath
Almost a week on from my blue hair mission there's still dye washing out of my hair in the bath.

29 April 2020: Streaming
With her box selection Sally seemed to be telling me to stream TV and films all day. If you insist!

28 April 2020: Orange & Lime Cheesecake
Fresh, light and delicious! I'm terribly sorry we had to eat the whole thing and couldn't share.

27 April 2020: One Day at a Time
In recovery this is how I try to live my life. This prayer can be a helpful reminder.

26 April 2020: Zoom Quiz
Sama hosted a quiz for a group of us from work. It was so nice to see everyone... and I won, which was also pleasant.

25 April 2020: Chicken & Stuffing Pizza
A strange craving I had that worked surprisingly well in practice.

24 April 2020: Blue Hair
I figured I'd take the opportunity of an extended period of time off work to dye my hair blue.

23 April 2020: Ifits
I cooked today and the meal was called "ifits". As in, if it's in the cupboard, it's going in.

22 April 2020: Step Count
I'm lucky if I get my daily step count over around 2,500 at the minute, but it means I'm staying home as much as possible and that's what's needed of me right now.

21 April 2020: Now TV
So much streaming content available at our fingertips. This will probably mean I watch the same things I've seen 100 times.

20 April 2020: Muffins
Blueberry and oatmeal muffins! I'm trying not to get used to having a stream of freshly baked goods to feast on but these were really nice.

19 April 2020: Big Stick
Noirin's walk in the woods wasn't going to be complete until she found a walking pole.

18 April 2020: Bear Hands
Our oven gloves are easily Sarah's finest pun-based purchase.

17 April 2020: Bed Hair
My bed hair is in fine form lately. I can never get it styled any way other than what it wants to do, so I embrace the short moments where it's got a bit of "oomph" about it.

16 April 2020: Ken's Quiz
Ken usually does the pub quiz in Burradon so during lockdown he's taken it to Youtube. It's fast becoming the highlight of my week.

15 April 2020: Sally Socks
Would I usually spend 15 on a pair of socks? Hell no, but when that's about the cost of the weekly bus ticket that I haven't needed for almost a month, it could be justified. Sally is worthy!

14 April 2020: Cat Dish
Sally likes the food that comes in jelly, but it creeps me out how she eats all the jelly then comes back for the meat later.

13 April 2020: Dream Team
Sally joined me to log onto Zoom for an AA meeting in New York. There was only one occasion where she nearly knocked the camera over.

12 April 2020: Exercise Bike
We had the offer of an exercise bike/cross trainer so decided to buy it in order to help stay fit while on lockdown. Place your bets now on how soon this will become a clothes horse.

11 April 2020: Gull
My new t-shirt arrived today!

10 April 2020: Free Bike
I was briefly tempted before realising that I'm not a small child.

9 April 2020: Delivery Lorry
Queuing outside Asda has the added pressure of avoiding being flattened by large vehicles as they manoeuver around the carpark.

8 April 2020: Drinks Fridge
It happened by accident, but now that we have two fridges in one house, all the liquids ended up in this one.

7 April 2020: Hair Chop
I could be growing my hair while I'm in isolation, but I just can't be bothered with the upkeep.

6 April 2020: Nature Reserve
I didn't know Walbottle had a nature reserve until I set out for today's short walk.

5 April 2020: Daily Colouring
I absolutely love the Happy Colour app, so I've added their daily picture into my routine.

4 April 2020: Foot Treatment
A home version of a spa day. Noirin's feet were itchy with psoriasis so she put cream on them and bagged them up to relieve the itching.

3 April 2020: Drawing Challenge
Wendy is doing a daily drawing challenge on Facebook. Today's theme was "inside" so I drew Sally in a box (badly).

2 April 2020: Homemade Bread
I joked last night that Sarah should wake us up with freshly baked bread and she was kind enough to make us some.

1 April 2020: Daily Walk
We've got to be careful not to use up all the good routes too soon as there aren't many different places around Lemington to walk. This network of paths is pretty handy.