2019: In Pictures


30 September 2019: Tie & Shirt Combo
My new tie and also a new shirt. I feel like I've aged another few years now I shop at M&S.

29 September 2019: Matching
This does not happen very often.

28 September 2019: Marksies Ties
In a matter of days the giraffe tie has disappeared from Marks & Spencer. I like my selections though.

27 September 2019: 10 Year Club
After polishing up my goblet I made the long journey to and from Aberdeen for the 10 Year Club lunch.

26 September 2019: Giraffe Tie
I always see the best ties when I have no money.

25 September 2019: Kevin the Carrot
I mentioned this to Noirin and Sarah a while ago so they bought me one! He's awesome.

24 September 2019: Creature
I don't know who this dude is, but I'm not sure I trust him.

23 September 2019: Coco Pops
A fine Monday breakfast.

22 September 2019: Murky
There's no other word to describe the atmosphere today.

21 September 2019: PROGRESS:ON 2
Nass in his NASA hat, DJing at the Progress: On end of summer session.

20 September 2019: Nothing Wrong
This was my choice of morning meditation, in an attempt to not beat myself up over stupid things.

19 September 2019: Scales
I've been heavier than I'd like for a while now so it's time to do something about it. Now I've moved under 12 stone for the first time in ages it's a good start.

18 September 2019: Creepy Doll
I don't know if it makes it better or worse that this was in a church.

17 September 2019: Hedgehog Crossing
I was sad not to see any hedgehogs.

16 September 2019: Barley Studs
The people in charge of improving the Bigg Market are clearly determined for me to learn its history.

15 September 2019: Primark Socks
I felt like spending money but I managed to limit myself to these awesome socks from Primark.

14 September 2019: Snuggies
Colder weather is approaching, so it was time to get some new warm covers for the sofas.

13 September 2019: Everlast
I was cold at work so I went round to a nearby shop and bought this Everlast hoody for 5. I didn't mean to get something that was actually colour coordinated.

12 September 2019: Bell Box
There's a bell in there.

11 September 2019: Northumberland Street
Towards the end of another long and tiring day.

10 September 2019: Ergh
My mood, summed up in a sticker on a bin.

9 September 2019: Great North Bun
Bit of a contrast from yesterday.

8 September 2019: South Shields
Since I walked most of the Great North Run this year I was able to take a few extra photos. I hate this bit despite the view!

7 September 2019: All Set
The number is pinned on my t-shirt for the Great North Run tomorrow. If only I'd done some training...

6 September 2019: Prayer
I found this in my drawer at work while looking for some chocolate.

5 September 2019: Anonymity
Some exciting AA stuff arrived in the mail.

4 September 2019: George Street T-Shirt
My Great North Run t-shirt is here! I love it.

3 September 2019: Arrivals
Noirin came back from Ireland today so I went to meet her at the airport.

2 September 2019: Pride and Control
My sponsor set me some homework to write about pride and control, so I went to the library to crack on with it.

1 September 2019: Skin Wars
My latest Netflix addiction. Not my usual sort of show but it's weirdly compelling.