2019: In Pictures

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31 May 2019: Date Bites
I do not consider these an appealing snack.

30 May 2019: Pixie Shoes
This is the latest origami I've learned.

29 May 2019: Maze
When I arrived at St Thomas tonight there was a maze on the ground. I don't think it was for us, but that didn't stop several people having a go.

28 May 2019: Greenery
It's just a bush, but nothing else really happened today.

27 May 2019: BBQ
We celebrated Chris' birthday with a lovely family barbecue. The food was top notch as always.

26 May 2019: Beach Walk
I had a lush afternoon to myself walking along the beach.

25 May 2019: Traveller's Ali
It's a long time since I've been in the Travs on a Saturday night but it was worth a visit to see Ali working behind the bar.

24 May 2019: Lighter
I can't decide if this is cool or creepy.

23 May 2019: It's Raining Men
Is Duolingo having a laugh??

22 May 2019: 10 Months
And what a brilliant ten months it's been!

21 May 2019: Killingworth Road
My commute to work has pretty much halved now that this road has eventually reopened after almost 2 years.

20 May 2019: Solved
A friend recommended this and I think it's something I'm going to enjoy.

19 May 2019: It Works
My first AA convention at the Royal Station Hotel was a great experience and it was amazing to share it with so many new friends. I was especially taken with the Al-Anon speaker who offered up a different perspective which I found very moving.

18 May 2019: Blyth Battery
It was a special weekend at Blyth Battery so I went with Ali and Carl, and it was good to see Uncle Tony. This dude wasn't such good conversation.

17 May 2019: Multifunctional Rafa
The little loop that holds the short end of a my tie had snapped, so I used a Rafa Benitez pin badge to hold it together. Further proof that Rafa is an absolute legend.

16 May 2019: Strawberry Seat
This toilet seat in The Strawberry is fantastic!

15 May 2019: Curry Part 2
Curry two nights in a row! This time Raj Tandoori with Nicola, Sara and Fay.

14 May 2019: Mam's Birthday
It's been a bit of a theme over the years for us to go to Last Days of the Raj on Mam's birthday. Here she is looking as lovely as ever!

13 May 2019: Coffee Trader
It's not quite as good as a holiday, but sitting outside for my toastie was pretty peaceful.

12 May 2019: Rosie
This gorgeous puppy was nowhere near strong enough to drag my bag away.

11 May 2019: Rolladisco
I had fun on roller skates with Ali, Nicolle, Amy, Fiona and Carolyn. Still got the skills!

10 May 2019: Browns Glass
I haven't been to Browns in ages. I quite liked the glass I got my diet coke in.

9 May 2019: 24 Hours
I bought this to remind myself to take my sobriety one day at a time.

8 May 2019: Freebies
Anytime Fitness pitched up in our reception, giving away free fruit, pens and keyrings. I didn't sign up for membership but I love free things.

7 May 2019: Can't Smile
Someone told me to smile in a photo and then all I wanted to do was listen to this song from 2002.

6 May 2019: Dye On
The hair dye has been applied!

5 May 2019: Karin Slaughter
It's rare for me to find a Karin Slaughter book I haven't read yet so when I saw this one in Morrisons I had to buy it.

4 May 2019: Camouflage
These new trousers were more expensive than what I'd usually buy, but I love them.

3 May 2019: Dye
I've decided to dye my hair in the next few days.

2 May 2019: Hairstyle
I got my hair cut in a slightly different style today. It makes a change from just asking for "the same as this, but less of it".

1 May 2019: Pizza Cat
The first cat I've ever truly loved.