2019: In Pictures


30 June 2019: Beach Day
When my head needs clearing, the beach is one of the best places to find myself. I spent some time relaxing in the sun and meditating.

29 June 2019: Doggy Bag
I loved my Cath Kidston bag but the zip broke today, so I bought a new one.

28 June 2019: Old Map
It was fun to look at this 1895 map and see the field which went on to become the street where I grew up.

27 June 2019: Husky Hopping
I was impressed to see a game at the Hoppings where you could win huskies! I came away with 2, as well as a pink unicorn.

26 June 2019: Crowns
Going into Burger King and admiring the array of royal headgear is about the only time I feel like a princess.

25 June 2019: Birthday Cake
Ben & Jerry have me covered for "cake".

24 June 2019: Birthday Cards
The traditional family meal for my birthday took place at Lezzet. How on earth am I 34?

23 June 2019: Toy Story 4
I'll be honest, I didn't even know there had been two films since the original Toy Story was released, but I went along to see the new one anyway.

22 June 2019: Hot Sausage
I adore spending time with Chilli and Tink. Today was a hot day so we spent some time lazing in the sun.

21 June 2019: Animal Hat
It's been a while since I bought anything from the Animal website so I treated myself to a new hat.

20 June 2019: Park Life
After going with Nicolle to her hospital appointment we sat in the park for an hour, enjoying the view and having some strange conversations (mostly about ducks).

19 June 2019: Cake Wednesday
I've decided that Cake Wednesday is a thing.

18 June 2019: Converse
New trainers!!!! I am in love with them.

17 June 2019: Forest Hall YPC
I saw a request for volunteer coaches posted on Facebook recently by Forest Hall YPC, so I called in to speak to some of the club members as it's something I'd like to try.

16 June 2019: Bill's
When Ali mentioned fish and chips suddenly it was all I wanted in life. We went to Bill's in Cullercoats, which was bloody excellent.

15 June 2019: Nacho Pizza
Pizza Punks strikes again!

14 June 2019: Sunset
I've been in a grim mood this week but this beautiful sunset kind of signals the end of it and a move into a more positive frame of mind.

13 June 2019: Hot Sauce
I'm fully converted to Taco Bell. This hot sauce is awesome too.

12 June 2019: Teddy
I absolutely love the St Thomas teddies.

11 June 2019: Black Mirror
I've taken a long time to get round to starting this. Some of the episodes are better than others but on the whole it's pretty clever.

10 June 2019: Positive Quotes
I hate the board on our second floor that people use for positive quotes.

9 June 2019: Screwdriver
All I could see in the road was the head of a massive screwdriver.

8 June 2019: Take That
One of the more unusual gigs I've seen, as we watched it on the cinema screen. It was a fun girls' night out with Mam, Ali and Sue!

7 June 2019: Pebbles
Given how pointless these are, I'm surprised at myself for not buying all of them.

6 June 2019: Outsourcing
I've had to outsource being an adult by setting myself a reminder to remind Ali to get my prescription from the doctors.

5 June 2019: Green
Two new items: the tie and the jacket.

4 June 2019: Dreary
I got drenched walking back into town from Jesmond. Maybe I should have used my umbrella.

3 June 2019: Insect Bite
I guess an unknown creature bit me in Kielder on Saturday because now my foot has swollen up! A trip to the walk-in centre reassured me that it's not infected and is just a normal allergic reaction which should go down soon.

2 June 2019: Rainbow Cake
I don't know if cake and diet coke are a known treatment for sore muscles but they certainly helped today.

1 June 2019: Kielder Walk
I walked around Kielder Water with Rach. It was long (around 26 miles) but I really enjoyed the day and I'm hoping to go back and do it again sometime soon.