2019: In Pictures


31 July 2019: Table Tennis
I kept a safe distance while Noirin and Nathan played table tennis. It gets a bit lively.

30 July 2019: Ali's New House
Ali got the keys for her new house today! We celebrated with peach Fanta and a Greggs.

29 July 2019: Surfer Hair
I was wearing a t-shirt featuring surfers and after getting my hair cut I asked the hairdresser to leave it wet, mainly because I was too hot to have it styled but it did add to the surfer look.

28 July 2019: Blu-Tack Art
A rose in a plant pot.

27 July 2019: Noirin
Noirin is my new girlfriend. She's Irish, and cool, and I'm super happy.

26 July 2019: Lissencephaly
My nephew Rupert has recently been diagnosed with lissencephaly so I've got this wristband to raise awareness of the condition.

25 July 2019: Shorts
Due to the current temperature, I went a bit rogue and wore shorts to work.

24 July 2019: Desk Fan
We're in the middle of a heatwave at the minute so work has been unbearably hot. I borrowed this fan to try and stop my blood from boiling.

23 July 2019: Chip
The chip I received yesterday at the meeting.

22 July 2019: One Year
Somehow I have made it to one year of sobriety! This cake was made for me by Nicolle and it was so nice to celebrate with my AA friends as they have been a crucial part of my recovery.

21 July 2019: Lion King
I'm never sure of remakes but this was super cute. Of course I cried at the usual bit...

20 July 2019: Pride
I joined Danielle and Julia at a march for Northern Pride, which was a typically colourful affair.

19 July 2019: Bridge
After being at the beach I noticed this cool little bridge which I don't recall ever seeing before.

18 July 2019: Quayside
I haven't walked along the quayside after work for ages and it was a nice night so I had to rectify that.

17 July 2019: Protest
Protests against Mike Ashley, in the wake of the departure of Rafa Benitez as manager, were somewhat muted in comparison to the displays I've taken part in previously.

16 July 2019: Movement
I moved desks so Danny got the job of making sure everything was in the right place.

15 July 2019: Pizza Meeting
I've been dreaming of a day when pizza will arrive at an AA meeting. IT IS HAPPENING!

14 July 2019: Cake
I have no idea what kind of cake this was, but it was nice enough.

13 July 2019: Sally
A cat that likes me! I call this a miracle.

12 July 2019: Ice Cream
I was excited to see ice cream in the reception area at work, but unfortunately it wasn't for my firm.

11 July 2019: Gladys
A new giraffe friend for my collection!

10 July 2019: Pom Bears
I still love these cute little crispy dudes.

9 July 2019: Picture
It's not geographically accurate, but I was only sheltering from the rain - I wasn't there to admire the artwork.

8 July 2019: Menu
Too much choice for an indecisive mind!

7 July 2019: Women's World Cup Final
USA won, which was pretty predictable, but it's been a really entertaining tournament.

6 July 2019: Matalan
Four items in Matalan and a spend of only 27. I call this a success.

5 July 2019: Sandcastle Competition
Through work I volunteered to help a local school in a sandcastle competition. Our entry featured this giant turtle. We didn't win, but it was a fun morning at the beach.

4 July 2019: Tennis
I'm no tennis fan but I did spend a few minutes watching Wimbledon on the big screen at the hippy green.

3 July 2019: Toilet Redecoration
The toilets on my floor at work have been decorated. My initial thought was "bloody hell it's bright in here!" but after that I was more concerned about the fact that the toilets don't flush properly and one of the cubicle locks is missing. But hey, we've had a lick of paint.

2 July 2019: Meditation
This app - Insight Timer - is my new favourite. Sitting peacefully listening to rainfall or chilled music is really good for my head.

1 July 2019: Venlafaxine
I've been on sertraline for some time now and lately I haven't felt as though it's been working as well for me. After a chat with my GP I was prescribed a different sort of antidepressant, which I'd never actually heard of before today.