2019: In Pictures


31 January 2019: Lezzet
I met Ali for a payday treat at Lezzet. The food was lovely as always!

30 January 2019: Jimmy Eat World
I felt like a right old lady buying a seated ticket but I was so grateful of it by the time the gig rolled round after a busy day at work.

29 January 2019: Problem
Where do I begin?!

28 January 2019: Scaffolding
This building seems to have had scaffolding up on the outside of it for so long that I'd forgotten what it looked like without.

27 January 2019: 1 Year
One year ago my dad died and since then I have completely changed my life. When we sprinkled his ashes in Leazes Park it was fitting because it was so close to St James' Park but little did I know that just around the corner was the Rossetti Studio, a room where so many alcoholics have found sobriety and friendship. Today I showed Dad my 6 month chip, said the Serenity Prayer just as the sun peaked out from the clouds and then went to an AA meeting filled with love and hope. Things can change, and while it's hard for me to think that he didn't have the same experiences in recovery as I have, in his own strange way him passing on has shown me how I need to shape my own future.

26 January 2019: Chilling
A Saturday evening chilling out with Muddy and catching up with my TV shows was just what I needed.

25 January 2019: Trakol
As a reward for working for the firm for 15 years, me and Sara went for lunch with Matt, Myra and Thomas. Trakol has been getting great reviews and the food lived up to my expectations, especially this beautiful venison dish.

24 January 2019: Cards
I might try and remind myself of the card tricks I used to know.

23 January 2019: 6 Months
I got my 6 month chip at tonight's meeting!

22 January 2019: Dun Cow
I had a bit of time to kill in Jesmond so I waited in the Dun Cow. I'd never been in before, and a blackcurrant and soda probably wasn't the best way to judge the place, but it seemed nice enough.

21 January 2019: The Moon
I made the mistake of having an afternoon nap earlier, so I found myself wide awake looking at the moon.

20 January 2019: Sunday Treat
My choice of treat today was a classic caramel shortbread.

19 January 2019: Brunswick
For many years, St James' Park was my church on a Saturday afternoon. These days I'm better off at the Brunswick.

18 January 2019: Amy's 18th
I've been to loads of 18th parties at the Blue Flames over the years but this one, for my youngest cousin, was extra special.

17 January 2019: Snowy Path
When I left town I had pretty much forgotten that it snowed earlier today, but we still had a fair bit on the ground near home.

16 January 2019: Westminster
I always look at the windows of abandoned Bigg Market takeaways for political inspiration.

15 January 2019: Argentina
I ordered this new jacket from Toffs not long after Christmas but it was out of stock so it has taken a few weeks to arrive.

14 January 2019: Borderline
I'm interested in learning a bit more about borderline personality disorder so I'm hoping this book helps.

13 January 2019: One
Harley has turned one. His curls are awesome!

12 January 2019: Good Morning!
Waking up sober is great, until I realise I don't have any food in the house to make a decent breakfast. That's when it's time for a walk round to the shop. At least the sky looked nice.

11 January 2019: Slippers
It's always great going round to someone's house and stepping straight into a pair of slippers.

10 January 2019: High Bridge
A typical morning stroll along High Bridge towards work. I wasn't intentionally following those two people in front.

9 January 2019: M&M Eggs
It must be getting closer to Easter as the shops are full of egg-shaped treats. I hadn't seen these before, so this is my treat for work tomorrow.

8 January 2019: Brexit
This pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole thing.

7 January 2019: zolq
This was the closest I could get to writing 2019 on the fridge.

6 January 2019: Adidas
My extremely comfy new trousers.

5 January 2019: Newcastle 1-1 Blackburn
My first (and possibly last) match of the season was a boring FA Cup 3rd round tie.

4 January 2019: Snooze
Despite being in work over Christmas and for a couple of days already this week, today seemed like the most difficult day to drag myself out of bed.

3 January 2019: Bigg Market Progress
Work is still going on to improve the Bigg Market.

2 January 2019: Madreas
I ducked into the doorway of the Koh-I-Noor while I made a phone call and of course I spotted some strange spelling on their menu.

1 January 2019: New Year's Day Breakfast
A friend had booked a room at the Jury's Inn that wasn't going to get used so I was happy to take advantage. Of course I upgraded it to include breakfast, and the dining room was lovely and quiet when I headed down to check it out.