2019: In Pictures


28 February 2019: Misty Morning
The village was weirdly peaceful this morning.

27 February 2019: Quiz Night
Ken's quiz is back and it's at the Travs now. I was on a team with Caroline and Ali and we did pretty badly overall but redeemed ourselves with a full score on the music round.

26 February 2019: RVI
I went to the AA meeting at the RVI today for a change, and had the room to myself while some of the others went onto the wards to see if anyone wanted to join us in the meeting.

25 February 2019: Milligans
A bacon sandwich from Milligans goes a long way towards making a Monday morning bearable.

24 February 2019: Stew
It's been a while since I used the slow cooker, so today I made a corned beef stew. I'll probably be eating it for days, but it's pretty tasty.

23 February 2019: Del Boy
I couldn't resist this awesome t-shirt of Dad's!

22 February 2019: 7 Months
7 months of sobriety! I'm really chuffed to have made it this far.

21 February 2019: Graveyard
This was at the Holy Trinity Church in Seghill.

20 February 2019: 5a
How on earth is that 5a?

19 February 2019: Credit Card
My Barclaycard expired, and the design of the new one I received looks pretty sleek.

18 February 2019: Resting
I don't feel very good this week, so resting on the sofa was needed tonight.

17 February 2019: Cream Curls
I have wanted to try this place for ages, so I dragged Noirin out for an ice cream date. My curl had milky bar and fudge pieces and a bubblegum sauce.

16 February 2019: Foundenton
I had an excellent day raving at Nass and Sophie's with old friends.

15 February 2019: Double Header
I was dragged out in the village with Caroline and Leigh but the double header of Sunderland on the TV and Sam and Kiera singing live was enough to ensure it was a good night.

14 February 2019: Spot White
Despite living round the corner from Spot White for 3 years I had never been in. Simon beat me pretty comfortably at pool.

13 February 2019: DuoPod
A pretty standard morning - an AA speaker podcast and a reminder to practice Swedish.

12 February 2019: Studio 12
This new coffee place has just opened, so I called in to try a strawberry milkshake. It was a nice little place, so I promised to come back with some proper adults who drink coffee.

11 February 2019: Out There
My headphones died, so I bought these new ones. I believe the model is called Out There, and I guess that's why they stick out so far from my head.

10 February 2019: Pretty Cake
I went for "coffee" after this morning's AA meeting, which for me consisted of Fanta and a pretty slice of cake.

9 February 2019: Breakfast
A bit childish, but this was the best breakfast I felt like eating today.

8 February 2019: Kettlebell Kitchen
I went to try some clean eating with Ali and Shannon. The firecracker chicken was really nice and had a major kick to it.

7 February 2019: Zimbabwe
After getting my hair cut I was surprised to see from the receipt that it took place in Zimbabwe.

6 February 2019: Shakeaholic
This shake wasn't easy to consume with any dignity due to the mountain of whipped cream on top, but it tasted amazing.

5 February 2019: Tie Sorting
I accomplished one minor task today: sorting my ties onto this hanger.

4 February 2019: Airships
I borrowed this awesome book on the history of Newcastle off Mam. It belonged to my grandfather when he was at school, and comes complete with schoolboy doodles of the R100 and R101 airships.

3 February 2019: Yamaha
I put some vouchers I received recently to good use and bought myself a new keyboard.

2 February 2019: Llama
Walking around Home Bargains and feeling under the weather, when I saw this soft fluffy llama I just had to buy it. I've named him Fred.

1 February 2019: Fresh Snow
This was the last thing I wanted to encounter as I walked home after a long week, full of cold.