2019: In Pictures


30 April 2019: Vans Pizza
I went into the Vans shop with Noirin as she wanted to buy a bag and to my surprise there was pizza. It seemed to be some sort of student thing so I didn't go over and demand any.

29 April 2019: Washing Night
Monday night is all about my washing.

28 April 2019: Pond
I had a peaceful Sunday afternoon sitting at Burradon Pond. The swans got a little too close at one point, but they didn't attack.

27 April 2019: Jupiter
When I wake up through the night I've taken to seeing where Jupiter is in the sky.

26 April 2019: Pane
I went for a sandwich in Subway and 2 men were fitting a new pane of glass to replace one that had been smashed.

25 April 2019: TV Stand
One of the strangest things I've bought in a pub, but it'll do the job nicely.

24 April 2019: Peaceful
Nice weather and peace and quiet to enjoy my book.

23 April 2019: 9 Months
A pretty purple chip!

22 April 2019: Amici Table
A family meal at Amici was made way better when my family arrived!

21 April 2019: Step 4
Easter Sunday was a lovely day, but I decided to stay indoors and start work on step 4 of 12, which begins with listing my flaws and assets.

20 April 2019: God Bless You
I don't think you're meant to write on the walls of churches but at least it's in keeping with the theme.

19 April 2019: Eagles
I went with Ali, Paul and Lucas to see the Newcastle Eagles beat the Surrey Scorchers in overtime.

18 April 2019: Sunglasses
New shades and a snazzy case.

17 April 2019: St Thomas
Easily my favourite church. I may be biased.. but it's awesome.

16 April 2019: Collection
I collected my new glasses! I then did the thing where I feel like they are weird and I'll never get used to them then 15 minutes later I forget what the old ones were like.

15 April 2019: Monday Tie
I started the week by wearing one of my new ties.

14 April 2019: Puppies
These adorable patterdale terrier puppies are only 2 weeks old and I was so excited to cuddle them. I managed to resist the urge to sneak one into my bag.

13 April 2019: Legs Out!
Spring is here, my legs have been shaved... it's shorts weather.

12 April 2019: Scramble
I was 45 minutes early for work and suddenly having a nice leisurely breakfast was way more appealing than shovelling cornflakes down my neck at my desk.

11 April 2019: Convention
I'm really looking forward to this!

10 April 2019: Switches
When there are this many light switches to coordinate I have to take a photo to remember which ones are on.

9 April 2019: Magpie Murders
Magpies and murders. Two of my favourite things.

8 April 2019: Smaller TV
Michael has taken the bigger TV to his new place, but this smaller one will do fine. The chair isn't a bad stand considering it is very much improvised.

7 April 2019: Snapped
I have zero luck with headphones.

6 April 2019: Roadworks
North Tyneside is a hotbed of road digging.

5 April 2019: Sweepstake
My hopes for the Grand National 2019.

4 April 2019: Specsavers
I finally got round to having an eye test, which I always find a traumatic experience, but it wasn't too bad today.

3 April 2019: Unicorn Case
My pizza decorated phone case was looking a bit tired so I've invested in a new one. Behold the unicorn!

2 April 2019: Pigeons
The Bigg Market crew.

1 April 2019: Full English
We had a work night out at Pizza Punks. I decided to try one of their menu items instead of creating my own and the breakfast pizza was amazing.