2016: In Pictures


30 September 2016: Mega Bruise
I was surprised to see this bruise on my shin because I don't remember bumping it. My best guess is something gym-related from earlier in the week.

29 September 2016: Charge Point
I didn't need to take advantage of this today, but Stagecoach have recently introduced upgraded buses which include sockets to charge your phone.

28 September 2016: Medicine Balls
It was leg day today so I didn't have any need for these, but it was something to take a photo of between squat sets.

27 September 2016: Road Closure
It seems there are road closures and diversions all over the place at the minute. This closure of John Dobson Street is causing me mild inconvenience between the gym and the bus stop.

26 September 2016: Prizes
These are some of the prizes in a fundraising raffle. Of course I only took the photo because I noticed the spelling of "trainig", but the idea of a signed Robson Green fishing rod is quite intriguing.

25 September 2016: Whodlums (Again)
The Whodlums were playing a charity gig at the Benton Ale House so it would've been silly of us not to pop along.

24 September 2016: Sundara Karma
I've really been getting into Sundara Karma over the last few months so it was awesome to see them live at the Riverside tonight.

23 September 2016: PopKlubb
I went to PopKlubb with Ali, Michael and Paul (who escaped the picture). Great night!

22 September 2016: Kitchen Refurb
We've had new kitchen units put in at work along with a dishwasher and new fridge, kettle, toaster and microwave.

21 September 2016: Snowdog
These are popping up all over town at the moment and while they're nice to look at, they keep making me want to sing 'By-Tor and the Snow Dog' by Rush.

20 September 2016: Newcastle 2-0 Wolves
Despite the scoreline being reversed a matter of days ago, Newcastle came out on top and progressed into the next round of the League Cup.

19 September 2016: Alive
I've seen the film many years ago, but I've never read the book so I've borrowed it from Dad. It's a really interesting insight to an event which I've always found fascinating.

18 September 2016: New Fivers
I had my first touch of the new style 5 notes. Unfortunately I didn't get to keep them as Alison had promised them to Stu!

17 September 2016: West Allotment 3-6 Ryhope
Cider and sunshine seemed like a great way to spend the afternoon and I certainly saw some goals, although after Allotment fought back from 3-1 down to 3-3 it all went wrong again.

16 September 2016: Welcome Drinks
The company which has taken over my work took us out for some drinks to welcome us to their firm. Margie, Nicola, Sara and Rhena certainly seemed to enjoy it.

15 September 2016: Visitors Book
We now have a book so visitors can sign in and out of the office.

14 September 2016: Sprouts
Sprouts are one of the most unfashionable vegetables, but I bloody love them.

13 September 2016: Mojito 7up
I've wanted to try this for ages but I found it extremely disappointing and don't think I'll be in a hurry to have it again.

12 September 2016: New Carpet
We finally have new carpets at work.

11 September 2016: Great North Runners
I hung around with Tracee, Sabrina, Ameily and Ali before the start of the Great North Run.

10 September 2016: Prepared?
I haven't done a great deal of training for the Great North Run this year but at least my outfit is ready.

9 September 2016: Emoji
After the success of the poo cushion I got in June, Michael brought me this laughing face back from a trip to London.

8 September 2016: Temporary ID
This is only a temporary ID card until I get one with my picture on, but I need to get used to wearing it around my neck.

7 September 2016: Unicorn Slippers
Me and Alison ordered matching "Enchanted Light-Up Unicorn Slippers" a few days ago and they arrived today. Not only do they work perfectly, I'm in love with them already.

6 September 2016: Dark Winter
I finished this book today after only starting it a few days ago. I hadn't heard of the author before but it was a very enjoyable read.

5 September 2016: New Screen
I wasted no time in testing my new widescreen monitor with some Netflix.

4 September 2016: McDades
An older generation of McDades, most of whom are sadly no longer with us. Teddy, Tommy, Joan, Gerry, Vinny (Granda), Margaret, Pat and Johnny.

3 September 2016: Sauce
This was described on the menu as sweet chilli mayonnaise. Instead it seemed to be separate creme fraiche and sweet chilli dressing in the same bowl, which was extremely unappealing.

2 September 2016: Athlete?
With 9 days to go until the Great North Run, I've established I can at least dress like an athlete. Even if my gym session tonight only consisted of watching Pride and Prejudice on Netflix while cycling.

1 September 2016: Starbucks
It seemed a nice enough day to sit outside Starbucks, if only I didn't hate the smell and taste of coffee. It was actually preferable to go to work.