2016: In Pictures


31 October 2016: Dangerous Ghoul
Dangerous Darren was up to his old tricks, entertaining us on a Monday night. This week he put on a dress previously worn by a ghostly Halloween decoration and went to knock on a door across the road from the pub to 'Trick or Treat'.

30 October 2016: Hoops
This is one of my new jumpers from Primark. You should be grateful, it was either this close-up or another selfie of me wearing the jumper.

29 October 2016: Bobble
I probably didn't need a new hat but it was only 3.

28 October 2016: Step Up
Today's leg workout included some weighted step ups.

27 October 2016: George's
Some of the new food places in Eldon Square have opened. George's Great British Kitchen is one of them and although I haven't been there yet, naturally I've had a good read of their menu.

26 October 2016: Hanging Giraffe
I was momentarily conflicted as I'm trying not to spend money on pointless tat, but I did find this giraffe adorable. My sensible side won, for a change.

25 October 2016: Newcastle 6-0 Preston
It was a pretty convincing performance and result by Newcastle in the League Cup! Mitrovic danced off the pitch after his two goals.

24 October 2016: Manny's Pizza
I've been meaning to try Manny's Pizza Deli for ages so when Michael suggested it I didn't take much persuading. The pizza was quite nice though I found the base a bit too burnt and crispy for my liking.

23 October 2016: Parka
Michael tried on his new parka. I think this was his attempt to be a thug...

22 October 2016: Lockwood Cup 2016
The lads assembled for the third Lockwood Cup, which finished 17-17.

21 October 2016: Print Queue
A fascinating photo, I'm sure you will agree, which shows my print queue on the photocopier at work.

20 October 2016: New Handbag
The zip on my handbag broke a few weeks ago and I was finally able to get a replacement bag.

19 October 2016: Pizza & Unicorn Socks
To go with my pizza shoes and unicorn slippers, of course.

18 October 2016: Beam Back
I went to Nine Bar for a beam back of Barnsley v Newcastle, which Newcastle won 2-0 to go top of the league.

17 October 2016: Filing
Here's our new filing system at work.

16 October 2016: Gary Woodward
On the bottom of a chair at my mam's house there's a bit of paper with the name Gary Woodward on it. I have no idea why it's there but my best guess is that he made the chair.

15 October 2016: Unimpressed
Both Jean and Amy look rather unimpressed with something. Probably my conversation skills.

14 October 2016: Banoffee
Lana brought a delicious banoffee pie into work today! I think she's been my favourite person this week following the apple revelation yesterday.

13 October 2016: Apple Slicer
Since I was a kid I've always sliced my apples before eating them. I must be old fashioned, because this slicing device that Lana brought in absolutely blew my mind.

12 October 2016: Brownie Jill
The latest in a long line of cartoon characters who look like me was this girl in the booklet when I helped Ali with Brownies tonight.

11 October 2016: Top-Knot
I'm not a fan of lads wearing their hair in a top-knot, which seems to have been popular over the last few years, so I was really amused to read this middle sentence in Jane Eyre.

10 October 2016: DKMS
I've now received confirmation that I'm on the blood stem cell donation registry so I'm just waiting for the call, whether it be next week or in 30 years.

9 October 2016: White Tack
I've found myself fiddling with white tack lately. Michael stole it from me and made this smiley face on the mirror.

8 October 2016: Free Dogs
I had free tickets for the dogs so here's a picture of Lee, Paul, Neesy, Lindsey, Ali, Leigh, Kathy and Michael, who took some of the tickets.

7 October 2016: Heather & Audrey
Audrey looks riveted with whatever Heather was talking about!

6 October 2016: All Saints
It wouldn't be my usual choice of gig these days but I couldn't resist the opportunity to see All Saints in Newcastle.

5 October 2016: New Door
After being awake for half the night with a rotten headache I'm sure you can imagine my delight when I arrived at work to discover we were getting a new door fitted. Hours of drilling, hammering and sawing were - funnily enough - not much of a headache cure.

4 October 2016: ID
My permanent work pass finally arrived. I'm not impressed!

3 October 2016: Jane Eyre
I've been meaning to read this for ages and I'm finally going to get round to it.

2 October 2016: Dirty Bird
One of Carson's toys is looking a bit worse than the other!

1 October 2016: Rotherham (A)
I went to Rotherham with Michael, Matty, Paul and Gareth and we saw Newcastle win 1-0.