2016: In Pictures


31 March 2016: Severe
These clouds look rather severe, but I can assure you it was quite a nice morning and the colours are just a result of trying to take a photo of the sun (not recommended) with an ageing iPhone!

30 March 2016: Vegan
My shower gel is vegan. It freaked me out so much I had to eat some chicken. I promise that my hand only looks like it belongs to a wrinkly old woman because I'd just come out of the bath!

29 March 2016: What Remains
I've been looking forward to reading this book, which I got for Christmas, and so far it's proving to be a bit of a page turner so I don't think it will take me long to get through.

28 March 2016: Giant Crumpet
I rounded off a long weekend of overeating with this giant crumpet.

27 March 2016: Easter Sunday Drinks
I went for drinks on Shields Road with Ali, Meerkat, Kathy and Michael. This was in the Grace Inn. If you're wondering what Meerkat is up to with half a set of sunglasses, it was something random I found in my bag that I'd picked up in Hamburg!

26 March 2016: Puffins
Mam and Chris were in Amble yesterday and bought this awesome picture of Coquet Island. Going on a boat trip around the island to look at puffins has gone straight to the top of my "to do" list!

25 March 2016: Free Kick
West Allotment Celtic set up a free kick in their 3-2 home win over Whitley Bay.

24 March 2016: London Pen
Olwyn has recently spent a few days in London so she brought me back a pen to add to my collection.

23 March 2016: Work Kitchen
This is the kitchen on my floor at work. It has everything we need (fridge, microwave, water machine, kettle, sink) but I dread to think what might be growing in that carpet.

22 March 2016: Under the Bridge
I walked home from work, taking a slightly longer route than usual. It took me through Jesmond Dene so I walked underneath Armstrong Bridge instead of over it, for a change.

21 March 2016: No Harm
I bought a bunny shaped Malteser bar and was pleased to see no harm was done!

20 March 2016: Sambuca Selfie
I celebrated a derby day 1-1 draw with Michael, Ali, Matty and Stu and a round of sambucas.

19 March 2016: The Stan
Another Saturday afternoon watching non-league football. This time it was Heaton Stannington, who beat Stokesley 3-1 as the day got progressively colder. Note the club dog, Heaton Stan Harry, in the bottom right corner!

18 March 2016: Gold Top
Something else I've never heard of before - this brand of milk. I find the cow a little frightening, if I'm honest.

17 March 2016: Mojito Chicken
I never shop in Waitrose so I'd definitely never seen anything like this. I like chicken and I like mojitos, but the combination sounds kind of bizarre. Obviously, I will need to try it! I'm less keen on the idea of the spinach and feta bourekia next to it...

16 March 2016: Bloody Knee
I cut my knee shaving and assumed it would stop bleeding on its own. I was wrong.

15 March 2016: Shields Derby
We went to watch a cup match between South Shields and North Shields. I don't usually support North Shields but I was happy to cheer them on against their rivals from south of the water. It must've worked since North Shields won 3-0 despite a valiant attempt at a second half come back by the home team.

14 March 2016: Tesco Magazine
I leafed through a free magazine from Tesco and particularly liked this section on health.

13 March 2016: Losing Bet
I gave Michael £1 and sent him to the bookies to put a bet on for us, in an attempt to win big. A return of £39 wasn't quite what I had in mind, and in any event Arsenal let us down at the first hurdle by losing!

12 March 2016: Fred Muddy
Michael bought a new Fred Perry bag and padded it out by putting Muddy inside. I was not impressed!

11 March 2016: Benitez
Having eventually sacked the underperforming Steve McClaren, Newcastle appoint Rafa Benitez as manager. It's good news as far as I'm concerned, but I think it could be too late to avoid relegation.

10 March 2016: Tango
I fancied a different kind of pop this morning and I hadn't had this for ages.

9 March 2016: Light Night
It was nice to leave the gym and see a much lighter evening than this time last week.

8 March 2016: Hamburg Map
This came in handy for finding our way around the city centre.

7 March 2016: Brunch
I ordered a typical German brunch from Frank und Frei, which was great value and very filling (the two bread rolls on the left were also part of my meal). Amazingly, I even drank the coffee.

6 March 2016: Volksparkstadion
We visited the Volksparkstadion to see Hamburger SV beat Hertha BSC 2-0. I'm not having much luck with my football teams at the moment!

5 March 2016: Frauen Verboten
Herbertstraße in Hamburg is notorious for prostitution, so women and under 18s aren't allowed to enter. I didn't have any great desire to do so anyway!

4 March 2016: Freezer Mascot
Big Ron got a bit of a fright at the ice hockey when the mascot for the Hamburg Freezers came into the crowd and appeared behind him. The team lost the game 5-2 to the Iserlohn Roosters.

3 March 2016: Keller
We spent our first night in Hamburg looking around the local area. This turned out to be the biggest dive bar we came across. It was the sort of place which makes a drink at the Bigg Market Beehive seem like afternoon tea at the Ritz. So obviously I took a photo to remind us to go back in!

2 March 2016: Suitcase
I'm just about finished packing my clothes for the weekend and I've even left some space in the suitcase for Michael's stuff!

1 March 2016: Ice Hockey Tickets
As well as the football, we also have tickets for an ice hockey match while we're away, since the one we went to in Berlin was so much fun.