2016: In Pictures


31 July 2016: Hangover Face
The downside of a good day out yesterday is the suffering today! Thankfully it was nothing that couldn't be cured by a nice hot curry.

30 July 2016: Ocean Colour Scene
I thoroughly enjoyed the gig today! Good music and good company.

29 July 2016: Shed Seven Setlist
I'm going to see Bluetones, Shed Seven and Ocean Colour Scene tomorrow so I decided to look up the setlists so I'd know what to expect.

28 July 2016: Buffet Thursday
Rachel is leaving us tomorrow for a new job so we had one of our traditional office buffets. Well, we can't send her off hungry, can we?

27 July 2016: Blender Testing
We bought a new blender recently and Michael was first to test it by blending his homemade vegetable soup. It was delicious and the perfect texture, so I could get quite used to coming home to this! I did help out with the cleaning, and used a new sponge for the dishes after seeing the state of the one in the picture.

26 July 2016: Screen on the Green
While waiting for the bus I had a great view of The Martian, which was showing on the big screen.

25 July 2016: Gremlins
There seemed to be gremlins in all of our printers as they all started spouting out this nonsense.

24 July 2016: St Bart's
While sitting in Casa Antonio I was quite sad to see the building site that used to be my primary school.

23 July 2016: Market Art
We went into town and had a walk around the Grainger Market. I didn't buy any of this art, but some of it was quite cool.

22 July 2016: Crisp Sandwich
I kept it simple for tea tonight.

21 July 2016: Lock Jaw Collar
This clever bit of plastic kept the weights in place on the bar for my deadlifts tonight.

20 July 2016: Ceiling Panel (Part 2)
After the ceiling panel which was pushed aside on 20 May was eventually replaced.. the leak immediately ruined the new one about a week later. It rained heavily today so it's getting worse. Maybe someone should actually fix the leak this time??

19 July 2016: Re: Peel
We picked this up when we were out the other night.

18 July 2016: Payphone
This phone started ringing just as I took the photo. I didn't answer it.

17 July 2016: Rings
Mam and Sue modelled Gran's rings when we went out for Sunday lunch.

16 July 2016: Dog Selfie
I went to the greyhound racing at Brough Park and this was the only photo I took today, so I'm afraid that's what you're stuck with. I look reasonably excited for someone who won absolutely nothing and has a fork being brandished dangerously close.

15 July 2016: Miller & Carter
I went to Miller & Carter with Nicola, Olwyn and Sara and it was the nicest steak I've ever had.

14 July 2016: Berries
Elaine has been picking fruit so the kitchen at work was full of strawberries and raspberries.

13 July 2016: Girlguiding
These are Ali's girlguiding badges, including a tawny owl (or Tony owl, as some of the Brownies say).

12 July 2016: Dave & Alfie
I met Dave for a catch up at his mam's house and her dog, Alfie, was in very boisterous form, especially when there was leftover food!

11 July 2016: Busted Button
I think my work trousers are trying to tell me I ate too much at the weekend, since the button decided to burst off today.

10 July 2016: Happy
With lots of sport on TV today (Grand Prix, Wimbledon and the Euro 2016 final) and an Indian takeaway I was as happy as the proverbial pig in poo.

9 July 2016: Carolyn's Hen Do
A group of us gathered in town to celebrate Carolyn's hen party. The bride-to-be was suitably dressed!

8 July 2016: Blood Vines
Sticking with the blood theme, here's what I'm currently reading.

7 July 2016: Needle
Sorry if you're squeamish, but here's a needle in my arm. Actually, I'm more sorry about the finger over the bottom of the photo. I gave blood in return for some orange juice and shortcake biscuits, which I always think is a worthwhile way to spend an evening.

6 July 2016: Brightness
Michael's new jacket is so bright that we no longer have to turn on any lights.

5 July 2016: Floral Watch
I think my last 4 or 5 watches have come from Next so it was the logical place to head for a new one. I went for this floral design which is a bit different to anything I've had previously.

4 July 2016: Running Pants
I also bought some new pants for running.. and wore them for the first time on the bike at the gym!

3 July 2016: Lunarglide 7
I needed some new running shoes, so I spent my birthday money on these, which are the updated version of the last pair I bought. Incredibly, they are even lighter.

2 July 2016: Barred
I was ridiculously amused by this list in a CAMRA magazine.

1 July 2016: Crash and Burn
It's ages since I last read a Lisa Gardner book. This one seems just as good as her other work.