2016: In Pictures


31 December 2016: Lobster
The Benton Ale House put on a fantastic buffet for New Year's Eve. Stu decided to dissect a full lobster.

30 December 2016: Forest Selfie
Clockwise from the bottom left: Me, Gerry, Michael, Russ, Nicole and Matty. We were in the Split Chimp for a quick drink before Newcastle beat Nottingham Forest 3-1.

29 December 2016: Penny Arcade
Can't beat a bit of karaoke and Penny Arcade is one of the classics!

28 December 2016: Alfie
I distracted Alfie with his squeezy coke bottle toy while the food was being prepared.

27 December 2016: Matchmakers
I absolutely love these so it's safe to say this box won't last long.

26 December 2016: Newcastle 0-1 Sheffield Wednesday
Newcastle being rubbish around this time of year is something of a festive tradition and today was no exception. At least it was nice to catch up with friends before and after.

25 December 2016: Festive Madras
Our Christmas lunch was chicken madras with rice, garlic naan and poppadoms, washed down with King Cobra.

24 December 2016: Catchup
The old crew Peter, Lisa and Kevin joined me for a meal and a chance to catch up on the events of 2016.

23 December 2016: Goodgreef
For the first time in years I went out clubbing with Kevin, to the Goodgreef 16th birthday party at Digital. I had taken a few photos earlier in the evening, just in case you were worried that I almost missed a day!

22 December 2016: Alexanderplatz
Unfortunately we had to leave a bit too early to see the Alexanderplatz Christmas Market today, as everything was still closed.

21 December 2016: Brandenburg Christmas
We went on a whirlwind sightseeing tour of Berlin and the whole city was looking really festive. Later on that evening we went to see Hertha Berlin beat Darmstadt 2-0.

20 December 2016: TV Tower Mojito
Our first evening in Berlin included cocktails at the top of the TV Tower. It was quite foggy so there wasn't a great view, but the cocktails were very nice.

19 December 2016: Berlin Stuff
We're all set for Berlin tomorrow. I took this just a few hours before I heard a truck had driven through a Christmas market over there, killing several and injuring many more.

18 December 2016: Poo Keyring
Ali bought me a present, which I totally love.

17 December 2016: Stance
When I lean against a bar in this stance people always mock me and claim it looks uncomfortable, but I swear they're wrong and it's perfectly natural.

16 December 2016: Christmas Party
We had a great time in Aberdeen at the Marcliffe Hotel. Here's Margie, Lana, Nicola and Olwyn.

15 December 2016: Train Supplies
I have my supplies for the train to Aberdeen tomorrow for our Christmas party.

14 December 2016: Hot Sandwich Buffet
A group of us gathered round the table for a hot sandwich buffet from Jaspers. Turkey sandwiches with all the trimmings and chocolate yule log are always enough to twist my arm!

13 December 2016: Samaritans Swag
We had a visit from the Samaritans at work today and they left us some training materials for dealing with vulnerable customers.

12 December 2016: Glue Repair
The handle on my bag got torn recently so I've had to glue it back together. Must remember to take the peg off....

11 December 2016: Gingerbread Dave
Super creepy if you ask me! Although I do feel a bit sorry for the one that's snapped in half.

10 December 2016: Clone Roses
Another Stone Roses tribute band to prepare for the real thing next year!

9 December 2016: Friday Night
I caught up with Juliet, Fay, Linda, Audrey, Heather and Marie for food and drinks.

8 December 2016: Recipes
With one eye on the inevitable January diet, I've started collecting some healthier recipes.

7 December 2016: Crispy Christmas Trees
I helped out with Brownies tonight and we had great fun decorating crispy cakes shaped like Christmas trees. This photo is a slightly different shape rectangle to usual, which I think is because I took it through WhatsApp to send to the girls at work.

6 December 2016: Card No.1
Our first Christmas card of 2016 is looking rather lonely so far.

5 December 2016: Potato Skins
I had a craving for the famous Amici potato skins so on a rare Monday off work I was joined by Mam, Chris, Kathy, Sue, Nass and Ali.

4 December 2016: Chrimbo
The word 'chrimbo' makes me cringe.

3 December 2016: Pixies
My photos weren't that good as we didn't want to get too close, but they put on a great live show.

2 December 2016: Sully
The plane crash dork in me had to go and see Sully so I dragged Sue along with me. I thought it was a really good film and Mr Sullenberger is definitely a hero to me!

1 December 2016: Advent
You're never too old.