2016: In Pictures


31 August 2016: Clearout Needed
I think it's safe to say I need to get rid of some old clothes if I'm ever going to close this drawer again.

30 August 2016: Box
I'm sitting at a temporary desk at the moment so working out of a box because there's no point unpacking.

29 August 2016: Rehydration
I had to resort to double drinks to rehydrate on Bank Holiday Monday.

28 August 2016: Caz & Steve
We went to Backworth Hall to celebrate Carolyn and Steve's wedding reception.

27 August 2016: The Graham Lads
Luke turned 18 so he was able to join me with Michael, Paul and Nigel to watch the Newcastle match with a few pints. And a few more...

26 August 2016: Tall Ships
The Tall Ships are in Blyth so I joined Sue, Mam and Chris for a wander around.

25 August 2016: Carnage
The office is total carnage at the moment with files everywhere as we are undergoing a refurbishment at the weekend.

24 August 2016: Matchday Programme
I couldn't even guess at the last time I read one of these.

23 August 2016: Newcastle 2-0 Cheltenham
My first visit to St James' Park in quite a while was for a league cup match against Cheltenham. It wasn't the best football I've ever seen but it was a reasonably comfortable win.

22 August 2016: Leek Show Monday
The Grey Horse was packed for the Leek Show party and Dangerous Dan sang us the Sid Vicious version of My Way on karaoke.

21 August 2016: What Is This?
I found some of my old artwork at Mam's house. Everyone seems to think it was a self portrait but I disagree since I didn't wear glasses at the time and I've never had freakish feet shaped like golf clubs. I will admit that I like a hat though.

20 August 2016: BBQ Selfie
Matthew hosted a barbeque for his 30th birthday and since it was raining heavily we had a selfie competition instead of spending time in the garden. I won Best Female for this effort.

19 August 2016: Wine Friday
Everyone's had a pretty bad week at work, so the boss bought us some wine.

18 August 2016: Eldon Square Escalators
There has been work being carried out on Eldon Square for absolutely ages and they've finally removed one of the makeshift walls to reveal... an escalator.

17 August 2016: Bet
I wanted to put a bet on Newcastle v Reading tonight: Matt Ritchie to score and Newcastle to win 1-0. Michael generously offered me 30/1 (better than Skybet's 25/1) so I took him up and we noted it down . As I write this Newcastle are winning 1-0 but unfortunately it was Hayden who scored so Michael's money is safe. Of course, we don't appear to have specified which match this bet is valid for.....

16 August 2016: Skate Socks
My pizza shoes came with a free pair of socks and some spare laces.

15 August 2016: 21278
The Great North Run numbers landed today so as usual it's time to panic.

14 August 2016: Ivy
Kathy bought me an ivy because I confessed that I'm so lacking in gardening ability that I managed to kill a cactus.

13 August 2016: Swear Jar
I now have a swear jar in the Grey Horse. I've promised Alison the contents for her Great North Run sponsorship.

12 August 2016: Pizza Shoes
I couldn't resist buying these! Best 75 I've ever spent. Yes, really.

11 August 2016: Temporary Lights
It's been fun and games on the bus lately with two lots of work going on around South Gosforth roundabout. It seemed like we waited at these temporary lights for ages tonight.

10 August 2016: Giraffe Keyring
Ali bought me this the other day. She has the matching monkey! If monkeys can match giraffes, that is.

9 August 2016: Timberwolves Jersey
I couldn't believe it yesterday when I found out Newcastle has a basketball shop, and after a short visit and 65 shelled out I'm now the owner of a Timberwolves jersey.

8 August 2016: Blackfriars
Restaurant Week took me to Blackfriars for a posh lunch with Mam, Chris, Ali and Sue. I love the placemats which tell you where the ingredients come from and the food (in my case chicken and leek terrine, pan haggerty and a chocolate brownie) was incredible.

7 August 2016: Owl Shoes
Ali has the most adorable shoes with an owl print on, and the matching bag too.

6 August 2016: TV Movement
I felt a bit of a cringe as I watched people move the TV round to set up karaoke in the Grey Horse.

5 August 2016: Fulham 1-0 Newcastle
I made my return to Newcastle matches by going on an away day to London with Michael, Matty and James. As has always been the case, the trip was great apart from the football!

4 August 2016: Lookalike
I was recently told I look like the mother of the character Horrid Henry. Based on this picture in a book about him, it's not the best compliment I'll ever receive.

3 August 2016: Panis
I met Lisa and Kevin for tea and we went to Panis where I had a lovely lobster ravioli, which was a lot more filling than it suggested at first glance!

2 August 2016: Delete Blood Cancer
I've decided to register to become a blood stem cell donor and the first step is this cheek swab to check my tissue type.

1 August 2016: Weaver D
Paul kindly gifted me this cool postcard.