2015: In Pictures


30 September 2015: Ear
This right ear of mine was the source of much annoyance overnight as I was awake for quite a while with awful earache.

29 September 2015: Log Lady
I was sad to read the news today that Catherine Coulson, who played the Log Lady on Twin Peaks, has passed away.

28 September 2015: Hiding Spider
A gigantic spider decided to run across the living room floor and hide right next to my laptop (bottom left of the black box). I sent Michael in to kill it!

27 September 2015: Sunny Afternoon
We went to join Mam and Chris for Sunday dinner and afterwards we were able to enjoy the autumn sunshine in the garden.

26 September 2015: West Allotment Celtic 2-2 Dunston UTS
The home team fought back bravely from 2-0 down to earn a draw.

25 September 2015: Banana Beast
Once again I played 'join the dots' on my banana while waiting on hold on the phone. Of course I had to add some eyes to give lift to the beast. I'm not sure what the purpose of the zigzagged spine was...

24 September 2015: Full Arc
It's not often I see a full rainbow, so this was a nice way to start the day. Unfortunately I couldn't fit it all into one photo without standing on someone else's doorstep!

23 September 2015: Giant Jill
I love it when the setting sun makes my shadow look like a giant. It's just a shame we've reached that time of year where the sun is so low and it's only 6.30pm.

22 September 2015: Kebab Reading
Runner's World was a particularly torturous read at the gym today as they had a feature about kebabs, which I love!

21 September 2015: Kid Gloves
Of all the things I've bought from a pub when drunk these gloves are one of the strangest. They're supposed to be for small boys but fit my hands perfectly.

20 September 2015: Cemetery
I love having a look round an old cemetery, which is perhaps a bit morbid but they're so interesting!

19 September 2015: Arthur's Seat
I love it when a city centre has beautiful scenery within walking distance. As it was a lovely morning we went for a stroll up Arthur's Seat.

18 September 2015: Daiquiris
We went to Edinburgh for a few nights and started off in style with a strawberry daiquiri each.

17 September 2015: Train Tickets
We're going to Edinburgh for a few nights tomorrow after work so of course we have about a zillion different bits of train ticket.

16 September 2015: Wounded
I sliced my finger while chopping carrots for tea and had to apply a plaster. It was a good excuse for getting out of washing the dishes, because every time I've used this cheap dressing it has immediately come off when wet despite allegedly being waterproof!

15 September 2015: Bring Me Back
I love lamb and mint in any form so I was happy to vote to bring this flavour back. I wouldn't turn my nose up at 100,000 either.

14 September 2015: 2015 Medal
I'm building up quite a collection of Great North Run medals and t-shirts. This year's t-shirt is a nice colour but for a "small" it's absolutely gigantic on me!

13 September 2015: Finish Line
I never thought I would do a half marathon with my sister, but here we are at the finish line of the Great North Run! We managed it in just under 2 hours 56 minutes on a very hot day. I'm incredibly proud of how hard Ali has worked to achieve this!

12 September 2015: All Set
Today is all about resting, eating carbs and keeping hydrated. And the most important part: pinning my race number onto my vest!

11 September 2015: Deluxe
I was early for work today so I went for a deluxe hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. I think sitting across the table from my gym bag is enough to make that a healthy choice!

10 September 2015: 7up
I'm cutting down on caffeine in the build up to the Great North Run and although this quenched my thirst, I didn't find the message on the packaging particularly inspiring. "Free from enjoyment" certainly sprang to mind.

9 September 2015: White Lines
There has either been a very angular dead body here, or someone is going to do something about these potholes.

8 September 2015: Viz Top Tips
Some of the typically daft tips published in the Viz.

7 September 2015: Bedroom TV
I haven't had a TV in the bedroom since moving out of my Mam's house nearly 8 years ago, but we inherited this one that used to belong to Gran. Thanks to the recently purchased Chromecast, we can now get even more use out of Netflix.

6 September 2015: Coast
I went for an 11.25 mile walk from home to Whitley Bay via Seaton Sluice. As usual, I paused to admire the view along the coastline.

5 September 2015: Peace and Quiet
If there's one thing I love, it's an empty area of the gym on a Saturday morning.

4 September 2015: Chipped Bath
My bath has a chip in it. It's been there for as long as we've lived here, but today was the first time I'd had a good stare at it.

3 September 2015: Shunned
I tried to get Carson to look at me for a photo. I was shunned.

2 September 2015: NZ Flag
I started my day by considering a very important matter: which of the final 4 designs in the New Zealand flag competition is my favourite. I'm a simple person, so I like the black and white swirly one.

1 September 2015: New Bus Seats
I was surprised to get on a bus that had plain seats instead of the usual bright orange and blue Stagecoach covering.