2015: In Pictures


31 October 2015: Handshake
Heaton Stannington and Brandon United carry out the usual handshakes before their match begins. Heaton Stannington won 1-0 on a day that could have seen about 10 goals if anyone was wearing their shooting boots.

30 October 2015: Accuracy
My book is correct. It is indeed Friday.

29 October 2015: Scarf
I bought this scarf recently from Matalan. I don't think you can ever have too many scarves.

28 October 2015: Benton Fail House
Our team name for the quiz at the Benton Ale House just about matched our ability.

27 October 2015: Borrowing Bilbo
We enjoyed yesterday's walk so much that we borrowed Bilbo to go for another walk today.

26 October 2015: Northumberlandia
I went for a walk with Michael, Paul and Buster the dog around Northumberlandia in Cramlington.

25 October 2015: Ale House
It was yet another disastrous derby day (that's 6 in a row) but at least we had a decent spot in the Benton Ale House to watch it.

24 October 2015: Calf Raise
One of my favourite pieces of equipment in the gym - the calf raise machine.

23 October 2015: Budget Tea
I couldn't be bothered to go to any effort for tea tonight. The risotto was £1 and I combined it with some peri peri chicken that was already in the freezer. The chocolate is one of my favourites and well worth a 50p impulse purchase at the checkout.

22 October 2015: Roadside Crosses
This is one of the few Jeffery Deaver books I haven't read, so when I saw it in a pub for 40p I couldn't resist. It's been a pretty good read so far.

21 October 2015: Popping Candy
I haven't had this stuff for years! It sounded like a hailstorm in my mouth.

20 October 2015: Waiting
We spent a lot of the day waiting around for news on Chris, who is very poorly in hospital. We're all rooting for him and hoping he makes a speedy recovery.

19 October 2015: 4 Course Meal
I can never resist the idea of an Indian special and since we ran out of time for getting a meal before the gig yesterday we made a rare Monday night trip to Taste of India.

18 October 2015: Ride
I went to see Ride at the O2 Academy with Michael and Paul. They put on a really good show and as it wasn't too crowded we were able to stand closer to the front than I would usually venture.

17 October 2015: Cameron's 30th
We had an excellent night at Lane 7 then Madame Koo celebrating Matty's 30th birthday. Here is the birthday boy with his fiancée Abby and his sister Nicole.

16 October 2015: Trop 50
I had planned to buy a hot chocolate on the way to work this morning but the weather put a spanner in the works by being extremely mild. Instead I had this orange and mango juice as my "slightly more interesting than water" choice of beverage.

15 October 2015: Nemesis
It's my month in the book club again and out of my 5 suggestions, Philip Roth's 'Nemesis' received the most votes. I chose the cheaper option, which was buying a used copy rather than downloading the Kindle version. It's an ex-library book so it has a cover on it, which is handy for someone like me who is destined to spill food/drink at any available opportunity. I only started it this morning and I'm nearly a third of the way through already, so I think I'll be finished well within the month.

14 October 2015: Seahouses BK 29
I was not impressed with the amount of rubbish and driftwood caught around the sides of this boat.

13 October 2015: Mist
It had been clear until this point on my journey to the bus stop so I thought this was a fire at first, before I realised it was just a pocket of mist that had developed over the school field.

12 October 2015: Rolls
It was soup for tea, along with the last of these rolls.

11 October 2015: Open
No expense spared on this advertising, but it was enough to persuade me to go in.

10 October 2015: Lockwood Cup 2015
This year the Lockwood Cup was Reds v Blues and the Reds came out victorious, with a 17-12 win. I had a lovely view from the balcony while they all ran around for 90 minutes!

9 October 2015: Bleached
It's a good thing I was going to bin this jacket soon anyway, because today I picked up some bleach in the supermarket without using a basket and apparently there had been a leak around the outside of the bottle!

8 October 2015: Masks
I was just thinking that these masks were pretty poor and definitely not scary, but then I remembered I was in Poundland. I don't think they're known for their amazing Halloween costumes.

7 October 2015: Fanned
I was behind this fan at the gym and I was still nearly blown away, so I don't think I'd like to be on the other side of it!

6 October 2015: Carrier Bag
Anyone who has been stockpiling these is in luck as supermarkets now have to charge for them.

5 October 2015: Leather Gloves
These were another of Gran's items which were in need of a good home and someone with as poor circulation as me can never have too many pairs of gloves!

4 October 2015: Berries
I thought these berries looked cute, but I didn't fancy risking eating them.

3 October 2015: Gran's Ring
I spent some time going through some of Gran's belongings with Mam, Sue and Ali and I now have this ring as a keepsake.

2 October 2015: Glare
The sun was in good form as I got the bus to work this morning!

1 October 2015: Cinema Snacks
I always complain that the cinema costs so much (£7.95) then promptly spend a fortune on snacks. The ice cream and pick 'n' mix I selected to eat while watching Everest came to a slightly ridiculous £5.98! I blame the fact that I like heavy sweets such as fudge and pink and white mice, which is slightly preferable to admitting I'm just greedy.