2015: In Pictures


30 November 2015: Monster Portion
I wouldn't usually have this large a portion of Baileys cheesecake but Olwyn made one especially for Nicola's birthday so of course I had to make sure it tasted fine. It passed the test!

29 November 2015: Curry Prescription
We needed a bit of paper to write down our takeaway order and the only thing I had to hand was the back sheet of a prescription. I think there are certain ailments that could be cured by curry, if only doctors would be so kind as to prescribe a nice meal!

28 November 2015: Santa Keith
Uncle Keith was evidently feeling festive!

27 November 2015: Revelation
It was an absolute revelation a few months back when I realised that my microwave poaching dish fits perfectly inside this casserole dish lid. Also, I love how it looks a bit like a face.

26 November 2015: Prodigy
I went to see the Prodigy with Ali at the Arena. It was certainly interesting for people watching!

25 November 2015: Longhorns
I made my long-awaited debut at Longhorns Barbecue Smokehouse with Sara, Olwyn and Nicola. I opted for the BBQ Board with 2 meats and 2 sides so I had pulled pork and brisket then shared the sides (fries, slaw, pit beans and 3 bean chilli) with Nicola to get a little taste of everything. All the food along with a pint of their tasty lager was only 10 and it was well worth it!

24 November 2015: Cable Kneeling Crunch
At first I was a bit concerned about what this man was trying to achieve, but with a bit of googling I established this is an exercise called a cable kneeling crunch. I must point out that there are two separate handles at each side of his head, and that it isn't a noose!

23 November 2015: Facilities
I always try and keep the toilet facilities clean and tidy, but since this new sign has appeared I'll be extra careful.

22 November 2015: For the Bin
Those trainers are ready to be chucked out so I put them on top of last night's takeaway bag to remind me to hoy them in the bin next time the back door is open. For the record, I didn't order the takeaway from the place which sparked yesterday's picture!

21 November 2015: Gheese & OniOn
I can't say I've heard of this kind of nan before.

20 November 2015: Eagles 95-88 Wolves
I joined Paul, Neesy and Roger at Sport Central to watch the Newcastle Eagles face their bogey team, the Worcester Wolves. It was a nailbiting affair at times but the hosts came out on top.

19 November 2015: Flying Scotsman
The Flying Scotsman reopened today after a massive refurbishment, so of course I had to go along to see what it was like. Verdict: not bad! Certainly an improvement on what it was like the last time I was in. I'll be interested to see how it does over the next few months.

18 November 2015: Sockaclava?
I'm not sure if this sock is trying to turn into a balaclava or what, but it's definitely ready for the bin.

17 November 2015: Christmas Dogs
Dogs aren't just for Christmas, but I hope the one on the right of this leaflet doesn't wear that outfit all year!

16 November 2015: Woppas
I went for an impromptu few Monday night drinks in the Beehive with Michael, Paul and Nigel and was almost tempted by one of these "woppas". I refrained this time, but maybe I'll be brave enough one weekend when I don't have my sensible head on.

15 November 2015: So Tender
It's not just me who can't resist an impulse buy - Stu popped to the shop for a lottery ticket and some cigarettes and came back with this seasoning for chicken.

14 November 2015: West Allotment Celtc 0-3 Marske United
It was a cold afternoon under the floodlights as Allotment were unfortunately well beaten. My iPhone doesn't take a great photo in this sort of lighting but getting my hands back into my pockets as quickly as possible was preferable to trying to improve the shot.

13 November 2015: Progress
I'm throwing myself into my new hobby and while I haven't magically developed any artistic ability I'm at least making some progress as this is the third picture I've started so far.

12 November 2015: Padded Cell
I've always wondered what it would be like to spend time in a padded cell and today I got a sneak preview during a rare trip in the lift, as there was protective covering around due to the work being carried out in our building.

11 November 2015: Adult Colouring
The latest fad is colouring in books for adults. I don't usually join in with them, but after years of sneakily enjoying colouring in activity books and the like (all intended for children, of course) it's time to get on board with the trend. This book is supposed to provoke feelings of peace and calm which, let's face it, is something I need.

10 November 2015: Lack of Space
Sometimes I find our fridge has been pushed back a little further towards the wall, and when that happens I can't reach the lightswitch if I'm wearing my watch.

9 November 2015: Pipe Cleaner
Playing with a pipe cleaner is surprisingly therapeutic.

8 November 2015: Sunday Dinner Selfie
I went to Amici for a meal with Mam, Ali and Stu.

7 November 2015: The Game of Life
It's been years since I played this, but I had a go today. Ella beat me, which I'm putting down to lack of practice!

6 November 2015: Floor Protection
Some work is being done on the other suites on the floor of the building where I work, so the carpet has a temporary protective layer.

5 November 2015: Harry and Paul
I went to see Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse at Newcastle City Hall and they put on a hilarious show. My photography skills, however, are not quite as impressive - they definitely did not have bright lights emanating from their bodies!

4 November 2015: Tremble
Obviously you can't tell from a photo but let me assure you this arm was trembling following my workout this evening.

3 November 2015: Berry and Grape Medley
I'm down to the last Pepsi Max of my most recent Asda home delivery and I was pretty surprised to find out that it is in fact a berry and grape medley.

2 November 2015: Copper Pot
I recently cashed in my collection of copper/silver coins and got over 90, so it's time to start building the savings up again.

1 November 2015: Bird Feeder
I noticed this bird feeder for the first time while walking near Weetslade Hill. I didn't want to disturb the birds so I stayed a reasonable distance away.