2015: In Pictures


31 May 2015: Cyprus
We went to Aphrodite Restaurant for Sunday dinner and this map of Cyprus gave me a chance to reminisce about the two brilliant holidays I had there.

30 May 2015: Brown Bin
Our brown garden waste bin was emptied early this morning, and after I spent a productive 45 minutes ripping out trees and bushes, it was full again.

29 May 2015: Box 32
When it was time to grab a box of files to open at work, I went with my trusted lucky number, 32.

28 May 2015: Mario
Mario and his brother Luigi were a crucial part of my childhood, but they definitely didn't look as modern as this!

27 May 2015: Approach
I had to pop to Morrisons on the way home from work so I approached it via the escalator.

26 May 2015: Black Pig
I walked home from work and saw this pig at the Cat and Dog Shelter. Yep!

25 May 2015: Non-Alcoholic Beer
I hoped I would like this. It was disgusting.

24 May 2015: Lucky For Some
After the last match of the season, in which Newcastle beat West Ham 2-0, we went to Aspers to see if we were lucky. It turned out my lucky number 32 worked for Matt!

23 May 2015: Reds v Blues
I went to Coach Lane to watch the Blues beat the Reds 9-2. John had sworn not to play but by half time he was in a red shirt and raring to go. 30 seconds later he was on the ground having dislocated his shoulder and was soon on the way to hospital. Short lived comeback!

22 May 2015: Denim DC
I love DC trainers so these denim coloured ones were top of my shopping list when I got paid. They arrived safely today just in time for the bank holiday weekend.

21 May 2015: Henry
Henry is the resident bear at Kathy's. I was able to rescue him from Joseph's wrestling moves for a short time.

20 May 2015: Tyne & Wear Marine Ltd
There was a different vessel for me to look at when I went for my lunchtime walk today. Including what appeared to be a load of giant rugby balls!

19 May 2015: Payday Clothes Shopping
I got paid today so I bought an assortment of vest tops, some shorts and some socks, since I seem to wear about the same 3 outfits all the time and a lot of my clothes are looking very tatty.

18 May 2015: Plate
I found this while digging the other day. I suspect it's just a bit of smashed plate rather than some interesting Roman pottery!

17 May 2015: Triangle
I'm fairly certain this is not the intended use.

16 May 2015: Smile
I started the day with a smiley face crafted from an English muffin and a two egg omelette.

15 May 2015: Give and Gain Day
I took part in Give and Gain Day with a team from work. It involved a trip to West Boldon Lodge, where we removed a boardwalk and built a bug hotel. These posts were an absolute nightmare to remove from the marsh, and that was before we got to the ones that were double the length and stuck firmly into a layer of clay.

14 May 2015: Mam's 60th Birthday
The venue for our family meal was The Last Days of the Raj, which was excellent. Mam, Gran and Ali look suitably happy in here and I can confirm that the others in attendance (me, Michael, Nass, Sophie, Sue and Chris) were seen sporting similar facial expressions. Great food, great company!

13 May 2015: Grip
I don't have the weakest grip in the world, but there's definitely room for improvement.

12 May 2015: The Ted Bundy Project
I went to the Northern Stage to see this very unusual one man show. I say one man, but the bloke in the picture was Slim, a member of the audience and someone I happen to know, who was required for this scene.

11 May 2015: Barclays (Part 2)
I went back into Barclays. This time it involved a short wait to be seen.

10 May 2015: Reddit
Reddit is a great way for passing the time on a lazy Sunday. Today my subreddit of choice was AskReddit.

9 May 2015: Gathering
James, Nicole, Michael and Jody gathered in Rosie's for a traditional post-match photo.

8 May 2015: Barclays
I had to go into Barclays. I didn't take any of these pens, but I was very tempted.

7 May 2015: Election Day
I've never exercised my right to vote before but I promised myself I would before I turn 30 and this was my last chance. There was no missing my local polling station with signs like this all over the place.

6 May 2015: Price Hike
My bus ticket has gone up in price by 30p a week. Of course this happened on a week where I had the exact change counted out for the driver, meaning I had to hunt around in my purse for the extra coins.

5 May 2015: Punctuation
If you struggle with the above, read this for some guidance.

4 May 2015: Amici
We had a family meal at Amici on Alison's actual birthday. Pictured: Ali's chin, Claire, Amy, Mam, Chris, Sue and Nasser. Also in attendance: Sophie, Michael and, of course, me.

3 May 2015: Beehive
Bank Holiday Sunday in the Beehive - bliss! I helped Alison celebrate her birthday and I promise Ian wasn't that miserable all day.

2 May 2015: A Club That Tries
Newcastle fans don't actually demand a great deal - just a bit of effort from the players on the pitch would be a start. No such luck today, as it was another dreadful performance and a 3-0 defeat.

1 May 2015: Greggs
Good old Greggs. I can confirm the drink area was opposite the cup seam.