2015: In Pictures


31 March 2015: Wispa Egg
I got this today from Nicola and she picked well, because I love a Wispa!

30 March 2015: Russell Hobbs
The 6.00 iron we bought 7.5 years ago has finally given up, so this was the replacement. It was on offer so it cost 12.99 and although it works perfectly, I wouldn't have paid the RRP of 33.99, that would have been far too much of an increase from 6.00!

29 March 2015: Gosforth Park
I went for an 11.4 mile walk with Ali, which involved Gosforth Park and several rain showers.

28 March 2015: Carson
I went to meet my new brother, Carson, who seems to be settling in nicely with Mam and Chris!

27 March 2015: Quayside Apartments
I spent all morning at work glancing out of the window at the sun and looking forward to enjoying a walk along the quayside. Naturally, by the time I reached my lunch break the clouds had arrived. I still managed a few miles which took me round the back of some of the apartments along the quayside towards Ouseburn. You can just about see the Rugby World Cup sign which has been put up on the Tyne Bridge peeking through the gap.

26 March 2015: Penguin Classics
For the incredible price of only 80p each I couldn't resist picking up a few of these. I've only read The Tell-Tale Heart previously but I do love it so it'll be nice to have a keepsake. Samuel Pepys' diary is one of my go-to radio shows during a sleepless night, and the quotable Nietzsche book should be worth a flick through.

25 March 2015: Steadfast
I had time to reflect on this dedication while the bus waited in traffic at Haymarket.

24 March 2015: Halifax
It's renewal time for our buildings and contents insurance.

23 March 2015: Eveready
I can't remember the last time I used this torch, but it lived up to its name as it's still in fine working order.

22 March 2015: Easter Prizes
We sat at the bar in the Grey Horse for a few hours and eyed up the prizes for the Easter raffle.

21 March 2015: Pizza Mats
I found these beer mats slightly annoying because a) they show ham and pineapple pizza, which is awful and b) we couldn't find one to fit in the bottom right corner.

20 March 2015: Unloading
I watched a bloke unload this Tesco delivery van while I queued for the cash machine. Just to the right of the Vedett there are some crates of Aspall cider which gave me a huge craving for the stuff all day, which still hasn't been satisfied. I'll have to track it down somewhere tomorrow to have a drop.

19 March 2015: Frog
I spotted this dude crawling towards a field as I walked home. I'm sorry about the dog excrement sharing the photo, but he went completely still, probably through fear. Poor thing probably thought he was about to "croak" it! I hope I'm not always that scary.

18 March 2015: Value Health
I've been suffering from what I believe to be inflamed cartilage between my ribs (because doctors just love it when we diagnose ourselves using the internet!) This ibuprofen may not be the best brand on the market but it's doing a pretty good job of keeping the pain at bay.

17 March 2015: Bye Gus
Sunderland manager Gus Poyet was sacked yesterday so I wrote a message to him on my fridge. I don't expect him to see it, but nevermind!

16 March 2015: Art?
I feel like I've probably taken a photo of this artwork before due to its proximity to work, so apologies if I'm duplicating but it was a fairly uninteresting Monday.

15 March 2015: Mother's Day
It's always great to spend Mother's Day with my favourite women: Gran, Mam, Auntie Sue & Ali.

14 March 2015: Melted Chick
I had to buy something to get cash back at the shop and this little Easter chick seemed appropriate. Then it melted in Michael's pocket and just looked a bit pathetic. We still ate it.

13 March 2015: Friday 13th
I thought I was done for when I opened the bathroom window to see this beast creeping towards me! Thankfully I'm well equipped to handle such events - plenty of toilet roll and a flushable toilet. I'm not usually so heartless, but he was definitely about to crawl inside and hide somewhere, so it was a pre-emptive strike.

12 March 2015: Fixed Rate
Since it's coming up to 3 years (already!) since we bought our house, we got a letter to remind us that the fixed rate on our mortgage is due to end soon.

11 March 2015: Old Sole
The material my boots are made of is starting to come away from the soles. With rain forecast for the next 3-4 days, I might have to start carrying a spare pair of socks with me.

10 March 2015: Splodge Decor
I don't know what these pink and white areas in Eldon Square are supposed to signify, but I don't think I like them.

9 March 2015: Ali's Running Shoes
I went with Ali to get her first pair of running shoes so she can start training for her first Great North Run. If the "shoes on the table" curse doesn't attack her, that is!

8 March 2015: Fitzy's Day Out
I tagged along with the Fitzy's crew for a day/night out in Whitley Bay and Tynemouth. It was great fun as always and they were very accommodating when I demanded a group photo.

7 March 2015: Mind Certificate
Better late than never - Mind were finally able to send out certificates for last year's Great North Run.

6 March 2015: Flower Pot Man
I walked to Wylam with Michael and Ali. We were greeted by this cool dude.

5 March 2015: Developments
I had a good look over the proposed development sites in North Tyneside.

4 March 2015: Onion
This quote on the window of Don Vito's just made me want to order a pizza with onions on it.

3 March 2015: Yiddish
The latest choice for my book club is The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon. I'm reading it via the Kindle so I had to snap this pretty awful photo of a picture I found online. I'm only a few chapters in, but it seems an enjoyable and easy enough read so far.

2 March 2015: Woo Hoo
Isn't this everyone's reaction to Monday?

1 March 2015: Jilted Jihadi John
This bloke they've nicknamed Jihadi John has been in the news lately but this headline just made me want to listen to "Jilted John" by Jilted John, which is a song I've loved for years. Gordon is definitely a moron.