2015: In Pictures


30 June 2015: Flower
I spent my last day off work catching a few final rays of sun in the back garden as I pruned some bushes. This was the prettiest thing I found.

29 June 2015: 10K Number
It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now my number has arrived for the Great North 10K at the weekend I'm not feeling quite as enthusiastic.

28 June 2015: Errors
I can't think of a better way to come back down to earth than a few drinks in the Grey Horse, sitting in the corner where they keep a load of takeaway menus and looking for spelling errors. It wasn't long before my mission was accomplished (twice!)

27 June 2015: Corned Beef Hash
I couldn't go a whole week in New York without having one photo of food, could I? I started our last day with a brunch of corned beef hash, scrambled eggs and toast at Pershing Square Cafe, near Grand Central Station. It was the perfect way to prepare for the long journey home.

26 June 2015: Jurassic World
As a huge fan of the original Jurassic Park I couldn't resist the opportunity to see the latest instalment in IMAX 3D. There were plenty of areas I could criticise, but overall I couldn't help enjoying it.

25 June 2015: Street Art
We went to have a walk around the streets of Brooklyn to look at some street art. It was another hot and sunny day so I spent a lot of time jumping between areas of shade until we eventually gave in and found a brilliant air conditioned bar (The Bodega) nearby, to sample some craft beers and ciders along with copious volumes of cold water.

24 June 2015: Coney Island
I started my 30th birthday with a trip on the subway to Coney Island where there is a beautiful beach and funfair. We had a walk out onto the pier to admire the view but soon had to retreat into the shade. Later in the day we went to watch the New York Red Bulls (who actually play in New Jersey) beat Real Salt Lake 1-0 and then went up to the Top of the Rock (the viewing platform at the top of the Rockefeller Center) for an excellent view over the city at night. An unforgettable birthday!

23 June 2015: Fish in the Dark
We had tickets for Fish in the Dark at the Cort Theatre. It's written by Larry David and stars Jason Alexander and turned out to be a pretty amusing show and a cool way to spend the evening.

22 June 2015: Statue of Liberty
We had an early start this morning and got the ferry to Liberty Island followed by Ellis Island. It was a wise move because even at this time there were already tourists everywhere.

21 June 2015: Yankee Stadium
We went to the Yankee Stadium to see the New York Yankees lose 12-4 to the Detroit Tigers. I've never really followed baseball but it was a fun experience and turned out to be the hottest I've ever been at a sporting event, which was quite a contrast to when we were in Berlin in November.

20 June 2015: New York
When I arrived at the airport this morning I believed we were going to various cities in Scandinavia. It turned out Michael had tricked me and instead we flew to New York. It was a brilliant surprise! We were keen to get started on the sightseeing as soon as possible so we wandered around Times Square to begin with. With the % humidity in the high 90s it was definitely a wander.

19 June 2015: Perfect Cards
I received these two cards from people who know me far too well: Matty (left) and Ali (right).

18 June 2015: Work Birthday
I'm starting to feel like the Queen since I'm lucky enough to be having so many lovely birthday celebrations. Today was my last day at work before going on holiday so there were cards, presents, a surprise buffet and this amazing cake. I felt thoroughly spoiled and it was proof that I work with a really great bunch of people.

17 June 2015: New Challenge
Since I have a lot of travelling coming up over the next few weeks and I've completed the majority of the three crossword books I already own, I invested in a few new ones to challenge my brain.

16 June 2015: School Rules
This seems a reasonable comment.

15 June 2015: Kimono
It's a bit too warm for my much-loved dressing gown at the moment but, having dug this kimono out, I think I'll manage with this as a more summery option.

14 June 2015: Pre-Birthday Meal
Since I'm on holiday for my 30th birthday in 10 days, my family were kind enough to gather for an early meal to celebrate. In attendance with me were Michael, Ali, Sophie, Nass, Sue, Chris, Mam and Kathy. Some pictured, some not, but all very much appreciated!

13 June 2015: Shields Ferry
The final thing remaining on my pre-30 "bucket list" was a trip on the Shields Ferry. I'm not sure how, but I'd never been on it before. It was a bit windy out on deck but I quite enjoyed the trip from South Shields to North Shields.

12 June 2015: Friday Night
What better way to spend a Friday night? ("Go out?" I hear you say.... but I do not listen)

11 June 2015: Steakhouse
I went to Marco Pierre White's Steakhouse with Nicola, Olwyn and Lorraine as an early (by almost a fortnight!) 30th birthday celebration. I had a 10oz sirloin steak (medium rare) with blue cheese sauce followed by Eton mess. It was lovely, but I was ready to roll out of there afterwards!

10 June 2015: Cotton Wool
I don't use this very much but I do like how soft and fluffy it is.

9 June 2015: Helsinki
With only 11 days to go until we go on holiday, I had another read through this article about Helsinki. I can't wait to have a walk around that harbour!

8 June 2015: Phone Stand
This mobile phone holder is pretty old but my iPhone fits in it perfectly so I've reclaimed it from Mam's house.

7 June 2015: 12 Mile Walk
Ali and I went for a 12 mile walk to Blyth. It was a bit cooler when we reached the coast so Ali had to put on her jacket, but overall I was pleased to see she has joined the McDade tradition of wearing shorts!

6 June 2015: Haircut on a Windy Day
I got a haircut today, but since it was extremely windy I still decided to wear a hat.

5 June 2015: Hot Pepper
It was a boring ham sandwich for lunch today so I added a few generous dollops of this hot sauce to liven it up a bit.

4 June 2015: Pretty Clouds
I thought the clouds this morning were quite cute and pretty.

3 June 2015: Defrost
The highlight of my day was remembering to take some bread out of the freezer to defrost so that I can make sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch when I get home later.

2 June 2015: Defy Convention
It's just a slogan on these DC stickers, but I suppose this is something I try to do where possible.

1 June 2015: Pick Up Sausages
I knew there was something I'd forgotten...