2015: In Pictures


31 December 2015: Hammer Therapy
This HP Touchpad hasn't worked for years so I thought it would be therapeutic to smash it with a hammer before putting it in the bin. It was!

30 December 2015: Ice Skating
I went ice skating with Ali and Amy. Here is my attempt at an action packed selfie of me and Ali!

29 December 2015: Coast
It was a glorious day so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get in a long walk to the coast. It was 11 miles in total and great fun although I did get some weird looks for wearing shorts.

28 December 2015: Stuck
This was the awkward moment when the bus couldn't get down the street due to the blue car parked on the left and the black car parked on the right. After the driver sounded the extremely loud horn several times, the owner of the blue car came out to save the day.

27 December 2015: 4K LG
We have been in need of a new television for a while now and today our new 4K model was delivered. It's an LG and the picture quality is fantastic.

26 December 2015: Crammy Club
We went to Cramlington Club to watch Newcastle v Everton, which in true festive style Newcastle managed to lose in the last minute.

25 December 2015: Christmas Day 2015
It was always going to be a strange Christmas without Gran, but the family all gathered round to raise a toast to her.

24 December 2015: Reindeer
With all the work taken care of, I challenged Olwyn and Sara to draw a reindeer. This was my hopeless effort.

23 December 2015: Peter & Kevin
I had a great night catching up with Lisa, Peter and Kevin at Bacchus and Las Iguanas. Lisa is obviously not in the photo!

22 December 2015: Pigs in Blankets
The most crucial part of any Christmas dinner. I don't think I'll eat all 12 in one sitting though.

21 December 2015: Michael's Cards
Michael turned 31 today - here are a couple of his cards.

20 December 2015: Winning Bet
After the horse racing yesterday we went to the greyhounds. Our taxi came before this race took place but I checked today and this bet has won so I'll be contacting the racecourse to arrange to get the winnings.

19 December 2015: May Hay
Mam and Ali kindly paid for my lunch last week when I didn't have any cash on me. In return I thought I'd put a few quid towards a bet inspired by their May birthdays while I was at the races and May Hay came in first to win me 18!

18 December 2015: Cramlington
We went to Cramlington for some Friday night food and drinks. This picture was hanging up in one of the pubs we visited.

17 December 2015: Cobra & Pickle Tray
For the second year running we had a 'Feast for Four' at Sachins for our team's Christmas meal. This time I was with Olwyn, Nicola and Sara. A large Cobra and the pickle tray are a crucial part of any good Indian meal.

16 December 2015: Peas, Love & Joy
I love the huge card we received from Mam and Chris!

15 December 2015: Milkhope
I joined Mam, Ali, Jane and Christine for lunch at Blacksmiths Coffee Shop at Milkhope, which was a nice way to spend the afternoon for a change.

14 December 2015: Greg
I had high hopes of a productive day off, but since I don't have much money and didn't have any concrete plans I just pottered around the house instead. That means a typically boring photo, which in this case is a card which came with the new trainers Michael had delivered recently.

13 December 2015: The Whodlums
Any band who covers the likes of The Who and The Jam always grabs my interest so it was a nice trip to the Benton Ale House this afternoon/evening for some live music from The Whodlums.

12 December 2015: Camperdown Lake
You'd probably have more joy trying to go down this road in a boat rather than a car.

11 December 2015: Christmas Party
Our firm's Christmas party was at The Gentleman and it was very nice. There was far too much food and lots of drinks vouchers were available too. A bottle of Peroni or two always go down well!

10 December 2015: Squat Rack
Finally the gym has got a proper squat rack for the ladies area. It was just being set up today, but I can't wait to give it a try.

9 December 2015: Christmas Socks
I'll wear these when I feel festive. Or possibly for Christmas Jumper Day at work, which is in a couple of days time.

8 December 2015: Chocolate Sandwich
I shouldn't be surprised as in the past Tesco have sold a lasagne sandwich, but this chocolate version seems particularly disgusting. I may still try one, but not today....

7 December 2015: Bump
I banged my head the other day so I tried to take a photo of the bump. It didn't work very well due to my beautiful flowing locks of hair (or something), but I promise it's very painful.

6 December 2015: Bluey 2015
It wouldn't be Christmas without Bluey and this year I made sure he was sitting on a high enough branch to keep him out of Carson's reach!

5 December 2015: Demented Snowman
I'm not sure why, but I think this snowman looks slightly demented. It may be something to do with those empty eyes, or maybe I've just watched too many horror films.

4 December 2015: Work Girls
A wonderful selection of my current and former colleagues: Fay, Juliet, Linda, Debs, Heather, Audrey and Marie.

3 December 2015: Broken Spoke
I think my umbrella is ready for the bin, otherwise this spoke might have someone's eye out.

2 December 2015: Fenwick
I went to have a look at their Christmas window as I hadn't seen this year's display yet. I don't remember there being such a large Fenwick sign right in the middle of previous efforts! Maybe it's a sign of the times.

1 December 2015: Peppa Pig
I usually work on the theory that you can never too be told for an advent calendar, but I may be pushing it with this year's selection. Is it awful of me to hope there is a bacon sandwich behind one of the doors?