2015: In Pictures


31 August 2015: Chromecast
We bought this for streaming TV shows, music etc through the TV. It's not all set up yet, but hopefully when it is Michael will demonstrate patience when he shows me how to use it!

30 August 2015: Bank Holiday Buddies
I had a few Bank Holiday Sunday drinks in town with Michael, James and Nicole. The Rose & Crown was one of several extremely classy bars we visited.

29 August 2015: Whitley Bay 2-1 Heaton Stannington
More FA Cup action today. I'm seeing a pattern develop as the home teams keep winning the matches we go to watch!

28 August 2015: Luciano's
We had a lovely family meal at Luciano's to celebrate Auntie Sue's birthday. Pictured left to right are Chris, Ali, Sue, Sophie, Nass, (my empty seat) and Mam. It was an excellent evening!

27 August 2015: The Other Thing
Here's the other item I bought in the Animal sale: a snazzy pair of shorts. I probably shouldn't be wearing such things now that I'm 30, but I'm not entirely certain I care.

26 August 2015: Striped Cardi
I bought this new cardigan recently in the Animal sale. I should probably stop wearing so many Animal products but they're always so comfortable and for that reason I had to buy something. Ok, two things...

25 August 2015: Sliced Finger
I was surprised to notice this cut on my finger this morning since I have no idea how it happened!

24 August 2015: Cone
My soup was very warm so I had to cool down with an ice cream cone. I'm certain I've taken almost this exact photo before, but I'm too lazy to check and find something else to shoot today.

23 August 2015: Ouseburn
A 7 mile walk turned into a few drinks in the Cumberland at Ouseburn, starting with this pint of cider.

22 August 2015: Leek Show
It was Leek Show weekend at the Grey Horse and these were the winning efforts.

21 August 2015: Oliver's
I was early for work so it was a great opportunity to sit at Oliver's Bistro Cafe and watch the world go by. It was too warm for a hot chocolate so it had to be a diet coke today.

20 August 2015: Fuengirola
As this spoon says Fuengirola we must have brought it back from our family holiday there but neither me or Mam can recall doing so.

19 August 2015: Animals?
It certainly looks like a pig to me, and several other animals that I can't quite make out.

18 August 2015: Gym Ladder
There was a ladder in the gym. Very little else happened today.

17 August 2015: Dog
The overly sensitive part of me was so sad to have to walk past this abandoned toy without stopping to rescue it. Especially when I noticed that one of the wheels of his trolley had fallen off.

16 August 2015: WSET
I recently mentioned to some of the girls from work that I had been to wine school and even had a qualification. They were surprised to hear this was possible, so I dug out my certificate as evidence.

15 August 2015: Heaton Stannington 3-1 Norton & Stockton Ancients
My second live match of the season was an FA Cup game at Heaton Stannington. This penalty for the away team could have changed everything, but it was missed so Heaton Stannington went on to win and progress to the next round.

14 August 2015: Scope Vest
My charity vest for the Great North Run has also arrived and it's a perfect fit!

13 August 2015: Zone F
My number for the 2015 Great North Run has arrived. I've been placed into white zone F but I will be starting right at the back in pink zone K with my sister this year and I have to say I'm feeling far more enthusiastic about that than I would be for attempting a personal best with minimal training!

12 August 2015: Restricted Access
I had a lovely, clear and boring photo of this "restricted access" sign lined up, but the bus moved so now it's blurry and boring.

11 August 2015: Nettles
I managed to avoid these during my walk home from work. I got enough nettle stings as a child to last a lifetime.

10 August 2015: The Magpie Shirt
I have no interest in buying a Newcastle shirt sponsored by Wonga so I grabbed one of these alternative options as soon as they were released recently. Jill 32 on the back, of course!

9 August 2015: Acoustic Weller
It feels like ages since I watched any live music so it was great to catch this set of Paul Weller/The Jam covers at the Benton Ale House.

8 August 2015: Morpeth Town 3-0 Bishop Auckland
We went to Morpeth for the day and watched our first live football match of the season, which was an entertaining home win.

7 August 2015: Polishing Silver
I think it's safe to say this was the first time I've ever spent a Friday morning polishing the family silver. I spent a good hour on this tray and it still looked... well, not particularly silver. It was a surprisingly therapeutic way to spend time though!

6 August 2015: Grip Strengtheners
I often feel like I have a weak grip, both in and out of the gym, so I bought these to try and build it up a little.

5 August 2015: 24 for 6
I make no attempt to hide my Pepsi Max addiction and so I certainly couldn't resist this bargain: 24 cans for 6. I left some of them at work and brought the rest home to use as supplies for picnics, walks and any other occasions where a caffeine boost is needed.

4 August 2015: Dat Bar
I've been hearing about the pizzas in Dat Bar for a while now so we decided to go there for Restaurant Week as they were doing two pizzas for 10. They didn't disappoint and my ginger flavoured Thistly Cross cider was delicious as well. My only disappointment was that my happiness on seeing a serrated knife to cut my pizza was short lived as it turned out to be just as useless as the standard sort of knife you usually get in pizza places!

3 August 2015: Pin Badges
These badges show two of my favourite things: giraffes and Newcastle United. Unfortunately the backs of them are missing so I keep pricking myself when reaching into my purse!

2 August 2015: Predictions
As the new Premier League season approaches, I wrote down Michael's predictions so we can laugh at how bad they were at a later date.

1 August 2015: Scenery
We went for a walk to Cramlington and back. Since a lot of it was along main roads, this was one of the more scenic parts.