2015: In Pictures


30 April 2015: Krispy Kreme
I've never been to Krispy Kreme before, and since this stall is empty I don't think this is the opportune moment

29 April 2015: Assistance
The underarm area of this dressing gown wasn't quite dry after it had been washed so I fashioned a contraption to help it out.

28 April 2015: Apple
If I hadn't already eaten, this would be making me hungry.

27 April 2015: Balls
I stole Carson's balls to practice my juggling. I'm still pretty good at it!

26 April 2015: Ted Bundy Tickets
I've got tickets to see The Ted Bundy Project at the theatre in a few weeks.

25 April 2015: Ashley Out
At the Newcastle match today AshleyOut.com encouraged fans to hold up this red card as a way of protesting against owner Mike Ashley. It was during this match that I decided to cancel my season ticket, which is very much the end of an era as I've had it since 2001. Unfortunately I've completely fallen out of love with the club, so it's time for us to go our separate ways. If things change, maybe I'll be back one day.

24 April 2015: Pithivier
I went to Bistro 21 in Durham with Michael and Kathy to celebrate her birthday. My main course was venison pithivier, which was absolutely amazing.

23 April 2015: Richard & Rach
I had a long overdue catchup with Rach and it was lovely to meet Richard for the first time too. It was definitely a more sensible night out than some we've had in the past!

22 April 2015: Blood Sugar
Lorraine from work is diabetic so today when she was testing her blood she offered to do mine too. It was within the normal range (4 - 5.9) for a non-diabetic before eating a meal. It's not often I get called normal, so I'll embrace it!

21 April 2015: Leaning Light
This street light has seen better days. It's either bowing its head in shame or looking down at me in an ominous fashion.

20 April 2015: Sliced Pop
I feel ripped off - one of my cans of pop from a 4-pack was sliced open and completely empty.

19 April 2015: Wasgij
I was amused to see this jigsaw at Tynemouth Market since Rachel was just telling me how strange they were at work yesterday. The picture you have to make is what these people are looking at rather than the image on the box, which is far too complex for me, so I didn't buy it!

18 April 2015: Celtic Celebration
West Allotment Celtic celebrated scoring an equaliser, but it was short-lived since they ended up losing 3-1 to West Auckland.

17 April 2015: From the Corner of His Eye
It's years since I read this and it's a really good book so I'm giving it another go. Shame it's absolutely massive, it's not the easiest thing to lug around everywhere!

16 April 2015: Cathedral Selfie
I haven't found God, just a nice place to enjoy the sun.

15 April 2015: Earphones
I was on the verge of buying some new earphones since the volume controller had stopped working on mine. Then Michael reminded me he got these with his new phone recently - problem solved.

14 April 2015: Supplements
From my spot on the mats I had a good view of the various supplements available at the gym. And the vending machine, which mostly contains water and Lucozade.

13 April 2015: Clippers
I inherited these nail clippers when someone left work. Snazzy, I'm sure you'll agree. Actually, now I think about it, they sort of match my milkshake bottle from yesterday.

12 April 2015: Frijj
I'm going through a bit of a milkshake phase and I hadn't tried this flavour before. It was lovely!

11 April 2015: Walking Weather
It was a very windy walk up Weetslade Hill today but it could have been worse as we could see rain in the distance.

10 April 2015: Washing!
I find it a lot easier to motivate myself to do housework before going out to work when the sun is shining and I can get it on the line. The front of the shed is looking a bit wonky, but I can't say I'm too worried about that.

9 April 2015: Bench
This was the first of two benches I sat on today to read my book in the sunshine. It was the older of the two and surrounded by numerous other benches dedicated to those lost during wartime. At least I didn't have to share it with anyone. The second bench was outside the Theatre Royal and a lot more modern, but someone came and sat next to me and started telling her friend about her child maintenance woes, so it wasn't quite as peaceful as this one!

8 April 2015: Stand Still
It's a pet hate of mine when I see runners jogging on the spot while waiting at traffic lights, so I was pleased Runner's World agrees with me.

7 April 2015: Just In Time
It was a close call, but I remembered just in time that I had some puzzle entries to be submitted. Maybe this time I'll be the lucky one...

6 April 2015: Minion
Ella pointed out that as I was wearing a yellow t-shirt, blue shorts and glasses, I looked like her Minion phone cover.

5 April 2015: Driving Seat
It's not often I find myself in the driving seat of a car, but thankfully we weren't actually going anywhere!

4 April 2015: Troll Cat
Carson trolled me by sitting on the crossword I was doing!

3 April 2015: Good Friday Football
It was a rather grim affair at West Allotment Celtic v Whitley Bay. It finished 1-1 after what looked like a nasty injury to a Whitley Bay player and we moved switftly on to the pub to dry out.

2 April 2015: Shortbread
Lorraine brought this lovely shortbread back from Scotland. We'll have to come up with a good use for the awesome tin when it's all gone (which won't be long!)

1 April 2015: Nurse's Room
I went for a routine appointment with the nurse and sneakily took this photo when she left the room for a few minutes.