2014: In Pictures


30 September 2014: LPC
I think I've said before how much I like promotional pens - this is my latest acquisition.

29 September 2014: Empty & Broken
I'm sure many people feel like this on a Monday morning. Thankfully, today I'm not one of them!

28 September 2014: Railcard
We bought a Two Together Railcard so hopefully we'll get lots of use out of it.

27 September 2014: Skiddaw
I went hiking up Skiddaw with a group from work, which was an excellent way to spend the day. The views were incredible, and despite being the least experienced person there I managed to hold my own and was generally at the front of the group.

26 September 2014: Packed Rucksack
I spent Friday night getting things ready for my hike up Skiddaw tomorrow. This rucksack usually only goes to festivals, so I'm hoping it performs okay!

25 September 2014: Cold Solution
I've developed a horrible cold so I stocked up on a few remedies: tissues, cold & flu capsules and Vaseline for when my nose and lips get all dry and chapped.

24 September 2014: Ironing Bored Board Cover
Just to carry on the theme of boring purchases, here's our new ironing board cover. Describing it as a "smooth operator" is an interesting sales technique but it obviously worked on me.

23 September 2014: Waterproof Trousers
I'm going hiking at the weekend so I bought some waterproof trousers. That should guarantee there is no rain to be seen!

22 September 2014: Spider
A large spider in my bath is pretty much the last thing I want to see on a Monday morning.

21 September 2014: Minion
Ella's female Minion is pretty cool. I like her hair.

20 September 2014: SackPardew.com
This website has gained a lot of media attention in the short time since it was set up and I was pleased to do my bit to help out by handing out banners before the home game against Hull. The match finished 2-2 and did nothing to convince me that Alan Pardew should remain in his job as manager.

19 September 2014: 1993-94
I found this old season ticket of my dad's when I was at my mam's house for tea.

18 September 2014: Misty Start
It was a foggy start to the morning. My day didn't get any more exciting than that.

17 September 2014: Correction
I didn't have a red pen with me but when I found the same note in the same locker I couldn't resist making a quick amendment in pencil (although my apostrophe looks more like an extension of the "r"!). After that, I smiled.

16 September 2014: Poor Grammar
I opened a locker at the gym to put my bags away and found this inside. I'm sure the writer meant well, but I just can't smile in the face of such a basic grammatical error. I did leave it there, in case the next person to use the locker wasn't quite as pedantic as I am.

15 September 2014: Prescription Time
It's time to stock up on nifedipine again in readiness for the winter so I paid a visit to Boots before work.

14 September 2014: Creepy Giraffe
I couldn't resist buying this from the local shop, but I find it really creepy.

13 September 2014: West Allotment Celtic 0-5 Lancaster City FC
Allotment were dumped out of the FA Cup by Lancaster, who are managed by ex-Newcastle player Darren Peacock. It's still the furthest they've made it in the competition though!

12 September 2014: 18+ Mile Walk
I didn't want to spend a beautiful day off work cooped up in the house so I decided to go for a much longer walk than usual. My route took me from Killingworth via South Gosforth, the Town Moor, the West End, Newburn and Wylam, eventually ending just over 18 miles later in Prudhoe. This section between Wylam and Prudhoe which I've come to know very well was definitely the most aesthetically pleasing.

11 September 2014: Lakeside Development
It's strange to see houses here, but they're going up at quite a rate.

10 September 2014: Loneliness
I set out for a long walk and saw this poor creature which appeared to have been discarded. Unfortunately I don't think he would've fit in my bag, but I did feel terrible walking past.

9 September 2014: Garter Garden
What better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon thank having a drink in the beer garden at the Black Garter?

8 September 2014: Swag
Some of the goodies I received yesterday in my finisher's pack and from Mind in the charity village.

7 September 2014: Great North Run 2014
Michael's first and my fourth. I think it's fairly obvious who was most excited. It was a very hot day so it wasn't ideal for pushing too hard, but I was still pleased with a new personal best of 2:01:44.

6 September 2014: Preparation
I think I'm all set for tomorrow!

5 September 2014: Good Luck Card
The lovely folk over at Mind sent out these good luck cards to everyone raising money for them by running the Great North Run. I thought it was a thoughtful gesture from an excellent charity.

4 September 2014: Heaton Park
I walked from work in town to Forest Hall rather than spending a nice evening in the gym, and this was my view as I came out of Heaton Park towards Heaton Road.

3 September 2014: Bouncy Egg
This is an egg-shaped bouncy ball. We won it at the bowling alley. I'm yet to utilise it in any sort of practical joke, but I'm sure there'll be an opportunity.

2 September 2014: Setting Up
My lunchtime walk took me down to the Quayside today where there was a lot of work underway to set up for the Great North Run opening ceremony in a couple of days time.

1 September 2014: Kitchen Bin
We bought this new bin recently to replace the one we had with a broken foot pedal.