2014: In Pictures


31 October 2014: Strap Snap
My watch strap fell apart so I had to glue it back together.

30 October 2014: Prepare For Hell
This might seem like hell to some people but a Slipknot and Korn gig sounds pretty good to me! It's not until January but I'm looking forward to it already. My 15 year old self is ridiculously excited!

29 October 2014: Knitwits
Michael knows how much I love a nice warm hat so he brought me this monkey styled one back from Berlin. With some colder weather approaching it should come in handy.

28 October 2014: Lozenges
I woke up feeling like my throat contained a golf ball coated in razor blades and hoped these would help. They didn't.

27 October 2014: Proof of Posting
I had to post something - here's my receipt.

26 October 2014: OneStop Sunday
My junk food Sunday dinner, courtesy of the OneStop Shop. Who needs nutrients?

25 October 2014: Heart Socks
I couldn't resist! In my defence most of my socks are looking a bit worse for wear.

24 October 2014: Simple Pleasures
It's things like this that get me through a long day.

23 October 2014: Ebola Ameobi
Our quiz team name had both a local and topical theme, which helped spur us on to victory at the Newton!

22 October 2014: Cheweee Fact
I like food that I can learn from.

21 October 2014: Diversion
This sign was appropriate since I diverted away from the gym and walked home instead!

20 October 2014: Tin Opener
We seem to get through these quite quickly (due to always buying cheap ones!) but I'm taking the old one to work and having this shiny new one at home.

19 October 2014: Passport
My new passport has arrived, so I'll have to display this monstrosity every time I go on holiday!

18 October 2014: Lockwood Cup
There was a fantastic turnout for the Lockwood Cup, a 5-a-side tournament we arranged in memory of Jon. His parents and girlfriend were also able to attend, and it was a really fun morning.

17 October 2014: Theatre Royal
We went to the Theatre Royal to see Jeeves & Wooster. I wasn't sure about it at first, but quickly got into the show and ended up really enjoying it.

16 October 2014: Door
This has been on my "I really should take a photo of that" list for a while now, and today I managed to snap it without anyone noticing and thinking I was weird. I'm not sure anyone was going to mistake the door for a window, or a table or something, but it's nice to have a sign there just in case.

15 October 2014: Formula
My diary contains this helpful formula for converting temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Admittedly, that isn't something I need to do often (not without Google, anyway) but the photo does contain 3 instances of my favourite number, 32, so that's good enough for me.

14 October 2014: Autumn Eve
As I walked home through Jesmond I couldn't help noticing it was a very autumnal evening, with leaves on the ground and the streetlights coming on.

13 October 2014: New Telephone
We got new phones at work, which is going to take a lot of getting used to.

12 October 2014: Grease
I had a pretty epic hangover today, so this was the only possible cure!

11 October 2014: Away Day
An away trip that we can get to on the metro is always a treat, so we went to watch West Allotment Celtic play at North Shields. Unfortunately the home team won 3-0 in a pretty convincing fashion, under some very threatening clouds.

10 October 2014: Friday Drinks
I don't usually drink alcohol on a Friday night these days, but it's been a tough week at work so I think I've earned it. I opted for two things I haven't tried before - the cider because I found the name hilarious, and the beer because I've never tried one that's apricot flavoured.

9 October 2014: Clown Feet
Grabbing the nearest pair of shoes to wear to take some recycling to the bin outside does not result in a good look. Especially when they're several sizes too big and combined with those pyjamas!

8 October 2014: Post Office
I paid a rare visit to the Post Office to send off my passport renewal form. Hopefully I'll receive the new one within about 3 weeks, which gives me time to get used to the idea of having to display the awful photograph every time I go on holiday.

7 October 2014: Half Price
I can't resist taking advantage of an offer on one of my favourite products!

6 October 2014: Warm Neck
It was a very grim and cold Monday so I felt a warm jumper was required. For a moment I was so warm it was tempting not to bother rolling the neck down.

5 October 2014: Bits and Bobs
A strange mix of items that my mam found recently. I made the pot, which is probably a good demonstration of my lack of creative ability... and yet it was still better than my dad's effort!

4 October 2014: FA Vase
A slightly more low key affair than last night's football - West Allotment Celtic v Nelson in the FA Vase. It finished in a 1-1 draw, so will go to a replay away from home.

3 October 2014: Bundesliga Friday
My Friday night plan consists of curry and Bundesliga football. As I write this, it's 1-1... come on Hertha!

2 October 2014: Platinum Card
This is just a new version of a card I've had for years which is due to expire, yet for some reason they've decided to start calling it a "Platinum" card.

1 October 2014: "Covservatories"
I don't know what a "covservatory" is but I do know I probably don't want to pay this company to provide one.