2014: In Pictures


30 November 2014: Flaming Colada
We visited the Bellini Lounge to sample some of their cocktails. Michael opted for a flaming pina colada which meant we got to watch the pineapple toast in front of us.

29 November 2014: Bayern Munich
Day two of sporting events in Berlin saw us return to the Olympiastadion to watch Bayern Munich beat Hertha BSC 1-0. It was definitely the coldest I've ever been in my life!

28 November 2014: Ice Hockey
Instead of going down the road to Whitley Bay, I went to Berlin for my first ice hockey game. Eisbšren Berlin beat Krefeld Pinguine and the atmosphere was fantastic.

27 November 2014: Glum Face
Everyone knows that one of the most crucial things to do before going away for the weekend is to watch as much recorded TV as possible to free up space on your Sky box. In my case this involved binge-watching Masterchef: The Professionals and I was very impressed at Charles Campion's glum face.

26 November 2014: Handbagged
I bought a new handbag since my current one is falling to pieces. I'm not sure I like it, but at least it doesn't have holes everywhere.

25 November 2014: Brain Fart
I must've been having a bit of a brain fart when I got the dishes ready last night for breakfast this morning, since I'll almost certainly struggle to eat a bowl of Weetabix with a fork.

24 November 2014: Morrisons Magazine
Hopefully I'll pick up some tips as I work my way through this.

23 November 2014: Family Meal
It feels like ages since we've had a family meal out so it was great to see Nasser, Sue, Chris, Mam, Gran and Michael all in one place - Amici.

22 November 2014: Percy People
Michael, James, Nicole & Craig in the Percy Arms. Other than the varying facial expressions, the most exciting thing about this photo is probably the fact that I took it at the same time as yesterday's!

21 November 2014: Fight War
I think someone was trying to be profound.

20 November 2014: Life Pen
Nicola brought me a free pen from a conference at the Centre for Life.

19 November 2014: Give a Bowl
I bought a box, therefore it would seem I have given a bowl.

18 November 2014: Onesie
I had a very out of character moment and decided to skip the gym and go clothes shopping instead. I bought some jumpers, a pair of jeans and a onesie. Oh and some Christmas socks, which I'll photograph closer to the time. All because I had a voucher for 10% off!

17 November 2014: Wishful Thinking
This has been on the fridge for a few weeks now and unfortunately it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Maybe I'll have more luck if I actually spell Euromillions out properly, so fate knows what I mean.

16 November 2014: Pub Bike
There was a bike in the Shire Horse. I don't know why.

15 November 2014: Wet Field
It was a fairly decent afternoon so I went for a walk, but some of the fields were still a bit muddy from recent rainfall.

14 November 2014: V Water
My Friday treat was something I'd never tried before. I wouldn't say I hated it, but it definitely wasn't the nicest drink I've ever tasted.

13 November 2014: Things Sometimes Break
This seemed a very extreme way of pointing out that the hand dryer isn't working properly.

12 November 2014: Testimonial Mug
This mug, to commemorate Alan Shearer's testimonial match, is my preferred item to crack eggs against. I don't know why. I was at the match, but I don't remember anything to do with eggs.

11 November 2014: Kettle Face
The switch on my kettle looks a bit like an upside down face.

10 November 2014: Alice in Wonderland
I always found this story a little bit creepy but I can never resist a wander past Fenwick's window at this time of year. That Cheshire Cat may give me nightmares...

9 November 2014: Rachel & Ron
We celebrated Rachel & Ron's wedding at St Gabriel's Church followed by Jesmond Dene House. They asked guests to add their fingerprint to this tree which was a really cool touch. I should really stop giving people such easy access to my fingerprints!

8 November 2014: Raffle Tickets
We ended up buying tickets for the Grey Horse Christmas raffle. I suspect we may end up with several more of these by the time the raffle is drawn.

7 November 2014: Blu-Tack
I love having a bit of Blu-Tack to mess around with! I hadn't seen any for years until Lorraine donated this to me. If you look closely you could probably pick out part of my fingerprint... please refrain from stitching me up for a crime.

6 November 2014: Please Give Blood
If you are able to, please give blood.

5 November 2014: Evening Moon
I'm not a fan of fireworks so this was the prettiest thing in the sky for me tonight.

4 November 2014: Spiders
Not an infestation! I accidentally brought these home in my pocket from a pub where they were up as Halloween decorations.

3 November 2014: Poppy
It doesn't go very well with my outfit today but I've got my poppy pinned into place.

2 November 2014: Amilo
Michael spent today working on this laptop which I've borrowed from my mam, since I was having to constantly hold the charger in place while using my own. It's a lot quicker now he's worked his magic.

1 November 2014: Bobby Robson Quote
This isn't a great photo unfortunately, but I love this quote from Sir Bobby Robson: "What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. Itís not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. Itís the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. Itís a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his fatherís hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love."