2014: In Pictures


31 May 2014: Froch Groves II
I have no real interest in boxing, but it's just an excuse to have friends round for a few drinks, isn't it?

30 May 2014: Church
I didn't know what this church was called, but I've just googled it and it's the Church of St Thomas the Martyr. That's quite enough learning for today.

29 May 2014: Drip
My hopes that our water problems might be over were dashed when I noticed a drip from the kitchen ceiling just before I left the house. I'm all for keeping clean, but I draw the line at having a shower in my kitchen! Since I had to dash off to work I left some strategically placed buckets and hoped for the best.

28 May 2014: Pepper Seeds
I love peppers and use them in loads of different meals, but the seeds are evil! They get everywhere and no matter how well I think I've tidied up, I always find a rogue one hiding later on.

27 May 2014: Leak
We came home to a water leak and a very wet landing carpet. I think the problem has now been rectified, thankfully.

26 May 2014: Raw Pie
Baking is not usually my preferred way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday but we cooked a lovely corned beef pie. The pastry went terribly wrong at one stage but years of watching Masterchef meant I was able to rectify it before the whole thing was a disaster. I'm choosing to upload the photograph of the pie before it went in the oven, because afterwards it was ever so slightly burnt around the edges.

25 May 2014: Buckfast
We went out drinking in Whitley Bay and since most of the group had never tried Buckfast, Scottish Ali bought a bottle to share between us. Shamefully, I didn't actually mind it - must be my Scottish roots.

24 May 2014: Spring (Vacuum) Clean
In the absence of anything more thrilling to do today, I opted for some spring cleaning. Vacuuming is definitely not my favourite thing to do - I'm far too clumsy and always end up tripping myself up!

23 May 2014: Three Diaries
Olwyn and Walter were both off work today so I was in charge of all of our diaries.. and everything else. Busy day!

22 May 2014: Chip Bote
I still like reading takeaway menus while I eat my breakfast and I would love to know what a 'chip bote' is. At first I thought it was something exciting and exotic, but then I realised they probably just didn't know how to spell 'chip butty'.

21 May 2014: Phone Box
I haven't used a phone box in years, or seen anyone else use one for that matter, but it's nice to know they still exist. On the assumption it still functions correctly!

20 May 2014: Foot File
I've had a disgusting amount* of hard skin on my feet for quite a while now, so I bought this foot file to scrape it off with. It was a highly satisfying experience.
*I don't know if, grammatically, you can have an "amount" of skin, but my brain is broken and I can't think of a better way to phrase it.

19 May 2014: Road to Brazil
I decided to look ahead to the World Cup in Brazil by having this for my tea. Unfortunately it was disappointingly bland and I don't think I'll be trying it again.

18 May 2014: Uncreepy Crawly
I found this on my jacket and thought it was adorable!

17 May 2014: Golf Course
While walking from Killingworth to the city centre we passed the golf course at Gosforth. I've never played and I'm not much of a fan of golf, but if I was going to give it a try it would be on a nice sunny day like today.

16 May 2014: Pimm's
I don't often go to the Pitcher & Piano but when there are vouchers for a free Pimm's & lemonade available, I can have my arm twisted!

15 May 2014: Banana Bruise Art
I turned the bruise on my banana into some sort of cartoon battle while I was waiting on hold on the telephone. The creature on the right was going to have wings like a giant wasp, but it didn't seem right to add an extra bruise just to complete the picture.

14 May 2014: Granny's Fudge
I wish this fudge was mine instead of Granny's. Especially that Vodka Red Bull flavoured one! Unfortunately it's only a few days until payday and I've already overindulged this week, so I had to walk away empty handed.

13 May 2014: Ascending
The stairs in the Killingworth Centre seemed far too much effort so I stood on the escalator to go up to Morrisons.

12 May 2014: Keycard
In Liverpool we stayed in the Formule 1 Hotel which is part of the Ibis and, having been convinced we'd lost one of the room keys (and relieved when the staff weren't at all bothered!), I felt a bit bad when I found this at the bottom of my handbag this morning.

11 May 2014: Liverpool 2-1 Newcastle
The last time I travelled to an away match on the last day of the season we got relegated at Aston Villa, so despite losing today it was a much better experience.

10 May 2014: Lads in Liverpool
I went for my first ever night out in Liverpool with James, Michael, Jonny and Matty. Despite some of the scary faces on show, we had a cracking time.

9 May 2014: Old George Friday
I haven't joined the girls from work at The Old George on a Friday night for a while, but I called in tonight for a quick blackcurrant and soda before going home for my usual Friday night excitement: housework, a bath and listening to podcasts!

8 May 2014: Conservatives
In the last few weeks I've received political information from UKIP and the Conservatives. So far, nothing I've read has persuaded me to vote for the first time.

7 May 2014: Pack of Pencils
I found these in my pocket after being out drinking in Cramlington on Sunday night. I think I obtained them from a pub. I'm fairly certain they were free anyway!

6 May 2014: Liverpool Tickets
I'm in possession of two of the five tickets we've booked for the away trip to Anfield this coming weekend.

5 May 2014: New Watch
I had an Eldon Square voucher leftover from Christmas and put it towards this new watch from Next.

4 May 2014: Finley's Frown
We went for a meal at Amici for Ali's birthday and baby Finley insisted on giving me a frown when I took his photo. He was smiley the rest of the time!

3 May 2014: Walkout
Newcastle fans (myself and friends included) protested against manager and owner by walking out after 60 minutes of the home game against Cardiff. It meant missing the second and third goals in a 3-0 win but it felt good to make a stand.

2 May 2014: Freebies
I like free things so I was happy when Nicola brought me a pen and a coaster from a training course she attended this week.

1 May 2014: Angry Bird
I don't know what I've done, but he doesn't look happy.