2014: In Pictures

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31 March 2014: Nike Lunarglide+ 5
New running shoes have been top of my shopping list for months and I finally got round to buying some over the weekend. They're light as a feather and really comfortable so today's treadmill session was a lot more enjoyable than usual.

30 March 2014: Mother's Day
I spent an excellent Mother's Day with (amongst others) Gran and Mam, including a walk along the seafront at Blyth.

29 March 2014: Mmm... and Glug...
I did a bit of shopping in town today and paid a visit to Mmm...and Glug... in the Grainger Market, which is an excellent little deli that describes itself as "Food and drink heaven for oils, balsamics, chutneys, flour, herbs, spices, craft beer, cider, wine and more". I bought several ciders I hadn't tried before along with some garlic & cheese bread and some chilli bacon jam. Check it out here.

28 March 2014: Footrest
There was a footrest going spare at work so I thought I'd try it out and see how I get on. Predictably, I forgot it was there and stubbed my toe on it within about 10 minutes!

27 March 2014: Old Desk Tidy
A pen leaked into the bottom of my desk tidy (bottom left section) about 7 years ago so today I finally binned it and got a replacement. The new one looks a lot cleaner than this one.

26 March 2014: Silver
I've tried many different handwashes in my time, but this may be the first one that specifies "with silver".

25 March 2014: Oval Pizza
It's been a while since I looked forward to a midweek Newcastle match more than our traditional meal at Don Vitos beforehand. My only minor criticism was that the slightly oval-shaped pizza didn't quite fit on the round plate! Don't worry, I still forced it down.

24 March 2014: Bubble Bath
I managed to get the temperature exactly right so this bath was easily the highlight of my day.

23 March 2014: New Pan
It was a lazy Sunday so I didn't do much more than test out one of the new pans I bought recently.

22 March 2014: Ping Pong Head
I wonder if being a Newcastle fan would be a less painful experience if I had a ping pong ball for a head.

21 March 2014: Fall Out Boy
Ali and I went to see Fall Out Boy at Newcastle Arena. We didn't want to push all the way to the front so we were pretty happy when they came to a platform in the middle of the crowd for a couple of songs!

20 March 2014: It Takes Allsorts
Mam and Chris' Liquorice Allsorts oven gloves are what I would affectionately refer to as "bobby dazzlers".

19 March 2014: Price Promise
I like saving money as much as the next person but I don't think this is going to make a huge overall difference to my bank balance.

18 March 2014: Junk Mail
This was only a selection of the leaflets which came through our front door today. It's a bit excessive if you ask me, and we've now had 3 Dominos menus in the last week!

17 March 2014: Monument
I've probably taken a variation of this photo numerous times already but it's a fair representation of the area - Grey's Monument, the entrance to Monument Metro Station and the top of Grainger Street.

16 March 2014: Almond Milk
I tried this for the first time today. It was creamier than expected but had quite a bitter taste and in all honesty I couldn't decide whether I liked it or if I immediately wanted to throw it all back up. I don't suppose the unsweetened version with Weetabix is the best way to demonstrate flavour so I'll probably give it another try.

15 March 2014: Raw Meat
I decided to make a curry - this beef was one of the ingredients. It looks a bit grim in its raw form but when cooked it was lovely in the jalfrezi sauce.

14 March 2014: View
I walked part of the way home from work and snapped this photo of the view from Armstrong Bridge.

13 March 2014: UKIP News
I don't have any real political leanings but even I can work out that these lot are rubbish.

12 March 2014: Short Hair
I went for a much needed hair cut and I'm pleased that it's a lot shorter now. Although the part to the right of the photo does seem to resemble a bird's nest at this moment in time... I'll blame the wind on the way home.

11 March 2014: Safety Test
My desk fan is safe to use! Summer can feel free to start any time.

10 March 2014: Trees
The bus was stuck in a bit of traffic so I was able to study these trees for far too long.

9 March 2014: Walk to Wylam
We walked to from Newcastle to Wylam (a little over 11 miles) to be met with a delicious Sunday dinner in the Black Bull and a few pints as a reward.

8 March 2014: Fish Finger Ciabatta
Fusion food? Or maybe just breakfast.

7 March 2014: Dino's Leaving Party
We gathered at the Trent House to bid farewell to Dino before his move to the USA. Pictured are Michael, Ian, Mark, Dino, Michael and Neil.

6 March 2014: Colourful World
Colouring in the time zone map in my diary has become a bit of an ongoing project for when I have time to kill.

5 March 2014: Dissection
Our systems were down at work this morning so I finished off sorting out my desk drawers. I came across this Quality Street, which had probably been there since around 2008. I decided to dissect it using a letter opener and came to the conclusion that the chocolate coating would be fine to eat but the now rock solid strawberry centre would probably break your teeth. I couldn't find any takers to test that theory out.

4 March 2014: Pattern
This flowery pattern thing is definitely not my favourite part of our fireplace.

3 March 2014: Screens
Since some desks have been moved around a bit at work I now have screens around me. I wasn't sure about feeling boxed in at first, but I find my new environment quite cosy.

2 March 2014: Table Discipline
I know very little about snooker, but I've learned a bit more about how to look after a snooker table after spending some time in Tynemouth Club.

1 March 2014: Squashies
These were an excellent find. Very moreish.