2014: In Pictures


31 July 2014: Peel
The sunburn on my shoulders has begun to peel. I always find this stage strangely pleasing.

30 July 2014: Passport Renewal
One of the items which remains on my "to do" list is renewing my passport, which expires in September. So far I haven't taken the form out of this envelope, but I'm sure I'll get round to it soon.

29 July 2014: Wish You Were Here
I met Lisa and Kevin for drinks for the first time in absolutely ages. It was brilliant to catch up, but since Peter was missing from our little group we took a selfie with this handwritten note to send to him.

28 July 2014: Bracelet
I bought this bracelet from Next during yesterday's trip into town. I don't wear much jewellery but I do like a bracelet.

27 July 2014: Eye Test
I absolutely hate having my eyes tested (even more so than going to the hairdressers) and today was no exception. Thankfully it didn't take long, and these are the frames I'm now waiting for. The more rounded ones will be sunglasses.

26 July 2014: VW Rally
I went for a walk along the coast, ending up at Tynemouth where there was a classic VW rally taking place. I don't have much of an interest but some of the campervans were extremely cool.

25 July 2014: Hutch's Wedding
We went to West Moor Social Club to celebrate Hutch's wedding, although it was a very quick visit as Michael had to get back home to work. Any couple who agrees on a One Direction song as their first dance is bound to last!

24 July 2014: Hairflick
It's not often you see graffiti with a funky hairdo.

23 July 2014: Free Cucumber
Elaine has been growing cucumbers again so I was pleased to be able to help myself to one.

22 July 2014: MH17 Tributes
Two Newcastle United fans - John Alder and Liam Sweeney - were on board Flight MH17 when it crashed several days ago. They were on their way to see the team play some pre-season friendlies in New Zealand and since the news broke, people have been leaving messages, flowers and football memorabilia in a beautiful tribute at St James' Park. I went along at lunchtime to have a look but couldn't stay long as reading through the messages was an extremely moving experience, particularly in light of the loss of a friend (and fellow fan) only a few days ago.

21 July 2014: Burn Burn Burn
I walked 13.5 miles yesterday without suncream. This is the result. I probably could've cooked my evening meal on it.

20 July 2014: Jon
I was really upset to wake up this morning and find out that a good friend, Jon, had passed away quite suddenly. Jon was a kind, loyal and friendly man who will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him. I don't have many photos of Jon (other than this fond memory so I borrowed this from the Facebook post of another friend of his. Rest in peace, mate.

19 July 2014: Saturday Ciders
My reward for dragging myself out for a run this afternoon is some different ciders to try.

18 July 2014: Dingbats
I always have mixed success with these.

17 July 2014: Sandgate
Without going into too much of a lesson on the history of Newcastle, I'll sum this up by saying that Sandgate (or "Sandgit" as written on this inscription) was the area by the river where the keelmen lived in the 16-19th centuries. The inscription is taken from the traditional Tyneside folk song "The Keel Row".

16 July 2014: Beaker?
I felt creative while I waited on hold on a phone call and ended up turning my highligher into something that vaguely resembled Beaker from The Muppets.

15 July 2014: Soldiers
This just made me sad that I only had toast for breakfast and no eggs to dip it in.

14 July 2014: Hungry Cow
This cow wouldn't make eye contact with me for the sake of a photo and just continued eating instead. I got my revenge by having a beefburger for tea.

13 July 2014: River Cruise
I went on a cruise along the Tyne with Michael, James and Nicole. At one point I hoped we might overtake this beast of a boat, but it soon sailed off into the distance while ours turned round at the coast and headed back to the quayside.

12 July 2014: Pick 6
We went to the greyhound racing to celebrate Carolyn's birthday and unfortunately I didn't come anywhere near winning the Pick 6 Jackpot.

11 July 2014: Stapled Hem
My sewing skills aren't up to scratch so I've had to go for a slightly different method of fixing the hem on my trousers... staples.

10 July 2014: Argentina
I have a bet on Argentina to win the World Cup so I was pleased they managed to reach the final, with a penalty shootout win over the Netherlands in last night's semi final.

9 July 2014: Town Wall Walk
I went for a 3 mile walk during my lunch hour, which took me past the town wall and fairly close to my old flat.

8 July 2014: Bad Habit
I have a terrible habit of picking the skin on my fingers and these two in particular are looking a bit sorry. I must've been more bored and/or nervous than usual in the last few days.

7 July 2014: Rainbow Gap
For some reason I found the slightly faded area of this rainbow mildly annoying. I just want to take some great big colouring pencils and fill it in.

6 July 2014: Jigsaw Pieces
I'd have offered to help Chris with his jigsaw but I don't think I would be much use!

5 July 2014: Chilli Festival 2014
Once again the grounds of Seaton Delaval Hall were packed with visitors to the North East Chilli Festival. I didn't buy a great deal but I sampled a lot of different products and came away looking forward to trying some Scotch Bonnet Cider.

4 July 2014: Blade
I hit the highlight of my day early on with a new razor blade for a nice close shave of my legs. Thrilling.

3 July 2014: Jigsaw War Memorial
I was a few minutes early for my appointment to give blood so I had time to look at the war memorial outside the building.

2 July 2014: Sovereign
The River Tyne doesn't often see luxury superyachts but this one is currently moored up while the wealthy owners explore the North East. It was a bit devastating to have to walk back to work after having a good stare into the on-board seating areas!

1 July 2014: Hair Collector
I absolutely hate having to fish hairs out of the plughole so I like this contraption that collects them for me.