2014: In Pictures


31 January 2014: Restaurant Week
A large group from work went out for a meal at Las Iguanas to celebrate Heather leaving for retirement. It was Restaurant Week, so I opted for the 10 deal which included a starter, main course and drink. I had chicken quesadilla, lamb meatballs and a bottle of Brahma beer. Lovely!

30 January 2014: Christmas Cake
I know it lasts for ages but I was still a bit surprised to see some Christmas cake at my mam's house. I didn't touch any of it, since I only like the icing and marzipan anyway!

29 January 2014: Ivor Allchurch
I hadn't heard this ex-Newcastle United player mentioned in a long time so after reading something about him yesterday I was surprised to then open a local magazine this morning and see a full article about him.

28 January 2014: Rare Toast
I always keep my bread in the freezer because I only have toast a few times a week. Since I keep use toaster on a low setting, unfortunately that means when it's the end of the loaf it's still pretty cold in the middle. And I know what you're thinking, so yes I like a LOT of butter on my toast.

27 January 2014: Placenta
A story about turning a placenta into a photo frame wasn't ideal for while I ate my evening meal.

26 January 2014: Dinosaur
This dinosaur was brought about by my own stupidity, as I accidentally switched the wireless off on my laptop.

25 January 2014: West House
Killingworth's most well hidden pub, the West House, has once again reopened so we went for a few drinks to check it out. It wasn't particularly busy at this point, but it livened up later on. Anywhere that sells 3 pints for less than 8 is always going to get a thumbs up from me.

24 January 2014: Fri-Sky
I knew it was going to be a good Friday when I saw such a beautiful sky as I left the house.

23 January 2014: Inner Workings
Getting a new computer at work meant I was able to bring one of the old ones home. First job: vacuum up the dust inside it.

22 January 2014: Chip
There's a chip in the bathroom door. It's been there for a while but I have no idea how it happened. I don't think I'm guilty.

21 January 2014: Antibacterial
Hopefully with these two on the case there won't be any nasty bacteria in my kitchen!

20 January 2014: Stockpile
I appear to be stockpiling editions of Runner's World on my bedside table.

19 January 2014: Inegg-spensive
It's cool that The Plough is doing cheap meals but you'd think they could manage an egg!

18 January 2014: Animal Sale
I couldn't resist the Animal half price sale so I helped myself to some trainers and a hoody, neither of which I needed.

17 January 2014: Stench
My trainers were absolutely vile, so they needed a good spray.

16 January 2014: Still Got It
I don't do crosswords very often these days, but I've obviously "still got it" because I managed this one in the Evening Chronicle in a pretty short length of time.

15 January 2014: Bleeding
This was my first experience of bleeding radiators, and I found it extremely satisfying! Hisssssssssss.

14 January 2014: Grantastic
Gran turned 91 today so we had a bit of a tea party at her flat to celebrate.

13 January 2014: Wear and Tear
After walking the 6 miles home from work my sock was ready for the bin.

12 January 2014: Newcastle 0-2 Manchester City
This was an extremely frustrating game in which Newcastle had a perfectly good goal disallowed.

11 January 2014: Nass & Gran
We went for a family meal at Amici to celebrate Nasser & Gran's birthdays.

10 January 2014: Dilemma
Another dilemma comes through the letterbox - vouchers for a buffet restaurant versus Slimming World. I'm fairly certain the buffet will win this one.

9 January 2014: Sauce Boat
I always like the sight of this particular item in my mam's kitchen, as it means mint sauce!

8 January 2014: Roll-On
After a shower it's time to apply some fresh deodorant. Well technically it's anti-perspirant, but that sounds.. less nice, somehow.

7 January 2014: An Inkling
I used to use blue ink all the time at school but for most of my working life I've favoured black. It seems more professional, especially on court documents. I realised today that I've started to prefer blue again, so I think maybe I'm regressing. Yes, that's about as interesting as it got today.

6 January 2014: Samaritans
I decided that I should be more charitable this year so I've set up a monthly donation to the Samaritans. Hopefully this will help them continue their excellent work, because sometimes people need to talk things through. To say thank you, they sent me some tea bags.

5 January 2014: Weetslade Hill
I've had a quiet weekend so far so I decided to brave the cold and go for a walk in nearby Weetslade Country Park. It's a fairly easy stroll to the top of the hill but I didn't stay long because there was a bloody cold wind up there. I felt suitably healthy after walking about 5.7 miles in total but I'm not sure it was much help to the cold/cough I'm currently suffering from.

4 January 2014: Mashed Potato
I haven't had mashed potato for ages, which I remembered today is because I don't like my masher very much. Actually, while I'm complaining anyway, I don't really like this pan either because I always forget the metal handle will burn my hand!

3 January 2014: TOETOE
My new socks from TOETOE arrived and I was surprised to see such a long list of benefits to wearing socks with separate compartments for each toe.

2 January 2014: Thinsulate
Epic new gloves, which were a much-needed Christmas present.

1 January 2014: Quayside Fireworks
We saw in the new year watching the firework display over on the Gateshead side of the river.