2014: In Pictures

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28 February 2014: ESPN HD
My Friday night was spent watching ESPN as Hertha BSC were playing SC Freiburg. It finished 0-0 which was a bit disappointing, but at least I didn't spend any money in the process.

27 February 2014: Retro Biscuits
I haven't had either Viscounts or Gold bars for years, so I was extremely tempted when I saw these in the pound shop. I refrained though, for fear that buying and enjoying them would open a biscuit floodgate within me.

26 February 2014: Fundraising Pack
I've signed up to do the Great North Run 2014 for Mind, a mental health charity which I think is a great cause. They sent me this fundraising pack to help get started with raising sponsorship. I should probably do some running as well...

25 February 2014: Clearout
I cleared my desk drawers out at work and was surprised to find some very old diaries which I thought I'd already thrown away, and also (very randomly) some sort of gaming pullout from the Racing Post. I've no idea what the latter was doing in there!

24 February 2014: Walk Home
It was a mild night so once again I decided to walk the 6 miles home from work. This path took me from Jesmond towards Matthew Bank, approaching South Gosforth.

23 February 2014: Newcastle 1-0 Aston Villa
The Newcastle players celebrate (and probably breathe a sigh of relief) after Loic Remy scores in the 91st minute to win the game.

22 February 2014: Ashleigh's 21st
Kathy and Michael at Ashleigh's 21st birthday party.

21 February 2014: Wonky Clip
I found a slightly wonky paperclip at work.

20 February 2014: Paper Fold
Boring day, and some rather poor, out of focus photography.

19 February 2014: WelcomeCard
This was still in my bag from the weekend so I nearly showed it to the bus driver on the way home from work.

18 February 2014: Denk Mal Lounge
I didn't buy any souvenirs in Berlin this time, but I did pick up this slightly cheesy postcard from a bar we accidentally spent 3 hours in after only going in to use the toilets.

17 February 2014: Bagwatch
After arriving back in London we had time for a quick pub lunch before getting on the Megabus back to Newcastle and with a table near a door in the capital, it's always wise to include a warning.

16 February 2014: Olympiastadion
The view was beautiful as the early evening kick-off meant we got to watch the sky change colour. Unfortunately the result was a bit disappointing, as after going 1-0 up Hertha BSC lost 2-1 to Wolfsburg, but it was a competitive match and the atmosphere was once again fantastic.

15 February 2014: Curry 36
Curry 36 is one of the most highly recommended places in Berlin to eat currywurst, and it didn't disappoint.

14 February 2014: Bierbar Alkopole
Michael, James and Nicole enjoying fruity beers and wine in Bierbar Alkopole at Alexanderplatz Station.

13 February 2014: Conversion
Part of my holiday preparation was casting an eye over the conversion rates so I will know approximately what I'm spending.

12 February 2014: Don Vitos
Midweek matches always involve a happy hour meal at Don Vitos and when you lose 4-0 like tonight, it's definitely the highlight of the evening! I had potato skins, a kiev pizza and ice cream (with monkey's blood) with a drink for less than 10. Brilliant value!

11 February 2014: New Doctors
I went to finish registering at my new doctors and they certainly had a wide variety of leaflets for reading while you wait to be seen.

10 February 2014: Body Language
My latest book is one I first read years ago, about body language. Maybe this time I'll learn something useful.

9 February 2014: Anarchy
I'm not sure I approve of serving Strongbow & blackcurrant in a Brewdog glass, but this one was pretty cool.

8 February 2014: Assets
I spent part of the afternoon scanning barcodes on old CDs, DVDs and games so I can get rid of them to Music Magpie. The offer which excited me most was probably 71p for The Poseidon Adventure.

7 February 2014: Apostrophe Fail
I can't bear a misplaced apostrophe. This board almost sent me into fit of rage!

6 February 2014: Travel Money
One of the best things about preparing for a trip away is getting your foreign currency! Not long until Berlin..

5 February 2014: Jordan
Sorry Jordan, I've nicked your dumbbell.

4 February 2014: The Bridge
I've never heard of Lee Ingleby before but I agree with his comments in the Metro newspaper. The Bridge has been our latest "binge-watch" show and with just one episode left, I can already feel the withdrawals starting.

3 February 2014: Razor Sharp
Tesco carrier bag handles are by far the worst for cutting your hands to shreds.

2 February 2014: Muddy
My piggin' stuffed pig.

1 February 2014: Derby Disaster
It was yet another disastrous derby day. After Newcastle lost 3-0 to Sunderland, Matty and James played against some other lads at pool in the Blacksmiths Arms in Gosforth. It didn't go particularly well.