2014: In Pictures


30 April 2014: P45DUE
Local Newcastle newspaper the Chronicle finally joined in with what the fans have been saying for months, and printed a front page headline indicating manager Alan Pardew should be fired.

29 April 2014: Bones
I don't eat a lot of meat straight off the bone, but lamb shank is the major exception.

28 April 2014: Blistered Feet
As well as the dreaded shopping trip, yesterday included an 11.5 mile walk and this, combined with the heels I wore on Saturday night, left my feet feeling pretty sore.

27 April 2014: B&Q
I try not to make a habit of going to places like B&Q on a Sunday afternoon but the idea of washing my hair in the bath every morning didn't really appeal so we popped along to buy the necessary parts to fix our shower.

26 April 2014: Catherine & James' Wedding
We went to Ramside Hall to celebrate Catherine and James' wedding. It was an excellent party and I was pleased to be part of their special day.

25 April 2014: Broken Shower
I don't know what this is called other than "bit that holds the shower head up", but it's broken. Having this happen on a Friday was a fairly typical end to a poor week, but nevermind.. I had a nice bath instead.

24 April 2014: Happy Birthday
It was Kathy's birthday, so what can only be described as "the entire family" went round for tea. It was a lovely but hectic evening!

23 April 2014: CAMRA
After picking this leaflet up in Wylam over the weekend I've been giving serious consideration to joining CAMRA, but then I keep remembering the membership fee would chip into the disposable income I have available for actually purchasing nice ales and ciders. Hmm, maybe I'll join if I win the lottery. Until then I'll just have to continue to enjoy nice drinks in a more freestyle manner.

22 April 2014: Vision Check
I got a letter to remind me it's been two years since my last eye test. I'm not looking forward to the prospect, since having my eyes tested ranks somewhere between making small talk at the hairdressers and cleaning the oven in the list of things I don't particularly like doing.

21 April 2014: Ovened Glove
In a moment of clumsiness I managed to cook part of one of our oven gloves. They've seen better days anyway so I think a new set will definitely be needed!

20 April 2014: Tower
I'm not sure exactly what this building is but after walking just under 3.5 miles from Prudhoe I was pleased to see we'd arrived at Wylam, our destination for Easter dinner.

19 April 2014: Jacket Jim
James couldn't resist putting on Christopher's jacket when he wasn't looking. It was a bit of a tight fit.

18 April 2014: Good Friday Groundhop
We went to see a few of the Northern League staggered fixtures today. Our local side West Allotment Celtic lost 3-0 at North Shields and we then made our first trip to Whitley Bay's ground to see them beat Newcastle Benfield 2-1. It was a nice way to spend the early part of the day and even resulted in some sunburn!

17 April 2014: Bad Friday
The Happy Chip is known by clubbers across Newcastle for being somewhere they can buy an assortment of unusual items alongside their takeaway, so the idea of going there for fish and chips seems pretty depressing. Good Friday is tomorrow, so I'm hoping I get a better offer.

16 April 2014: John Torode
I inadvertently paused Masterchef while John was pulling a slightly unfortunate face.

15 April 2014: Gateshead Millennium Bridge
With the sky looking so blue, I couldn't resist going for another walk on my lunch break. This time I went over the Millennium Bridge to Gateshead and then, unfortunately, back across the river to work.

14 April 2014: Mo
I usually read Runner's World during my cardio sessions at the gym so it's taken me a few weeks to get through this edition. The London Marathon was yesterday so I already know the answer to the question of whether Mo Farah can reign again in London.. No, he can't. He finished 8th (in a time roughly equivalent to my own PB for half the distance!)

13 April 2014: Curry Mess
After last night's curry there were a few dishes to wash and lots of tidying up was required.

12 April 2014: Promotion
We were at Whitley Park to see West Allotment Celtic seal promotion to Northern League Division 1 with a 1-0 win over Washington.

11 April 2014: Fishermen
It was a lovely spring day so I spent part of my lunch break walking along the Quayside, where there were a lot of people out fishing.

10 April 2014: Florida
I haven't been to Florida myself but a kind colleague brought this keyring back for me years ago, and I found it again when clearing my desk out recently. It's being put to good use now since the keyring I was using decided to snap.

9 April 2014: Jill Quiz
I was pleased to see a "Jill" section in the puzzle I did over breakfast this morning.. until I saw a question which was actually about a Gillian. The cheek!

8 April 2014: Mango Frolis
We had a work drinks evening and my "one for the road" was a mango wheat beer, which was extremely tasty.

7 April 2014: Loyalty Points
I bought a ticket for the final Newcastle match of the season, away at Liverpool. This takes my loyalty points total to 45 but I'm fairly certain this breakdown isn't correct!

6 April 2014: Yorkshire Ripper
I'm reading Deliver Us From Evil which is about the Yorkshire Ripper.

5 April 2014: Hair of the Dog?
I found this a slightly unpleasant sight in O'Neills!

4 April 2014: Sweepstake 2014
Tomorrow is the Grand National and I got Triolo Dalene in the sweepstake at work. Come on!

3 April 2014: Bleeding For Biscuits
The best part about donating blood is the drink and biscuits afterwards. Today I filled the bag pretty quickly (4 minutes, 12 seconds) and opted for orange juice and a Penguin.

2 April 2014: Cobwebs
I should probably clean the light fitting in my living room. Anyone fancy doing it for me?

1 April 2014: More Mile Jacket
Another new purchase from this weekend: a light jacket for running/the gym.