2013: In Pictures


30 November 2013: Mud Swinging
I went for an 8.3 mile walk this morning. I hadn't been along this particular footpath between Backworth and Seghill before, but it was extremely muddy. To get past this bit I had to use the overhanging tree on the left hand side to swing round. I got a few cuts on my hand but it was preferable to wading through the deep mud!

29 November 2013: Black Mark
It's a good thing I don't have a burning desire to find out the nutrient content of 100ml of this cloudy lemonade.

28 November 2013: Baileys Cheesecake
As Nicola's 40th birthday is approaching, Olwyn made an amazing cheesecake for the team.

27 November 2013: Oven Knobs
I'm always in a hurry to get these turned on when I come home from work. Actually, when I see them up close like this, I think they could probably do with a clean.

26 November 2013: Got The Boot
Another recent purchase - some very unexciting boots to wear for work over the winter months.

25 November 2013: New Clothes
I went a bit wild and managed to spend 105 in Matalan, but at least I should be warm this winter.

24 November 2013: Matching Shoes
As you can see from a few photos down, my dad and I have been known to wear similar clothing and today was no exception as we arrived at the pub wearing shoes which looked almost identical despite being different brands.

23 November 2013: Iron Mike
Iron Mike Williamson was in fine form today as Newcastle beat Norwich 2-1 and he even demonstrated some skill during a foray down the left wing!

22 November 2013: Cooksmart
This is the brand of our oven gloves, but to me "cooking smart" means letting someone else do it.

21 November 2013: Lanzarote '97
While flicking through old holiday photos, I found this rather amusing photo of me and my dad in Lanzarote in 1997. I'm sure we enjoyed the matching t-shirts at the time but we didn't enjoy the submarine trip which made us both feel extremely seasick!

20 November 2013: New Purse
I'm fussy about purses, so I've been making do with a broken one for a while until finding a suitable replacement.

19 November 2013: Pregnant Pepper
My pepper appears to have another, smaller, pepper inside it.

18 November 2013: Fenwick's Window
Anyone who has ever been a child in Newcastle will have fond memories of Fenwick's Christmas window display. This year features several different fairytales and includes this spectacular looking castle. I mean, obviously it's not as impressive as my house, but I suppose it would do for a princess.

17 November 2013: Netflix Sunday
I decided to make good use of Netflix today so I watched 3 films: Into the Wild (decent), Requiem for a Dream (powerful) and Into Thin Air: Death on Everest (an old favourite). I love the cute little faces on the screen here.

16 November 2013: Rare
I decided to be brave and not cremate my steak like I usually do. It was tasty, but I couldn't help thinking a good vet could've had this cow running around a field again. Oh and for the record - that's hot chilli relish, not ketchup!

15 November 2013: Johnnie Walker
It only took a few sips of this to remind me that I hate whisky.

14 November 2013: Breakfast Reading
I was pleased to get home from work and find that two new takeaway menus had arrived, because I love reading them while I have my breakfast (and mentally deciding what I'd have in the event I ever ordered from there!)

13 November 2013: Hypothermia Help
This was in the free Council magazine that came through the door. I'll have to keep an eye out for the signs - and of course check on elderly neighbours (not that I can think of any..)

12 November 2013: Randy Orton
I went with a group of overexcitable chaps to see WWE Live at Newcastle Arena. I've not seen a live wrestling show before, but even though I haven't watched it properly in years it was still good fun. The main event saw WWE Champion Randy Orton retain his title by defeating Big Show.

11 November 2013: Hong Kong Pen
Olwyn brought some pens back from her recent holiday.

10 November 2013: HD Projector
We went round to Lee and Leigh's house to watch Super Sunday on their 96" HD projector. Newcastle got the day off to an excellent start by beating Spurs 1-0.

9 November 2013: Greyhounds
I went to the greyhound racing with Michael, Christopher, Catherine, James & Nicole. We didn't win much but it was still a good night.

8 November 2013: Socket
I'm not usually a fan of having several things plugged into one socket, but I'm sick of having to switch between my bedside lamp and my phone charger.

7 November 2013: Bronze Card
My bronze card arrived following my recent 10th blood donation.

6 November 2013: Street Decoration
I sincerely hope this thing on the side of a lamppost is just a general decoration and nothing to do with Christmas!

5 November 2013: Stir Fry
Sometimes I like a meal that is quick and easy to make, and stir fry usually goes down well on those days.

4 November 2013: Weekly Shop
Another exciting weekly shop.

3 November 2013: Family Day
I probably spend too many Sundays in the pub or reading what seems like the entire internet, so today it was nice to catch up with Auntie Sue, Gran and Mam. Ali is situated just to the right of the picture, but it would've needed a panoramic effort to include her from my position on the floor!

2 November 2013: Newcastle 2-0 Chelsea
There's never any danger of Newcastle scoring from a corner so it seemed a suitable time to take a photo, as Cabaye jogged across to take one. As predicted, we didn't score from this opportunity but we did manage to get 3 points with goals from Gouffran and Remy.

1 November 2013: Housework Friday - Again!
It was another thrilling Friday night with plenty of housework to keep me occupied.