2013: In Pictures


31 May 2013: Book/Bus
The bus seemed to break down for a few minutes not far away from town. I was attempting to take a photo of the view without being spotted by other passengers but I accidentally held my book right in the middle of the shot. Oh well, it's a good book, and thanks to the bus waiting in the same spot for a few minutes I got some extra reading time.

30 May 2013: Elbow
I must bump my elbows about 3 times a day (I'm sure door frames deliberately move inwards when I approach) but today, when I was already running late, was the first time an elbow wound ever started pouring with blood. I felt like Mr Bump with this plaster on. The random mark above the plaster is just where I was leaning against my desk prior to taking the photo.. honest.

29 May 2013: Rush II
Well I had to buy a t-shirt, didn't I?

28 May 2013: Rush
This was the third time I'd seen Rush, this time in Sheffield, and as usual they didn't disappoint. Their setlist was fantastic and incorporated a perfect mix of old and new material.

27 May 2013: Craig Charles
One of the slightly more bizarre points of our weekend away - going to see a Craig Charles DJ set at The Duchess. He played some pretty good tunes but I think it's safe to say my clubbing days are behind me because I was pretty tired by the time we left.

26 May 2013: York
We spent a gorgeous day sightseeing in York.

25 May 2013: National Railway Museum
I wasn't expecting to enjoy this museum in York, but it was surprisingly interesting.

24 May 2013: Baby Elephant
I found this small toy elephant on the pavement outside our house. I was tempted to steal it, but I thought that might upset a child and naturally I wouldn't want that on my conscience.

23 May 2013: Love Your Local Market
I was given a free badge at the Weigh House today, to remind me to love my local market. I've got no time for loving markets, I'm far too concerned about the fact that my hand looks like it belongs to an 80 year old woman - dry and wrinkly.

22 May 2013: Breaking News
As if the news wasn't depressing enough, social media gives everyone a voice and as usual, all sorts of people have crawled out of the woodwork tonight with ridiculous and embarrassing comments. I despair.

21 May 2013: Giraffe Dog
I like giraffes. I like dogs. However, this magazine picture of a dog groomed to look like a giraffe is pretty terrifying, if you ask me.

20 May 2013: Cue
We had the day off work so went along to The Plough for a few games of pool. I'm still terrible.

19 May 2013: Wor Jackie
Matty and Michael with Jackie Milburn before the last match of the season, which we lost 1-0 to Arsenal.

18 May 2013: Lining
I've had these tracksuit bottoms since I was in Sixth Form, so a good ten years. They've got this awful lining that sticks to my legs when they get the tiniest bit sweaty. By about halfway through this morning's kettlebell workout I didn't have a full range of motion because my legs were sticking to my trousers so much, making it impossible to bend my knees fully!

17 May 2013: Hoops
Spaghetti hoops are like little halos that go in my mouth. Or something.

16 May 2013: Miffy
Michael brought me an adorable Miffy back from Amsterdam!

15 May 2013: Rain Rain Go Away
I was almost pleased to be at work this morning because I got absolutely drenched outside.

14 May 2013: Colours
I have no interest in dresses but I did like the way this feature was set out on the page. This magazine also taught me that the Metrocentre is now called "intu Metrocentre", which I had no idea about.

13 May 2013: Train Tickets
We're going to York and Sheffield over the next bank holiday weekend and the train tickets have arrived.

12 May 2013: History
I don't know who these gentlemen are but they're on the wall in The Travellers Rest, Camperdown. Some of them look happier than others about having their picture taken.

11 May 2013: Basket
I ordered a chicken burrito at the Newton and it arrived in what can only be described as a mini washing basket. It was nice though.

10 May 2013: Character Test
These both came through the letterbox at the same time and I think it's some sort of test of character. I probably failed, because I binned them both.

9 May 2013: First View
As I am extremely short sighted, if this isn't the first thing I see when I wake up then panic immediately sets in.

8 May 2013: Bad Start
We started this crossword last night but haven't been doing very well so far.

7 May 2013: Deadphones
The headphones that came with my iPod are finished, but thankfully I got a nice new set with my iPhone so I don't need to shell out for a replacement.

6 May 2013: Blyth Beach
I went for a walk along Blyth beach on this bank holiday Monday with Michael, Mick and Travis the dog. We weren't quite brave enough to venture into the sea.

5 May 2013: Heads Will Roll
This little chap in Kathy's garden has seen better days.

4 May 2013: Ali 32
My sister is my favourite number! Ali is 32 today.

3 May 2013: Full Effort Friday
Bench, mat, 12kg dumbbell, 8kg medicine ball. What more could I possibly need on a Friday night? Oh of course, a life.

2 May 2013: Catch Up
I spent this evening hogging the TV remote to catch up with my recorded shows - Shameless, Major Crimes and Home & Away - followed by the final of Masterchef 2013.

1 May 2013: Different Yoghurt
I've never had this flavour before so it was the highlight of my day.