2013: In Pictures


31 January 2013: Dumbbells
I'm trying to use dumbbells more at the gym instead of only using machines. Today I used the 9kg weight on the left for overhead triceps extensions, shrugs and bent over rows and the 6kg weight on the right for biceps concentration curls.

30 January 2013: Household Supplies
After work I went for one of my thrilling trips to Wilkinson to buy some household supplies. The results are in this bag: toilet roll, toothpaste, kitchen roll, shaving gel and bleach. Please, try and contain your excitement. The main thing I'm proud of is that I still managed to make it onto the first bus home and arrived before 6pm, which doesn't happen very often!

29 January 2013: Chilli Gravy
Sorry, another food one! My tea of chicken, potatoes and veggies was not particularly inspiring, so I added hot chilli powder to my gravy granules to spice it all up a little. The result was surprisingly decent - must be all those TV cookery shows I watch.

28 January 2013: Ice Creme Egg
My magazine contains a voucher for variations of Creme Egg ice cream. I'm tempted!

27 January 2013: Moffats
Mam, Auntie Sue and Gran, all looking a little bit younger than when I saw them today. Unfortunately I never got to meet Grandad Moffat, but since the rest of them are lovely I'll assume he was too!

26 January 2013: Girls Night In
Sister. Cider. Pizza. Button Moon on the telly. Perfection? Aye. Except for Ali's arm, which appears to be doing some sort of Hitler salute.

25 January 2013: Picturesque
I was trying to hurry home to get out of the snow.. but our street did look lovely.

24 January 2013: Allez The Lads
So far in the January transfer window Newcastle have signed Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa, Ha´dara and Gouffran, with Sissoko hopefully to follow soon. Add these to the players we already have and we can field an outfield team made entirely of French players. It almost has me wishing I'd taken French instead of German at GCSE, until I remember the French exchange student who tried to steal my belongings and stank of body odour.

23 January 2013: The Sound of Laughter
I started reading this a few days ago. It's like a book equivalent of ADHD because it jumps around all over the place, but I suppose that isn't any great surprise, given the author. It passes the time, anyway!

22 January 2013: Snow Mound
Everyone in the street is shovelling their drives, which means the pavements are covered in these snow mounds. I find it quite inconsiderate towards those of us who walk everywhere! This one wasn't blocking the path, though it was covering half of the communal parking area.

21 January 2013: Reserved
I reserve the right to take the occasional extremely boring photograph.

20 January 2013: Sunday Dinner
On the menu today is one of my favourite meals: lamb shank.

19 January 2013: Newcastle 1-2 Reading
Yet another awful home match which was only made marginally more interesting by blue lines and snowfall.

18 January 2013: Snow Shoes
I'm grateful for the air holes in my trainers when I'm exercising, but they don't seem quite as clever when I'm walking home through several inches of snow.

17 January 2013: Donation
I went for my 8th blood donation so had to read through the usual literature beforehand. I hope whoever receives my blood lives a long and happy life because it was so icy I nearly died several times on the way there and back!

16 January 2013: Red Button
Not for detonation or to press when someone is panicking.. just part of my cardigan.

15 January 2013: Goody Bag
At work I often have to experience various presentations, seminars and training courses. These are sometimes pretty dull, but today's visit from Payplan was both interesting and informative and they even brought plenty goody bags to be passed round.

14 January 2013: Screwdrivers
Tiny screwdrivers. Out of a Christmas cracker. I have no further comment.

13 January 2013: Breakfast Cake
Some of my Gran's birthday cake. It's a valid breakfast.. right?

12 January 2013: Gran
My Gran at a meal to celebrate her upcoming 90th birthday. Legend!

11 January 2013: Artwork
I was looking for something in Waterstones and ended up casting my eye over some nearby artwork. I'd pass comment, but I've never been much of an art critic.

10 January 2013: Butchers
The Weigh House opened a few minutes late this morning so I had a browse at the meat at this butchers in the market.

9 January 2013: Bed Socks
Another one of my Christmas presents - these lovely warm bed socks were from Nasser & Sophie.

8 January 2013: Me: Moir
I sort of get the impression that he only wrote this because he had a witty title based on his real name, James Moir. It's still a decent read though.

7 January 2013: Organ Donation
This is my good deed for the day. I would like to encourage everybody to sign up to be an organ donor. You don't need 'em when you're gone..

6 January 2013: Sue's New Home
Jaffa the cat, Auntie Sue, Ali and Mam in the lovely bungalow Sue moved into just before Christmas.

5 January 2013: Kryptonite
Cheese on toast has to be my biggest weakness. This was made predominantly with "plum chutney cheddar" with a little bit of mozzarella thrown on to fill a gap where I ran out, hence the slightly different colour cheese and almost naked corner where my distribution wasn't up to scratch. It was still amazing.

4 January 2013: New Toothbrush
Buying this new toothbrush is about the most exciting thing I've done this week. It has a star-shaped bit in the middle for whitening teeth and it certainly makes them feel squeaky clean.

3 January 2013: Slimming World
I saw something had come through the letterbox and was hoping that it wasn't either a takeaway menu or a charity bag, as neither are much use to me in January. It was actually a leaflet for Slimming World which contained an example of meals for a day. I can't help but think a bacon and egg sandwich followed by a bowl of fruit seems a little excessive for breakfast.. but hey, it's not my diet.

2 January 2013: Newcastle 1-2 Everton
Going to the match was precisely the last thing I felt like doing after my first day back at work, and the scoreline came as no great surprise.

1 January 2013: New Years Day
After getting back from Mick's party we have one last drink before turning in for the night. Nicole has stolen my blanket, James looks a bit creepy and Michael has managed to spill lager on his top. Gotta love 'em, yeah?