2013: In Pictures

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28 February 2013: Blank Page
I know this is PJ Tracy's first novel but I'm sure they could've found something else to go on the inside cover.

27 February 2013: Snazzy New Slippers
I like my old slippers, but as they're just slip on ones I can't go upstairs in them and have to leave them at the bottom. I spent a grand total of 5 on these (Matalan half price sale) and they're exactly what I need, as well as being beautifully coloured.

26 February 2013: Sambuca
Don't worry, I'm not drinking sambuca on a Tuesday, it's a new restaurant in Forest Hall. I went for my first visit with Ali & Carolyn and thought it was pretty decent - 3 courses and 2 drinks for 10 is my sort of budget.

25 February 2013: Peroni Glass
Another pretty glass for the collection.

24 February 2013: Newcastle 4-2 Southampton
I'm not sure what that finger was pointing at, but it was an enjoyable match today and I even won a bet (anytime own goal)!

23 February 2013: My Gym
With several inches of snowfall outside, it was a very quiet morning in the gym, which meant more space for me to get on with things!

22 February 2013: No Thanks
I think I'm washing my hair that night.

21 February 2013: Quiz Geek
After watching Newcastle qualify for the next round of the Europa League, we stayed for the beginning of the quiz at the Station. I was struck with one of my moments of quiz inspiration and guessed the connection was Star Trek when (at the time) we only had 2 answers: Scott and Kirk Douglas. I'm not sure how, having never watched Star Trek in my life, but it gave us a chance to guess at the other answers - with mixed results.

20 February 2013: Hair Drying
I'm not sure what this facial expression is supposed to represent. Probably "I'm running late because I slept in and yet I'm still pausing to take a photo with a mobile phone that won't cooperate". Or something.

19 February 2013: 17.16
I got paid today and immediately had one of those shopping trips where you go in for "a few things" and come out with a weird and wonderful combination of items, spending a small fortune in the process. Shower gel, deodorant, tuna and mackerel? Hmm.

18 February 2013: Psychedelic Pill
I'm going to see Neil Young & Crazy Horse in June so I need to start brushing up on some of their material. First up will be new album Psychedelic Pill which was released in 2012.

17 February 2013: Trees
I had a nice stroll over to my mam's house for Sunday dinner. I wouldn't fancy this path much at night, but during the day it's not a bad walk.

16 February 2013: Barbell & Plates
Saturday in the gym means full body workout and today that included (amongst other things) the big 3: squats, deadlifts and bench press. I'm just learning, so I'm not using very heavy weights yet.

15 February 2013: Sprite Zero
I've not been sleeping very well lately so I'm cutting out the can of Pepsi Max I have most weekdays at lunchtime. It coincided with lent, but that wasn't intentional. Anyway, as today is Friday I wanted some sort of a treat and this was the best I could come up with. Poor effort.

14 February 2013: Newcastle 0-0 Metalist Kharkiv
A rather frustrating match as we had several chances to win, and a few of the referee's decisions went against us. We sat in the Gallowgate end for a change.

13 February 2013: Creased Covers
Some people iron their bedding. I'm not one of them!

12 February 2013: WebSleuths
One of my slightly weird interests is reading about unsolved murders and missing people who have never been found. Imagine my amazement when I found out there is a group of forums dedicated to people who try and solve these cases.. from behind their own computer. They've even had some success! Mind blown. I'd sign up, but given how much my productivity has decreased just from reading the forums, I can imagine I'd get quite carried away.

11 February 2013: Hand Dryer
No prizes for guessing what this does.

10 February 2013: Metal Lid
This is soup, which is designed to go into the microwave. I'm not sure why the manufacturers thought putting a metal lid on was a good idea, as obviously it needs to be removed and quite frankly that takes far too much effort. From this angle, it looks like I'm about to open dog food.

9 February 2013: Different Ciders
Several ciders were on offer in Morrisons today. I know I like Thatcher's Gold, but I've not tried the other two before, so I'm looking forward to enjoying them today. Just to get some entirely useless trivia in here: my photo 1 week ago today was taken at exactly the same time, totally unintentionally.

8 February 2013: Stubbed Toe
Two days ago I caught my toe on the corner of a door and took a chunk out of the side of it. Yesterday morning I caught the same place on the corner of the bed as I made my way to the shower. So far, so good today, but it still looks a bit manky.

7 February 2013: Bus Stop
A camera sign to remind me that people are always watching! Until you go missing, then it turns out the camera either doesn't work or produces the grainiest picture known to man. I was going to take a different photo because 3 in a row involving the bus is really quite pathetic, but I actually liked the colour of the sky behind the trees in the background. Nothing bus related tomorrow, I promise.

6 February 2013: Darkened Bus
I got onto the bus, eager to get back into the book I'm currently reading. The driver promptly turned off the engine (and lights!) and went into a nearby coffee shop for a quick break. My eyesight is bad enough without straining to read in the dark!

5 February 2013: West Bailey
My view as I waited for the bus to work. Don't be fooled into thinking that's a pretty layer of snow, it was actually a lethal ice rink.

4 February 2013: Leg Day
Leg day in the gym always hurts. With my legs already trembling from squats, I went on the Outer Thigh machine. The object here is to push those blue pads on each side outwards. Not so bad at first, but gets a bit painful towards the end.

3 February 2013: Enoki
I needed something random to take a photo of in Morrisons, since I didn't really do much else today other than the weekly shop. In the end I opted for these mushrooms, which I didn't buy.

2 February 2013: La Fraise
The Strawberry celebrates our new French signings with a hasty renaming. It seemed to work, as we beat Chelsea 3-2 with new signing Moussa Sissoko scoring two of our goals.

1 February 2013: Free From Pasta Penne
Last week we got some food delivered from Asda. I was skim reading the delivery note while I ate my breakfast this morning and couldn't help but be amused by the third line down - "free from pasta penne". Penne that contains no pasta? Oh okay, it's actually gluten free pasta.