2013: In Pictures


31 August 2013: Approach
The view as I approached St James' Park to watch Newcastle beat Fulham 1-0.

30 August 2013: Trotters Independent Trading Co.
Fans of Only Fools and Horses will recognise this car, but I'm not sure what it was doing in our estate.

29 August 2013: Sticky Prints
This road has recently been relaid, leading to several people creating lovely black footprints on the pavement after crossing. I wasn't one of them!

28 August 2013: Animal Bottle
The water bottle I took to the gym had been leaking which was making me look like I couldn't take a simple sip of water without dribbling. It seemed like fate when I saw this on the Animal website for 1.50. Now I can go back to looking like someone who can control their bodily functions.

27 August 2013: Comfy Kitchen
Personally, I don't think a daybed is appropriate kitchen furniture. But maybe that's just me.

26 August 2013: Kopparberg
The latest addition to my collection of pretty glasses.

25 August 2013: Legs
I went out for Bank Holiday Sunday drinks with Ali x 2, Lucy, Paul, Roddy and Ian and was far too amused by this beer mat in The Percy Arms.

24 August 2013: Newcastle 0-0 West Ham
The first home game of the season wasn't the most exciting match I've seen.

23 August 2013: Here Comes The Sun
I waited patiently for the sun to come out from behind the clouds. It didn't.

22 August 2013: Dartboard
We recently obtained this dartboard, but since we didn't have the required knowledge or equipment to put it up on the wall, the closest we've come to a game so far is watching an episode of Bullseye on the TV.

21 August 2013: Bananasnake
Michelle just got back to work after being off sick for a couple of months. She opened her desk drawer to find this strange black item and realised it was a banana she'd left in there. Naturally, I encouraged her to add some Tippex eyes to turn it into a snake. It looks kind of sad.

20 August 2013: Olive Oil
My ears have been sore and itchy inside over the last few days so I'm applying olive oil drops to try and soothe them.

19 August 2013: Transport
This is the strangest method of transport I've ever used to go somewhere to watch a football match. I cycled over to Ali's to take advantage of her having Sky Sports HD. Newcastle United repaid me by losing 4-0 to Manchester City. I then had to cycle back home.

18 August 2013: Pisa
The ornament hasn't come across too clearly in the photo, but based on the leaning tower on the right hand side I think I would've guessed this represented Pisa even without it written across the top.

17 August 2013: Elevation
I went for a long run today - 10.77 miles - and covered some hilly ground, as indicated by the red line across the bottom.

16 August 2013: Season Ticket 13/14
My new season ticket card arrived, along with associated rubbish. I'm yet to find anyone who successfully used last season's Impari card at a bar/restaurant, so I can't imagine this one will get much of an airing.

15 August 2013: Freecumber
Elaine from work kindly brought in some cucumbers she'd grown and I was pleased to help myself to one. It's close to payday and I'm skint - this just might mean I survive the weekend.

14 August 2013: Fiery
This is what's lighting a fire in my belly at work this week.

13 August 2013: In the Zone (H)
It's less than 5 weeks to go until the Great North Run and my entry pack has arrived. I hope the fact that my lucky number 32 has some involvement is a good omen!

12 August 2013: Deposit
I'm selling a guitar so I was able to visit the bank today and deposit some cash to save towards my holiday in Berlin next month.

11 August 2013: Top Carvery
I went to the Killingworth Arms for one of their amazing carvery dinners with Michael, Kathy and Jessica.

10 August 2013: Family Food
Just when I was feeling like I couldn't be bothered to make a meal, Mam invited me round for some barbeque food. It wasn't nice enough to sit outside but I gathered round the kitchen table with Chris, Mam, Gran, Sue and Ali for a lovely meal and some good company.

9 August 2013: Tuna Bite
It looked like somebody had already taken a bite out of my tuna steak, while it was still frozen.

8 August 2013: Inside the Ceiling
I walked through Eldon Square this morning and since they're doing some renovation work, parts of the ceiling are exposed.

7 August 2013: Label Movement
The label was removed.. and immediately placed somewhere else.

6 August 2013: Who Ate All The Pies?
I've read it before, but Mick Quinn's autobiography is pretty good. I assume the bookmark came with the book, because I haven't been in The Back Page for a long time.

5 August 2013: Downpour
It rained. A lot. My feet were already soaked by this point after walking up the river that used to be known as Grey Street.

4 August 2013: Name Your Sauce
Sunday dinner was a bratwurst provided by Tel und Gina's van at the Quayside Market. They have a pretty wide range of sauces!

3 August 2013: Cow Field
I went for a walk and passed a field on the way. This was my favourite cow from the field.

2 August 2013: Subscription
I miss reading Runner's World now that I can't borrow Leanne's copy anymore, so I took the plunge and subscribed.

1 August 2013: Card Bingo
I went to the quiz at The Plough and the jackpot round was card bingo. Needless to say, I didn't win.