2011: In Pictures

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30 September 2011: McFlurry Friday
Previously I have enjoyed the occasional Red Bull Friday or Feet Up Friday. Today we have a new kind, inspired by the very warm weather.

29 September 2011: Coffee Morning
My work took part in a huge coffee morning to raise money for charity.

28 September 2011: Giraffe
A slightly strange cut-out giraffe.

27 September 2011: Beach Soccer
A programme from the Beach Soccer World Cup which Michael recently went to in Ravenna.

26 September 2011: Scraped
It was dry toast for breakfast as the bottom of the Flora pot has been scraped.

25 September 2011: Conker
Finding conkers on the ground always reminds me of being a kid.

24 September 2011: Newcastle 3-1 Blackburn
Finally, another home game to go to! It was a thoroughly enjoyable match with a hat-trick from Demba Ba.

23 September 2011: Hanahana
The lovely apron I got to wear for a meal at Hanahana. They must've been tipped off about how clumsy I am.

22 September 2011: Smash
I like the basic instructions here: FIRE SMASH GLASS

21 September 2011: Safety Pins
I call this one "safety pins on a green envelope.. with excessive use of flash". I'm so artistic.

20 September 2011: Crumble
Going back to work after a day off can be depressing, but when you have Jen's homemade apple crumble.. it's not too bad at all!

19 September 2011: Rewards
The t-shirt and medal I received for completing the run yesterday.

18 September 2011: Great North Run 2011
Me wrapped in my space blanket after successfully completing the Great North Run in 02:21:39. It was an amazing day and I'm sure I'll be back next year.

17 September 2011: Great North City Games 2011
A crowd gathers along the Quayside to watch the Great North City Games, part of the Great North Run weekend.

16 September 2011: Brent
Fame at last for the legend that is Johnny 'Rocker' Watson, who made it into the Evening Chronicle with his amazing tattoo of Ricky Gervais as David Brent from The Office. I'm so proud to know him.

15 September 2011: Stuck!
When stacking glasses I managed to get 2 completely wedged together so that they could be held upside down without the inside one falling out. Thankfully, the operation to separate them was a success and they are expected to make a full recovery.

14 September 2011: Pasta
With the Great North Run only a few days away, my carbo-loading commences with some garlic and herb fusili donated by my mam. It had a slightly strange taste.

13 September 2011: 20
Yep. Not much else to say about it.

12 September 2011: Cables
Another highly exciting day at work ended with me following some random cables towards a van.. and then walking past it.

11 September 2011: 9/11
When it happened I was a teenager coming home from 6th form and stopping dead in the kitchen to watch it unfold.
May each and every one rest in peace.

10 September 2011: Literature
Having consumed cheesecake last night and in anticipation of some wine tonight, a bit of exercise was required. Naturally this was accompanied by high quality literature.

9 September 2011: Cheesecake
I had both slices, of course. 770 delicious calories.

8 September 2011: Pretty Blue
The sky looked a particularly nice shade of blue as I left work today.

7 September 2011: Prop
After a crippling workout at the gym it was very tempting to sit down on this chair which was propping a door open.

6 September 2011: Family Photos
Some of the photos on display at my mam's house. Apparently my sister is the favourite because she features 3 times and there's only one of me. I'm the small blob of a baby in the middle with thinning ginger hair so really it's not much of a surprise.

5 September 2011: Shutting Down
Going to bed on a Sunday night knowing you have to get up for work the following day is highly depressing - hence why I've been messing around on the computer until this time. Finally, I'm shutting down to get some sleep.

4 September 2011: LB
I went to collect a takeaway from LB Restaurant (Latif's) and took one of my slightly stalkier photos. The member of staff at the back of this shot is eating a delicious meal.. from Dixy Chicken! It doesn't fill me with confidence when even the staff won't eat the food I'm paying for. Also, check out my reflection in the mirror on the right as I sneak a photo.

3 September 2011: Shoes
In their natural habitat.. hanging above a road. Perfectly normal.

2 September 2011: New Snack
I have recently developed a love for these cereal bars.

1 September 2011: Ali & Dad
Ali & Dad at the pub quiz.