2011: In Pictures

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31 October 2011: Stoke 1-3 Newcastle
I rarely enjoy Monday night matches but this was an exception. The tradition of a Newcastle player scoring a hat-trick on Halloween continues as Demba Ba nets 3 in a fairly convincing win, which I watched at Rosie's on the big screen.

30 October 2011: Homebrew
Paul's Homebrew. I'm not in any hurry to have a taste..

29 October 2011: Coppers -v- Gremlins
A bit of a riot kicked off around Central Station between the Newcastle Gremlins and Northumbria Police. It was certainly an interesting sight to see on a Saturday afternoon stroll through town.

28 October 2011: Greggs
Since I'm having a quiet night in I decided a small treat was allowed. I opted for a Greggs jaffa cake doughnut which was very tasty.

27 October 2011: Pin
My Egg card has been transferred to Barclaycard so I received a new card & pin number.

26 October 2011: Bargain Booze
I went to buy some Pepsi Max and was given this bag. I do not purchase alcohol on Wednesday lunchtimes. Usually.

25 October 2011: Solitaire
Recent download: Solitaire for the TouchPad. I completed this game but my overall win percentage is pretty poor so far.

24 October 2011: Autumn
I had a day off so walked to my mam's in Forest Hall. Going through Jesmond it was easy to see it's autumn due to the colour of the trees.

23 October 2011: Occupy
Occupy Newcastle protest peacefully against corporate greed at Grey's Monument. I watch them peacefully from the pub.

22 October 2011: The Forth
Post-match drinking in The Forth. Michael, Neil, Dino & Simon discuss our 1-0 win over Wigan.

21 October 2011: Blackfriars
It's on my doorstep but I don't often find myself round this side of Blackfriars.

20 October 2011: Cheat Sheet
I went to the pub quiz at the Newton and a team was docked points for cheating. This was the answer sheet where they got an unusual 20/20 following a round in which they scored 5/20.

19 October 2011: Hat Pack
Cold weather was predicted so I packed by bobble hat in my handbag. I think I was out the door for about 3 seconds before it was firmly on my head.

18 October 2011: Loyalty
With a ticket for Manchester City (A) in November purchased, my NUFC loyalty point total now stands at 42. Shame I only have one friend.

17 October 2011: Giraffes
I always find the giraffes on these socks to be a slightly strange shape.

16 October 2011: Empties
Not mine! I'm not a fan of the stuff but these always go down pretty well on match days.

15 October 2011: Quotes
Some quotes on the wall in Players Bar.

14 October 2011: Once Bitten
My Friday afternoon treat this week was my favourite chocolate bar: a Double Decker. Lots of chocolate, nougat and crunchy goodness.

13 October 2011: Gruffalo
Nicola was kind enough to provide some Gruffalo puzzles for me to do at lunchtime. Got to keep that brain active..

12 October 2011: Grim
Grim weather on a grim Wednesday.

11 October 2011: Competition
The latest competition I've set my sights on. Good thing I drink a lot of Pepsi Max.

10 October 2011: 50p
A London 2012 inspired 50p piece featuring a high jumper.

9 October 2011: Sunday Lunch
Sunday lunch at The Boathouse in Wylam.

8 October 2011: Cleaning
These beautiful rubber gloves came out for a spot of cleaning.

7 October 2011: Madras
Having had a stuffed up nose the last few days it seemed the perfect opportunity to try my first ever madras. My taste in curries is getting hotter but this was a step up. Tasty though! I had chicken madras with mushroom pilau and a garlic nan, and yes I ate it all. Plus two meat samosas. It was medicinal!

6 October 2011: Weigh House
My weekly visits to the Weigh House are now habit more than anything else but it's good to make sure I'm still on the right track.

5 October 2011: Remedies
With a scratchy throat and runny nose developing, it was time to raid the cupboard of random supplies.

4 October 2011: Glass Shoe
When I got to work I found out why my foot had been hurting on the way - a small piece of glass was stuck in the bottom of my shoe.

3 October 2011: Violin Case
This violin case has been under the stairs for a few weeks now. I haven't looked to see if there is a violin inside, but I don't recall my violin lessons being a particular success so it's probably for the best I don't find out.

2 October 2011: John Wilson
I've never used this taxi company so I don't know the likelihood of meeting Mr Wilson.

1 October 2011: Express
The view from Rosie's of China Town Express which was my target for later in the evening.