2011: In Pictures

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30 November 2011: Strike!
Passing the library in town I noticed a small group of people joining in with the strikes going on today.

29 November 2011: Theatre & Lights
The Theatre Royal always looks lovely when lit up but even more so with the Christmas lights on Grey Street.

28 November 2011: Bolognese
As with many other boring days, I resort to taking a photo of what I'm about to have for tea.

27 November 2011: Gary Speed
The tragic news that one of my all time favourite players, Gary Speed, had taken his own life. RIP.

26 November 2011: London Bus
Rather randomly, there was a red London bus parked up outside Blackfriars.

25 November 2011: Christmas Market
The Christmas Continental Market at Monument. Thankfully the rain stopped me spending a fortune there. Some of the smells coming from the food places were incredible.

24 November 2011: Gran's New Place
My Gran has finally moved into some lovely sheltered accommodation and is settling in well.

23 November 2011: Season Review
Today's viewing choice: the 2001/02 and 2002/03 season review DVDs.

22 November 2011: Christmas Lights
A pretty weird selection of Christmas lights which would appear to be: skinny Santa, Mr Hankey from South Park, Mr Potato Head with an elf suit on and a Semtex-laced cracker.

21 November 2011: Breaking Dawn
What better way to start a week off work than with a "guilty pleasure" film.

20 November 2011: Pigeons
Pigeons finishing off a breakfast outside the Balcony Bar at Manchester Piccadilly Station.

19 November 2011: Man City 3-1 Newcastle
A slightly flattering scoreline, but I'm there to see Newcastle's first league defeat of the season.

18 November 2011: Children in Need
I received a Pudsey Bear sticker for donating to our buffet at work. Obviously in return for a huge mound of food.

17 November 2011: Corner
Unfortunately some sort of item with a corner seems to have lodged itself in my apple.

16 November 2011: Stowell Street
The view down Stowell Street as I wait for my lift to netball.

15 November 2011: England/Mahjong
Not the sun shining out of the TV, but England beating Sweden 1-0 while I play a game of Mahjong.

14 November 2011: City Tickets
Tickets for myself, Michael and Matty to go and see Newcastle play Manchester City away at the weekend.

13 November 2011: Mist
A beautiful misty day in Forest Hall.

12 November 2011: Shark Club
Stu and Ali in Shark Club, trying out some table service.

11 November 2011: Rekorderlig
The latest of the many ciders I've been trying.

10 November 2011: Sports Direct Arena
I swear I didn't know this was coming when I took yesterday's photo. Newcastle's owner Mike Ashley decides it's been a while since he gave the fans something to complain about so having just sold several thousand extra season tickets in a reduced price deal, he decides to name the stadium after his tacky sports company. This is NUFC.com's take on it.

9 November 2011: Premier League
Amazingly I haven't done this one yet this season, despite us creeping up into 2nd for a brief moment. I think I could just about cope with finishing here..

8 November 2011: Rise Against
A visit to Newcastle O2 Academy to see one of my favourite bands, Rise Against, who were excellent as always.

7 November 2011: Tinsel
This can only mean one thing - Christmas is coming. I refuse to feel festive in November.

6 November 2011: Success
It's not often I end up with a printed ticket from a quiz machine instead of cash - the Benton Ale House is a strange little place though.

5 November 2011: Sparkle
I went to Nasser & Sophie's Bonfire Party and played with sparklers.

4 November 2011: Lasagne
A fairly uninspiring Friday tea: lasagne and chilli tomato garlic bread.

3 November 2011: Monument Movies
A crowd of people braved the rain to watch Big on a screen at monument. I chose to hurry home for tea instead.

2 November 2011: List
I found someone else's shopping list in my basket at Tesco. I hope they didn't forget anything.

1 November 2011: Certificate of Achievement
I spent a peaceful morning alone at work completing a Fire Warden Training DVD. This is the certificate to show I passed.