2011: In Pictures

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31 May 2011: Toon Army
I'm sure I'm supposed to find this unattractive.. but it supports Newcastle and has a smiley face so instead I find it quite endearing.

30 May 2011: Breakfast
Leftover pizza for breakfast. Delicious.

29 May 2011: Durham
Linda, Claire, Rachel, Becky, Audrey, Marie & Sara sitting outside in the sun during our day out in Durham for Becky's 21st birthday.

28 May 2011: Champions League Final
I've been looking forward to this wine all week. Unfortunately due to the aforementioned laptop screen breakage I'm forced to watch on ITV.com so that I can still browse the internet occasionally during the match.

27 May 2011: 3 Discs
As a treat for being with Lovefilm for 4 years I received 3 discs instead of 2. I watched Chain Letter, which was absolutely terrible, but I just love a crappy horror on a Friday night.

26 May 2011: BOGOF
Pepsi Max. Buy one get one free. A fine end to quite a poor day.

25 May 2011: Charge
A quick charge of my iPod in preparation for the gym later.

24 May 2011: Tea
Tonight's tea, looking disturbingly like something a dog would eat. "Chunky" cod fillet, potatoes, carrot, broccoli & ratatouille. All sloshed together. It tasted okay!

23 May 2011: Plug Injury
I stood on an upturned plug and cut my toe. I am aware my feet are manky - a combination of newish socks and a trip to the gym.

22 May 2011: Farewell to Level 7
My last game in Level 7 as it's becoming an extended family section and I don't want to have to borrow a child to go to the match. It'll be weird next season sitting lower down after being so high up since 2001. Newcastle threw away a 3-0 lead to draw 3-3 with West Brom.

21 May 2011: Rush
I went to see Rush at the Arena.

20 May 2011: Newton
Friday night in the Newton with Stu, Graham, Ali & Dad.

19 May 2011: New Purchases
Payday. Instead of buying a load of expensive gear I buy some cheap shorts and a belt. Just like every other month, this time round I'm going to try and keep spending to a minimum..

18 May 2011: Netball
I played netball with my work team and this was the game just before ours. We lost, unfortunately.

17 May 2011: Jen's Birthday
Some of the cards Jen received for her birthday, arranged carefully next to some law books.

16 May 2011: Restart
After having to restart my work computer earlier in the day, 5pm arrives and I accidentally restart again rather than shutting down. Finally it gets back to the login screen so I can get the hell out.

15 May 2011: Casino
Nothing good can come from being at the casino until around 5am. Except banter and meetings with random Scottish men (hello Stonehouse). This photo shows people trying and failing to win on Wheel of Fortune.

14 May 2011: BBQ
Went to Nasser's new place for a barbecue. This was some of the drink & tiramisu on offer.

13 May 2011: Rip-Off
Call me old fashioned, but 3.20 for a bottle of beer is obscene.

12 May 2011: Geddy Lee
A present which arrived in the post from Keith. Geddy is the frontman of the awesome band Rush and I am possibly their only fan (at least the only one under the age of 50).

11 May 2011: Bruise & Lump
It's not a great photo but this is supposed to show the large bruise/lump that has formed on the left side of my hand following a netball related incident yesterday.

10 May 2011: Overflow
My sock drawer is overflowing - I think it's time to throw some old ones away, I just can't bring myself to do it.

9 May 2011: Pretty Skies
The sky looked particuarly pretty tonight.

8 May 2011: Takeaway Curry
A perfect way to round off the weekend. Shame a takeaway always creates so much mess.

7 May 2011: Newcastle 2-1 Birmingham
Everyone heads out to the seats to watch the match.

6 May 2011: Autumn
This evening's film choice - a terrible zombie flick called Autumn.

5 May 2011: Fresh
The place in Monument Mall where I went for lunch with my Mam & Gran. Nothing too exciting, just a quick and easy bite.

4 May 2011: New Strip
Newcastle club captain Kevin Nolan models the new home shirt.

3 May 2011: Absolut-ly Delicious
The flavoured vodka I received from Ali & Stu as a gift for being a witness at their wedding, and also some of their delicious lemon wedding cake.

2 May 2011: Obama gets Osama
Bank Holiday Monday and I awoke to the news that US Forces had killed Osama bin Laden. Throughout the day clips of President Obama's statement were repeated. I promise tomorrow will not be a picture of my TV screen.

1 May 2011: Big Screen
Due to a recent incident of rage, my laptop currently has a broken screen. Not to worry though, I managed to get it hooked up to the TV so I could have a lazy Sunday browsing the web.