2011: In Pictures

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31 March 2011: Market
An almost empty Grainger Market. Not quite empty enough for me to take the time for a decent photo - I look weird enough without drawing more attention to myself.

30 March 2011: Safety First
This is an important rule for me to remember as fire warden.

29 March 2011: Planner
A quick glance at what's to come on the V+ Planner. All mine apart from the Agatha Christie rubbish!

28 March 2011: Darkness
No, I didn't take a dark photo by accident - we had a power cut.

27 March 2011: Internet
Sunday: the day of rest and browsing the net.

26 March 2011: Stella
Went out to Fluid for Wales vs England and a bucket of Stella for 10 was an easy decision.

25 March 2011: Weetabix
A delicious start to the day.

24 March 2011: Fashion Victim
The tragic state of my outfit for work today. No other tops were dry so I was forced into a brown top and grey trouser combo. Not a great look.

23 March 2011: And It Was All Yellow
Some areas more yellow than others.

22 March 2011: Rich is Fat
Well put the fork down, dude.

21 March 2011: Generic Bridge Photo
I will literally never, ever get sick of the view along the Tyne.

20 March 2011: Shhhhh!
I wasn't sure ending up in the quiet carriage was a good idea but we were very well behaved.

19 March 2011: Brides
The theme for the second night out in Leeds was 'Brides'.

18 March 2011: Ali's Hen Weekend
Ali on Day 1 of her Hen Weekend in Leeds.

17 March 2011: Biggest Loser
I have successfully lost 3 stone in weight.

16 March 2011: Bin
The contents of my bin at work: paper, banana skin, raisin packet. Another exciting day in the life..

15 March 2011: Next Purchase?
'Endgame', the latest offering from Rise Against, could very well be my next purchase.

14 March 2011: Hand Cream
This is what is currently preventing my hands becoming chapped and manky.

13 March 2011: Church
St Cuthberts Church in Blyth. I don't normally go to church but went along for Eve's Christening.

12 March 2011: Gifts
If someone leaves money and a hip flask in your flat, can they be considered gifts?

11 March 2011: Arm Wrestle
Ste and Jon arm wrestle. Jon wins.

10 March 2011: Plan
Thursday is a good day for a drink - it's just a shame I'm only looking at a plan which includes a pub and not actually drinking in one.

9 March 2011: Decoration
A flower decoration thingy.

8 March 2011: Census
The 2011 census forms are landing on doormats. Time to say hello to any future family members who may research their family history - HIYA!

7 March 2011: Lighter Nights
It's no longer dark when I leave the gym.

6 March 2011: Pub Night
Ali & Carolyn at the Newton.

5 March 2011: Raffertys
Our usual pre-match drinking venue.

4 March 2011: Retro
Some old Newcastle shirts I found at my mam's house.

3 March 2011: Electric Vehicles Only
Charging Points.

2 March 2011: Pasta
Pasta to accompany my bolognese.. I also finished off the broccoli and had a little bit of leek.

1 March 2011: Scanner
My Mam's scanner, which I borrowed for a few pits and pieces.