2011: In Pictures

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30 June 2011: Retro CDs
Time to update my iPod.. well I say update, but in fact it was with these fairly old CDs.

29 June 2011: Trampy Magazines
A selection of trampy magazines available at the gym. I went for Take a Break and 'Was I Having Dad's Baby?' No, she wasn't.

28 June 2011: Ghosts of Everest
Current (re)reading material about the search for Mallory & Irvine.

27 June 2011: Barluga
A belated birthday lunch with Jen & Nicola: steak sandwich, fries and a mojito.

26 June 2011: Boathouse
The pub in Wylam where we went for Sunday dinner. I managed to stay away from the various ciders they had to try.. maybe next time!

25 June 2011: Elephants
Some of my birthday cards which had a common theme, from Ali & Stu (left) and Christine & Mac (right).

24 June 2011: Birthday Trainers
I turn 26 and buy myself some colourful trainers.

23 June 2011: Morpeth
After raining for most of the day, the sun was just coming out for a bit.

22 June 2011: Stepping Stones
Michael and James crossing the river in Morpeth.

21 June 2011: Gran's Grabber
The new grabber thing my Gran has to help her pick things up (and some amazing carpet). It has a magnetic end so it successfully picked up my Vaseline tin.

20 June 2011: Grape to Glass
I leafed through this magazine, Grape to Glass, from Majestic at the Wine Fair. I'm quite fond of wines from New Zealand so I liked this feature.

19 June 2011: Wine Fair
Went to a Wine Fair at the Civic Centre where I received a glass and a list of over 90 wines to taste. Good thing I'm not at work tomorrow..

18 June 2011: Giant Wheel
The Hoppings is back at the Town Moor and as usual this was the only ride I ventured on.

17 June 2011: Payday Pub Tea
Burger and a drink? Oh yes. Chicken and sweet chilli with curly fries and a pint of Strongbow, please.

16 June 2011: Theatre Royal
A rather large sign thing draped over the Theatre Royal.

15 June 2011: Secure Key
I received an HSBC Secure Key for logging onto my internet banking.

14 June 2011: Early Gym Session
A morning session in the gym. Since I had to completely stop in order to take a photo, I could've probably done with putting a little more effort in at this point.

13 June 2011: Boring Sign
Nothing of interest happened today so I snapped this on the way home from the gym.

12 June 2011: Stare
Staring at my delicious pint of Strongbow & black.

11 June 2011: Soaked
Went for a walk through Jesmond and following some very heavy rainfall, a lorry went by the side of the road and absolutely drenched my leg. Not happy.

10 June 2011: Page Marking
I was having trouble getting to sleep so decided to read for a bit. This was the point where I decided I should really put it away and have another attempt at sleep.

9 June 2011: Disc Storage
Michael's new solution for storing his DVDs.

8 June 2011: Empty Room
The view that greeted us when we arrived at our netball game. The other team had cancelled at the last minute. Instead we played a practice game, in which I played Goal Defence and managed to score a deflected own goal - something I didn't even know was possible.

7 June 2011: Delayed
When I'm running late for work anyway (check the time stamp), the last thing I want is to have to coordinate several different bags.

6 June 2011: Three Chillies Hot
I was terrified to discover the curry sauce I had bought was labelled with 3 chillies. I'm a bit of a pansy when it comes to spicy food so two is usually my limit. Thankfully it was really nice!

5 June 2011: Road Trip
Went on a random road trip and ended up in a pub called The Waggon Inn near Ponteland, where they had this picture of Newcastle players from quite a few years ago.

4 June 2011: Wrap
Today's lunch: Piri Piri chicken, cucumber & salad cream wrap.

3 June 2011: BBC Weather
Usually I welcome this sight. Unless, like today, I'm stuck at work all day.

2 June 2011: Newcastle Map
A map of Newcastle City Centre.

1 June 2011: New Seats
Our new season ticket seats have been selected: South East Corner, Block E, Row T. Roll on the new football season!