2011: In Pictures

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31 July 2011: Charming
I was totally amused by this profound statement written in the toilets at The Cluny.

30 July 2011: Briska
I'm not usually a lover of pear cider, but this is amazing.

29 July 2011: Red Eyes
A drunken night in the Town Wall. And a lot of red eyes.

28 July 2011: A Few Things
I went to the shop to buy a few things.. which always seems to result in a full basket.

27 July 2011: Dead Run
I couldn't sleep so picked up this to read for a bit. It's not very good.

26 July 2011: Shearer
A picture of Alan Shearer from my dad's favourite sports memorabilia shop.

25 July 2011: Orange
I caved and bought the new Newcastle away shirt.

24 July 2011: Quids In
Two pound coins in the toilet at the Newton. I wasn't skint enough to fish them out.

23 July 2011: Slice
I will never understand people who don't use scissors to cut pizza. It's the best way!

22 July 2011: 'To Do' Pile
No chance of 'Feet Up Friday' today then.

21 July 2011: Spatter Analysis
No, not an episode of CSI. A new bottle of ketchup exploded all over my plate, t-shirt and the cushion I was balancing the plate on. Nightmare.

20 July 2011: Not Needed
All it seems to have done is rain lately so this sun cream can probably come out of my bag.

19 July 2011: Long Wire
I decided to listen to the radio at the gym this morning and had to connect my headphones to the connector for my phone which resulted in an excessively long wire.

18 July 2011: Sisterhood
Can't beat a cheesy film on a Monday evening: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

17 July 2011: Classic
My favourite biscuit.

16 July 2011: Fish
Some fish in The Priory Pub in Tynemouth.

15 July 2011: Circus
Stu counts his winnings and enjoys the view from the Circus Casino smoking area.

14 July 2011: Free Bet
A free bet to entice me back to the Grosvenor Casino. If only they would spell my name right..

13 July 2011: Tea at Mam's
My mam cooked a delicious bolognese.

12 July 2011: Bribery
I had to watch a webinar to learn about the Bribery Act. It was an hour of my life that I will never get back.

11 July 2011: Coaster
A very appropriate coaster at my dad's.

10 July 2011: St Peters Basin
Went for a walk along the Quayside and stopped to have a look at the boats in the marina.

9 July 2011: Carolyn's Party
I went to a party to celebrate Carolyn's 30th E0th party.

8 July 2011: Bubbles
This is why Jen and I like Nicola so much: she donates us bubble wrap to get us through a Friday.

7 July 2011: Meal Plan
Today's meals to take to work. Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (in the blue bag) & milk (in the bottle, unsurprisingly). I eat my breakfast at work on Thursdays because I get weighed on the way there. Lunch: Ham & cucumber sandwich on wholemeal bread (in the foil) & a peach Activia yoghurt. Snacks: Apple & banana. Highly exciting stuff, no?

6 July 2011: Washing Basket
After years of just using a random box, we finally own a washing basket.

5 July 2011: Run Route
A map of my run today, which was around 3.6 miles.

4 July 2011: Carrot Man
This carrot in Tesco reminded me of the bottom half of a man.

3 July 2011: Prudhoe
Another Sunday, another train trip. This time to Prudhoe, followed by a walk along to Wylam.

2 July 2011: Tynemouth
A beautiful day in Tynemouth.

1 July 2011: Grey Street Garden
Admittedly I'm not really into gardens, but I don't really see why these daft bush things are required on Grey Street.