2011: In Pictures

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31 January 2011: Deadline Day
The January transfer window draws to a close and Carroll is in talks with Liverpool. At the time of writing this the outcome is not yet known, but I'm pretty resigned to him going..

30 January 2011: Empty
Yep, nowt left in this vodka bottle. Thank goodness for Man V Food on the telly.

29 January 2011: Bad Hair Day
Well, not really, just slightly messy after a shower.

28 January 2011: Toothpaste
A highly exciting Friday night, as you can tell. I love this toothpaste.

27 January 2011: Shredding
The beginning of my daily pile of stuff to be shredded at work.

26 January 2011: Wedding Invitation
An invitation to Ali & Stu's wedding. Unfortunately that means I'll have to go.. dress shopping!

25 January 2011: Little & Large
Snacktime at work: Jen's excessively large apple and my tiny one.

24 January 2011: Parmo
I saw this box outside work and quite frankly, it's a dirty lie. Middlesbrough's favourite dish, maybe, but "the north"? No chance.

23 January 2011: Lyrical Genius
This was written in the ladies toilets in the Head of Steam. Fair play to whoever replied with "Grow up and get your EMA you little.."

22 January 2011: Bromance
Graham and Stu demonstrate some classic bromance.

21 January 2011: Fish Feet
Getting my feet nibbled/sucked by Garra Rufa fish. It was amazing and traumatic in equal measures. Fancy it? Go on then.

20 January 2011: Creme Egg
We're still in January and Jen is having Easter snacks already. If I had a sweet tooth, I'd be pretty jealous.

19 January 2011: Pretty Sky
It looks darker than it was but the photo is mainly of the nice colour of the sky anyway.

18 January 2011: Fixed Hinge
The hinge of a kitchen cupboard door has been broken for ages and the bloke that turned up to fix our washing machine was also kind enough to attend to the door.

17 January 2011: Gym Offers
The classes and special offers available at the gym.

16 January 2011: Sunderland 1-1 Newcastle
Watched the match in a 'full to capacity' Sam Jacks. Horrendous photo, but this was the screen above the bar where we saw Newcastle take the lead through Nolan then concede an unfortunate late equaliser.

15 January 2011: Gran's Birthday Meal
Mam, Gran & Auntie Sue during a meal at the White Swan for my Gran's birthday.

14 January 2011: Red Bull Friday
The long awaited return of Red Bull Friday! It's been ages since the last one and I've missed it terribly. This was a present from Nicola who couldn't cope with my caffeine cravings any longer. Oh and the 'Puzzles' page at the back of the shot is obviously because Red Bull Friday always follows Crossword Thursday. That's just the way it is..

13 January 2011: Bathtime
Relaxing in the bath after a great workout at the gym.

12 January 2011: Budget Toilet Roll
Times are hard, so I bought 6 toilet rolls for 80p. I'm guessing it won't be very well cushioned.

11 January 2011: Bobble
One of the bobbly bits tragically detached itself from my new slippers.

10 January 2011: Toaster
Our toaster in action, on the 'defrost' setting.

9 January 2011: PS2
PS2 and various books reclaimed from my mam's house.

8 January 2011: Stevenage 3-1 Newcastle
Newcastle crash out of the FA Cup in a typically embarrassing fashion against old enemies Stevenage.This was the desk the pundits had to crowd round which seemed to be roughly the same size as one you'd see in a primary school.

7 January 2011: Stu's Birthday
Carolyn & Ali looking slightly purple in Bar Bannatyne on Stu's 31st birthday.

6 January 2011: Stuffed Pepper
I'm pretty bad for wasting food so in an attempt to use everything up I will probably begin to fashion some unusual meals. This was a pretty safe start: red pepper stuffed with onion, garlic and peas. Twenty minutes in the oven later, it tasted reasonably good.

5 January 2011: Newcastle 5-0 West Ham
Strange things have been known to happen and Leon Best scoring a hat-trick is certainly one of them. If only I'd trusted my gut and put a bet on..

4 January 2011: Books
With the internet not working for a few days I panicked and stocked up on borrowed books.

3 January 2011: Bridge Hotel
Went for a walk along the Quayside - here's the Bridge Hotel with the Tyne Bridge in the background.

2 January 2011: Nasser's Birthday
Auntie Sue was just having a quiet one.. so lined up 3 pre-meal Mojitos. Clearly it runs in the family.

1 January 2011: New Years Day
Shortly after midnight, Michael, James and Nicole are still going strong.